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801 2017-3-1 Book Book titled The Nineteenth Century and After: A History Year by Year from 1800 to the Present Time by Edward Emerson and Marion Mills Miller. Contents are divided by years beginning with 1861 and ending with 1906. "W.L. Vealch" written on the first page.  2017-3-1 (Book) image
802 1989.43.0269 Point, projectile Side-notched point, ear missing.
803 1993.25.1.0003 Vest Patterned weave, side pocket each side, one breast pocket left side. 5 buttons, amber colored plastic. Completely lined with white netting. White netting is also pocket material. Bottom hem is a mild lunate curve.
804 1993.38.84.0015 Tip, biface None
805 1968.10.0392 Spear Iron spearhead. Numbered near juncture with wood handle.
806 1970.36.0037 Lace fragment Shaped like an apron. Color: BK
807 1970.74.0971M Coal Sections of coal balls showing seed fern stem, etc.
808 1995.36.0061 Ferrotantalite With quartz and albite; massive. Color: BK
809 1999.5.30.0291 Transparency, slide Steppe road, 147 km e. Masshad, 40 km west of Sarakha.
810 1973.19.0001 Postcard Cross & Co. Bookstore, Cedar Falls, IA Color: BK,WH
811 UNIM1990.6.0039 Brassiere cneter back two hook and eyes wide adjustable size, very narrow edgin all around top and bottom, quarter inch wide ribbon bow at center front top, adjustable straps half inche wide spandex around cups and back, foggoting around top of cup Color: WH
812 1975.4.0275 Letter Letter and envelope. a. Letter. written to Miss Jacobs by Frances telling of her first day as a teacher. Written in Eagle Grove on September 5, 1921. b. Envelope. Addressed to Miss Aletha Jacobs, Dows, Iowa, September, 1921. Color: PK,BK
813 00.27.0021 Longhorn, Texas Horns only mount. Color: BK
814 2009.18.0018 Card, report Report and envelope. a. Public School Report for Muriel Tupper, East Auburn School, Auburn Twp. Signed by Ethel Gifford, Teacher. b. envelope. Muriel Tupper handwritten on the outside. Color: BL,BK
815 UNIM1986.14.1982.5.0053 Bonnet Infant's cotton batiste. 3/8'' lace around face and neck. Closure 1/4'' wide x 1 1/2'' long ribbon on left side with snap on end of ribbon which snaps on right side of bonnet. 3'' wide lace lays back over front edge with 6 rows of vertical gathers and machine embroidery with scalloped edge. Back crown sewn in with bias tape. Machine stitched gathers and lace. Color: WH
816 2017-7-33 Trophy Trophy with plastic base and a singular metal pillar. On the metal pillar reads "Iowa Teachers Relays 1940 College Hurdle Relay". There is a golden male figurine at the top in a large running stride position. 2017-7-33 (Trophy) image
817 1978.51.1.0090 Coin Ten ore.
818 Silver None
819 1970.47.1.0152 Calcite None
820 1986.4.0187 Negative, film Summer in Montana. Photograph of a woman sitting at a table. There is a cactus in the middle of the table, a coat hanger behind the woman, and a bed post to the left of the image. 1986.4.0187 (Negative, film) image
821 1991.48.0054 Coin Penny. Lincoln on the front.
822 1996.22.0031 Postcard "Best Wishes." Off-white background with 3 purple flowers in the center of the card. The impression of each flower is pressed into the card. Small flowers are pressed into each corner of the front. However, the flowers in the corners have no color. There is gold trim along the outside of the card. The back of the postcard is stamped and has a Franklin one cent stamp on the upper right hand corner. Letter and address are on back. 1.00 written in upper right hand corner of back. Stamped Ottumwa, Iowa - Dec. 28, 1909 at 5:30 P.M. Color: TN,PR,GR,GD
823 1973.43.0032 Scarf Hand-knitted cream color. Part coming over head tapers down to a point. Knitted loop fringe around entire piece. Color: CR
824 1994.2.2.0005 Belt Belt, black embroidery. White muslin sleeves tacked to back for exhibit purposes. Hand woven, embroidered. Cotton and silk. Color: BK,WH,OR
825 42026 Photograph No. 103- A shattered surface Snow/ice formations take up the photograph. Looks to be shattered. Black and White
826 1968.10.493.0033 Chip, stone None
827 1970.74.1338M Calcite Crystals.
