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1001 1976.6.0014 Pin, political 1972 "TAPSCOTT" Democratic gubernatorial campaign pin. 1976.6.0014 (Pin, political) image
1002 1978.51.3.0001 Coin Queen Victoria, one penny.
1003 UNIM1994.13.0062 Cuff Link button are pearlized with diamond shape etched on top surface Color: GD WH
1004 1981.8.0264 Coin One cent.
1005 1986.4.0477 Print, photographic Children of White Oak School. 1986.4.0477 (Print, photographic) image
1006 Print, photographic Hand colored. Yosemite Valley, California. Dark wood frame.
1007 1989.43.0910 Box Used for licorice wafers. For the relief of an irritated throat.
1008 1994.32.0164 Booklet "Dodge-Lackey Geography of Iowa" by James H. Lees. Written in ink inside, "To my good friend, Cable, with the best regards of the writer." Stamped "E. J. Cable." 52 pp. ills. Color: BK,WH
1009 Galena None
1010 1970.78.15.0006 Skirt Natural colored, handwoven; with black painted design and touches of red, green, pink yellow and blue embroidery. Color: BK,ML
1011 1997.4.33.0001 Bow Simple, almost striaght bow with short tips. Light wood has been stained black. Color: BK,TN
1012 UNIM1988.11.0007 Jacket Lace on collar and cuffs. V neckline, 3 1/2" collar in width and cuffs are 4" w. Sleeves are sewn on off shoulder style. Fabric has design woven in fabric. Largest buttons are 5/8" H x 1/4" dia. Machine button holes. Button of jacket is 10" longer in back. Orange and brown domed buttons in sizes, 1 1/4" in diameter 3 down front, 1" dia. 2 on buttons on each side and 1/2" dia. 2 on each side of the collactin front. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH, OR
1013 1978.56.6.0002 Transparency, slide "Gold bulls"; in booklet, "Pompeii AD 79"; black vinyl cover with title in silver letters. Contains single clear plastic page, and nine slotted compartments; slide in each compartment. Color: BK,SL
1014 UNIM1994.14.0175 Shorts Toddler boys shorts with attached bib and two straps buttoned in front. Elastic waistband in back. Crotch opens with one snap at inside of each leg. Blue and white vertical striped fabric with rickrack trim running vertically down the front right side. Next to rickrack is an applique red boat with white sail. Color: BL, WH, RD
1015 1988.20.0002 Book "Physical Education for Elementary Schools", by Monica Wild and Doris E. White. Bulletin of ISTC 10th ed. 442 pp. Including index. Illus in b/w. Contains various games, songs, and rhythm activities for elementary students. Marching, contests, and natural gymnastics are also discussed. The cover is plain blue except for an embossed shield. Above the shield is a bird. Inside the shield appears to be a factory, log cabin, and a man carrying an American flag. The spine has gold writing stating the title, authors and publisher. The back inside cover page has two rows of numbers written in pencil. The inside front cover has written in blue ink "Freda B. Kelting Williamsburg" Binding is coming loose.
1016 Gypsum Crystal ball, var. selenite.
1017 Robin Nest.
1018 1990.21.0058 Carving Carving of Ethiopian man with a walking stick. Grooves cut into the chest and back area represent the ribs and spinal column of the man. 1990.21.0058 (Carving) image
1019 1995.18.0020 Coin Side a. Stamped onto coin: image of an eagle, 1994, Bank Indonesia. Side b. Stamped onto coin: Karapan sapi, Rp100, image of four water buffaloes & three men.
1020 Quartz Quartz-wood agate.
1021 1968.9.36.17079 Ore Turquoise.
1022 1971.11.27.0002 Ornament, dress Bar with yellow "fish" one either end. Each fish is studded with six gold rhinestones. Color: YL,SL
1023 1993.24.0160 Invoice Handwritten. For a fee for secretary work for Eddy #6, C. F. Twp. for 1955 & 56. No amt. stated. Marked "O. K. by Board" and "Pd. with warrent (sic) #2 July 2, 1956." b. Also handwritten, for a fee for Treasurer's work for Eddy #6 for 1955 & 56. No amount stated. Marked "pd. with warrent (sic) #1 July 2nd, 1956."