828 1976.46.0009 Brochure Brochure, "Where's Boston?" Brochure for an exhibit of Boston held at Prudential Center to be shown from June 1975 through Dec. 1976.
829 1978.51.2.0098 Coin One sen.
830 UNIM1994.13.0026 Scarf side border is 1 1/2'' and end border is 2 1/2'' , alternating leaf and flower continues for nine rows, diagonal line pattern on border with corners plain, very narrow machine stitched hem on 3 sides, other side is on salvage edge Color: BK
831 1981.8.0228 Coin One penny.
832 Quartz Crystals; druzy.
833 Print, photographic Hand colored. Platte Canyon. Dark wood frame.
834 1989.43.0872 Clippers, nail Hole on one side, so it can be hung around the neck.
835 1994.32.0117 Examination Headed at the top "EXAMINATION FOR C.P.T." and on the bottom left of page 1, "Nat. Sci. 85a." 4 pp. 60 multiple choice questions on weather. ISTC. Color: BK,WH
836 1997.4.0015 Paddle, canoe Narrow through center section; wide at each end. One end rounded and painted on both sides with a hiled-like pattern of green, red, blue, pink, and white. Other end widens also, but is squared off at end. This end carved both sides at neck portion with what resembles an interlacing double chain. A line 1/4" wide and parallel to edge, is painted blue. Center of this area has a line of chip =-carved half-moons down its length. Marked in red by the collector, "Procured at Albina Surinam 1964." and in pencil, " L M tTok H EN Albina." Color: BR,RD,BL,GR,PK,
837 2001.11.0031 Album, Autograph Cover has gold engraving and a picture of a cottage. "Album" is engraved in gold on cover. Inside are 23 handwritten messages to donor's mother, Anna May Woody. They span the years 1908-1935. All messages are written in pencil. Color: TN,GD,BK
838 1978.51.6.0118 Currency Fractional-postage currency, by the Act of March 3, five cents. 2nd issue featuring George Washington at center 1978.51.6.0118 (Currency) image
839 2005.5.0021 Register, attendance Teachers General Register/ Term Report for Eva M. Barr at District #2 Bentown Twp, Benton County, Iowa. Term of April 16, 1888 to June 8. three-fold horizontal. Color: WH
840 UNIM1994.14.0138 Shirt Child's short sleeve waffle knit shirt with stand up collar. Ribbed knit around neck, left shoulder seam with 2 buttons. Size 4. Color: OR
841 Rock None
842 2017-22-40 Book Book five of the Aldine Readers series. Written by Catherine T. Bryce and Frank E. Spaulding. 2017-22-40 (Book) image
843 1995.15.0017 Newspaper ''National School Newspaper''. Front page story: "How Can Prices Be Brought Down?" Other articles include: "Hawaii Wants a Star", "Telling the World about the United Nations." Color: WH,BK
844 1968.9.36.14888.0006 Halite Plain.
845 1987.3.87.0004 Calcite Vein in gray limestone. Catalog says that 48 out of 54 specimens were deaccessioned in 6/93.
846 1993.24.0119 Invoice From The Higby Company to "Eddy School W 1st St." for repair of swings. $5.00. Marked "O.K. A. H." and "Pd. with warrent (sic) #15."
847 Walrus Tusk piece.
848 2006.14.0186 Mouse, Deer Mandible only. Broken at the hinge Color: W
849 UNIM1986. Tablecloth Machine made filet crochet tablecloth, ecru colored. Floral design and scalloped edges add decorative detail. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: YW
850 1977.53.0151 Coin Twenty-five bani.
851 Hornblende Paper A. E. Foote label #247. Color: BK
852 2002.5.21.0003 Book "The Food We Eat" by Frank G. Carpenter and Frances Carpenter. 181 pp. Yellow with red print. Color photo on front and imultiple llustrations throughout.Green label for name/address and school, also lists care guidelines - pasted on the inside . Two black ink "Pocahontas County rural Schools" stamps on front cover page, 2 on back. One purple ink ":4" on front cover. Color: YL,RD
853 1981.8.0318 Coin Two ngwee.
854 1988.35.0019 Sign "STATE COLLEGE OF IOWA, CEDAR FALLS"; round. SCI.
855 Duck, ring necked One male wing.
856 1968.9.50.14528 Woodpecker, red-headed Skin.