1024 1998.29.0001 Book "The Year's Entertainments: A Collection of Recitations, Dialogues, Songs, Exercises, Etc., Arranged as Programs for Special Days and Occasions, Providing for Each Month of the School Year" is printed in black letters on the front cover. 364 pp., with illustrations. Background color of the cover and spine is tan. "Marie Strandskov" is written inside the front cover. Color: TN,BK,WH
1025 2002.7.0007 Book "Trot". Small yellow book with blue decorative designs. Color picture of a girl holding yellow flowers is in upper left corner. Black and white illustrations throughout. Color: YL,BL
1026 2006.14.0222 Mouse, White-footed Skull: 2006.14.222A- Both zygomatic arches broken, skull brown in color. Mandible: 2006.14.222B- Tan in color, but remains in good condition. Color: TN, BR
1027 UNIM1986.14.1976.1.0008 Veil, mourning Plain weave with 4 heavy stripes at selvage edges. Sheer fabric with 5/8" hems at ends have been handstitched with feather stitch. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
1028 1977.53.0187 Coin Franco, ten centimos.
1029 00.26.0103 Kingbird, Eastern Eastern kingbird and nest. Kingbird, Eastern image
1030 1979.24.0001 Sticker Political campaign letter seals or stickers; red, white and blue colored paper. One perforoated sheet of 15 seals; labeled, "Elect Willkie and McNary". Color: RD,WH,BL
1031 1981.8.0354 Currency Five rubles. Serial number BT0355244. Front: View of Spasski Tower in Moscow Kremlin. Coat of arms of the Soviet Union. Watermark: Five-pointed stars. Printer: Goznak. Color: ML
1032 1988.35.0055 Print, photographic Men's golf, North Central Conference Champions. ISTC. Color: BK,WH
1033 Teal, blue wing One male wing.
1034 1968.9.50.14630.0012 Owl, barred Pellet (bone remains).
1035 1970.74.0122M Quartz, geode Geode and parts of geodes.
1036 1990.44.0052 Print, photographic Two parts. a. Photo. Education Center at UNI. Taken from the 23rd Street parking lot. b. Negative. Color: ML
1037 1995.21.0242 Transparency, slide Mosque, Korbah and H. Abbas. Entrance tower, golden dome and two minarets. People in foreground. Color: ML
1038 Hematite Finegrained, micaceous. Color: GY
1039 UNIM1986.14.1980.13.0011 Cloth Fragment 5 small scraps; cream and orange background with flowers. Flower design is very close together making cream the dominant color. Has woven fine strip and a sheen surface. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: CR, OR
1040 1972.2.3.0006 Stereograph "Genera. View from Suspension Bridge, Niagara Falls, New York. " American and Horseshoe Falls are both visible, with a dock and boat in the river at bottom of view. Color: BK,WH 1972.2.3.0006 (Stereograph) image
1041 1978.15.0023 Sculpture Headdress ornament, 3/4"x 3/4" x 1/4" , broad nose and mouth, 1/8' holes in sides of head ornaments, hollow in back. Center of headdress extends out to 1/2" with an earplug on each side. Color: GY
1042 2002.7.0265 Print, photographic Ten young children in front of a brick building. 2002.7.0265 (Print, photographic) image
1043 UNIM1988.11.0563 Necklace Necklace with copper and amber chian and pendant. 16" long and pendant is 2 1/2" l x 1 1/2" w. Course chain with brass leaf and circles emcompassing amber stone pendant. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: copper & amber
1044 1974.37.93.0003 Tooth Shark.
1045 1989.22.0045 Print Studer Pl. 4; print of Kingfisher, Starling, Jackdaws, Honey eater, and Bird of Paradise. Color: BK,WH
1046 00.27.0079 Mink Two mink on branches with prey (duck). Color: BR
1047 1968.10.0008 Statue Wooden statue with elongated, thin chest, and arms clasped in the center of the stomach. The elongated face is adorned with two horizontal etchings on either cheek and five vertical etches on the chin. Attached to the bottom of the feet is a square base, approximately 3 cm in height. 1968.10.0008 (Statue) image
1048 1995.21.0494 Transparency, slide Street. Pedestrians and motorcycles at intersection near park. Color: ML
1049 1999.17.0003 Bomb, volcanic Pinkish brown, round. Color: BR
1050 Fossil None
1051 1972.46.0036 Dress a. Dress. b. Jacket. Jacket and dress both open down the front to a V-neck with a collar and 3/4-length sleeves. Jacket is tied together by a plaid tie. A long white silk bow at the neck joins both sides of the dress. Color: YL,RD
1052 2004.17.0037 Newspaper "The College Eye" Iowa State Teachers College/ Nothing But the Ads Are True/ Series 2, Falls, Iowa, Wednesday, may 17, 1922. Number 35. 8 pp. Color: CR,BK,GY 2004.17.0037 (Newspaper) image
1053 1975.16.30.0010 Postcard Archeological find. One of eleven inside folder. Color: ML
1054 2008.15.0042 Script Tan paper with black print. The top of the front page reads "Snappy Comedies" "Paine Publishing Company, Dayton, Ohio". The title of the piece is "Who Painted Eliza's Calf Green". There is a character list with handwritten names next to it. The front page also has the beginning of the play. The back page has the end of the play and the back side of the paper has the middle of the play. The handwritten names have almost faded. Color: TN
1055 UNIM1986.14.1981.3.0021 Dress Scooped neckline with notched collar, bust and waist darts at front. Seven 1 1/16" buttons center front closure. 6 gores on skirt, 2 box pleats in front, 1 in back for fullness, below knee length. Kimono cap sleeve with cuff. Snap closure on bow. Belt strap on each side at waist. 12" l x 4" w bow at center front neckline. Self fabric belt with buckle. 1" wide. Buttons are black with green center. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GY, GR, BK
1056 1978.33.5.0005 Clipping, newspaper "The Mirror--Los Angeles, Thursday, June 11, 1953" "Genuine Rebel Yell", "Gen. John M. Salling, 107, cuts loose with rebel yell at Confederate reunion in Mobile, Ala."; picture of Gen. John M. Salling. Color: BK,WH
1057 1993.24.48.0023 Receipt May. 20, 1958. Carbon copy of crediting School District Eddy #6 with payment of $578.27 to the General Fund.
1058 Stalactite None
1059 UNIM1988.11.0816 Necktie Brown necktie with turquoise designs. 3" wide x 54" long. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BR, turq.
1060 2006.17.0055 point, projectile small, thicker biface; distal end broad; cross-section biconvex; slight barbs; edges convex Color: br
1061 1985.15.0013 Print, photographic Drivotrainer and students.
1062 Wood None
1063 2016-24-19F Pencil Green pencil, sharpened, found in pencil case 2016-24-19A. 2016-24-19F (Pencil) image
1064 1989.43.0145 Point, projectile No stem point.
1065 1970.74.0797M Gypsum Brownish selenite "roses".
1066 1990.55.0141 Serpentine group Color: GR
1067 1995.30.3.0016 Shrew, long-tailed Study skin and skull, a. and b. Color: GY
1068 1999.5.30.0169 Transparency, slide Kandujan from southeast, SS houses, 30 km. south of Tabriz.
1069 1972. Sherd, pottery No design. Piece of pottery. Color: GY
1070 1978.46.0087 Currency White finish. Color: WH
1071 UNIM1989.9.0010 Camisole Center front opening buttons left over right. Handworked buttonholes. 1 1/4" wide waistband. 2" bands at underarms. Crochet edging around neck and armseyes. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
1072 2015-3-2B Dolls, Ibeji Two wooden standing male figures on round bases. Hands are resting on their hips with legs apart. The legs are rather short and arms elongated. Classic Yoruba vertical and horizontal scarification marks appear on both dolls with one face totally washed away from use. Glass beads appear around their neck and ankles. The complex coiffure is colored with blue indigo. Both figures are in good condition with erosion to one coiffure and split behind right shoulder of the other. Both figures date to the mid to late 20th century. 2015-3-2B (Dolls, Ibeji) image
1073 1975.4.0152 Postcard View from Locust Street Bridge, Des Moines, Ia. Sent to Miss Jacobs in Rowley, Iowa from Libie, August 29. Color: ML
1074 1980.5.0233 Pin, political Celluloid type; black and white photograph of Rosalyn Carter on white background; no slogan; hollow back, pin back. Color: BK,WH 1980.5.0233 (Pin, political) image
1075 1986.4.0061 Print, photographic Aletha Jacobs Hutchison, returning to teaching at age 67, May, 1952. 1986.4.0061 (Print, photographic) image
1076 1989.43.0399 Point, projectile, replica Straight stem point. Color: RD
1077 Calcite Crystals.
1078 unk Catalog called this Diabase
1079 1970.41.3.0045 Point, projectile None
1080 1970.74.1155M Muscovite Thick laminae. Color: WH
1081 1991.36.0014 Book "Home and School Reference Work, Volume 8'', pp. 3201-3648. Color: BK,WH
1082 1999.5.30.0421 Transparency, slide Elephant, floating market.
1083 1973.41.4.0001 Postcard Black and white. Shows three San Blas Island huts in background, 3 dugout canoes in foreground and water on right side. "A San Blas Island Scene - Panama, R. P.' written in white across bottom. Stamped on top back "POST CARD CORRESPONDENCE ADDRESS PLACE STAMP HERE." on left margin stamped in black ink "REPRODUCCION PROHIBIA FOTO FIATAU - PANAMA." Color: BK,WH
1084 2009.7.7.0002 Book Childcraft Volume 2, "Narrative Poems and Creative Verse". Pages include illustrations. Sections: Story telling, Poems, and Children's Own Verse. 192 pages. Color: OR, BK, WH, BL
1085 1976.21.0003 Pied-billed grebe Feet.
1086 Coal Bituminous.
1087 UNIM1992.12.0008 Shoe Women's pump with 4 straps across instep. Low throat with 2 sets of kid straps. Front is navy patent; back portion & straps kid. Large patent buttons on straps. Inside heel liners. Square toe and 1 3/4" Cuban heel, kid-covered. Color: BL
1088 1981.8.0106 Coin One dollar.
1089 1986.4.0319 Paper, letterhead Interstate School of Correspondence. Blank. Color: WH,BK
1090 1992.30.1.0008 Hood Pi Tau Phi caroling hood. Outside is turquoise corduroy and inside is red. The bottom is jagged and there are three balls, like an elf costume. The hole for the face is circular. ISTC. Color: BL,RD
1091 Biotite (Mica group) Small plates of biotite, with calcite and red hematite. Color: BK
1092 1968.10.494.0034 Chip, stone None
1093 2010.6.0013 Contract Agreement to Modify Teacher's Continuing Contract, Helen Marine, Mid-Prairie Comm School District, West Chester, Kalona, Robert L. Stout, pre-printed contract form, blanks filled in with black type and signed with blue ink Color: WH
1094 1970.47.2.0016 Mastodon Portion of tooth.
1095 1970.74.1520M Chalcopyrite Massive.
1096 1976.87.0005 Bottle, apothecary "Measures in cc and ounces". Measurements marked on side.
1097 1997.13.0010 Coin Fifty escudos. Circular coin impressed on both sides into a 9-sided figure. One side has shield, 1988, "50 escudos" and "Republica Portuguesa." Other side is filled with design of sailing ship with four fish at bottom. Color: SL
1098 2000.2.0059 Carving, ancestor Two standing human figures. One is on top of other's head. Both figures have arms in front of them with hands resting on object in front of them. Carved markings on face and sides of body. White pigment is all over. Red pigment located in carvings. Black pigment on hair and eyebrows of bottom figure. Remnant black pigment on top figure's hair. Figure includes "avic references" (Appraiser). Color: WH,RD,BK
1099 UNIM1986.14.1985.5.0003 Blouse White with narrow cream stripe woven into puckered row. Mandarin collar; front closure, buttons left to right; long fitted sleeve. Lined. Color: WH,CR
1100 1973.43.0171 Valance Hem on top. Lace on bottom. Color: CR