857 1970.74.0066M Sandstone None
858 1990.44.0016 Bullet Two large bands at the base. Minie ball type ammo.
859 1995.21.0205 Transparency, slide Greenhouse. Small buildking in plant nursery setting. Color: ML
860 1972.15.0008 Shale None
861 1993.24.46.0014 Form, tax credit Feb. 25, 1954. Advises amount of state tax credit ($51.05) apportioned in January, 1954 for School District #6 of Cedar Falls Township. #4784. Iowa Official form No. 1023.
862 UNIM1988.11.0527 Set, Jewelry Brooch and earrings (screw back). Metal (gold), pearls and stones. 3" h x 1 1/2" w brooch. 1" dia. Flower, 2 1/4" stem. Gold setting, blue stones and pearls. 5/8" dia. center of flower and earrings. Center of flower and earrings have six blue stones around a center stone of same size and color. A group of three leaves, two pearls on stems and one large leaf is on the stem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GD, WH, BL
863 1974.37.0041 Wood Piece of trunk.
864 2006.5.0012 article, magazine UNI centennial article entitled "1876 - 1976 UNI Centennial" Color: WH, BL, OR 2006.5.0012 (article, magazine) image
865 UNIM1986.14.1980.12.0011 Dress Jewel neckline, sewn in pleat 1" deep over each shoulder to waist front and back. 4.5" panel trimmed with 1.5" lace lays over shoulders and comes to a V in front and is 3" apart in back at waist. Pleats sewn down 6" on skirt all the way around. 3" hem. Sleeves short, set-in. 1.5" lace around sleeve 3/4" from bottom. Lace off white. 7 button closure in back neck to waist & a 7" placket continues on skirt. Hand worked buttonholes. Lace 3/8" wide around neckline and 1.5" lace trim on sleeves and back & front of bodice. Fabric deteriorating, tear & hole on right side of skirt, very faded. Color: Lt. BL & off-WH
866 1978.13.0008 Jar, food-processing Bicentennial commemorative, produced by the Ball Jar Company; embossed with "Bicentennnial Celebration, 1776-1976", and American Eagle. "Ball Ideal" appears on the opposite side, also "A 13". a. Jar, "Ball Jar Co." b. Lid, notched for sealing wire of jar. c. Red rubber seal. d. Pamphlet, "A Bicentennial Salute".
867 1989.22.0009 Engraving Studer Pl. XXXII, print of Great crested flycatcher, Red-bellied woodpecker (male, female). Colored. Color: ML
868 1990.53.0137 Quartz var. Agate (Silica group) Water level agate.
869 1995.21.0458 Transparency, slide Cathedral. Distance view of rooftops. Color: ML
870 Fossil Tooth.
871 2004.16.0012 Grayling, Arctic Brown fish, with mouth open, facing right. One pectoral fin, two pelvic fins, one anal fin. Very prominent dorsal fin. One small second dorsal fin. Forked caudal fin. Color: BR,CR
872 1966.13.0004 Letter To ISNS, group 149, class 851, exhibit: School Work. "Evidence of excellence, first, in the construction of valuable physical apparatus; second, in the instruction of young man (sic) and women for the profession of teaching." Dated June 22, 1894. United States Department L - Liberal Arts. Color: WH,PR
873 1970.74.0410F Bone None
874 2008.15.0006 Script A small thin book with "Spicy Dialogues and Plays" written at the top of the front cover. Beneath the title is a sillhouette of three people and three boys sitting on grass huddled around a book. Underneath the picture is "Paine Publishing Co. Dayton, Ohio." The back cover contains an ad for "The Giant Stunt Book"" available from Paine Publishing also. Front cover falling off. 43 selections in the book. 170 pp. The covers are blue grey in color and the book is bound rather than stapled. Color: Blue-grey, black, cream
875 1978. Clipping, newspaper "The Sac Sun, Wednesday, June 22, 1966", "100-Year Old letters Are Donated To Sac County", concerning donation by C. R. Wynegar to Sac County. Color: BK,WH
876 UNIM1988.11.0780 Necktie Green necktie with small white stripes. 4"w x 56" l. "John Fredrics". 100% polyester. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR, WH
877 2006.17.0018 point, projectile mississippian 1100-200 ybp; un-notched triangular point; distal end acute; cross-section biconvex; slightly convex edges; finely serrated: munsell- 10 yr 7/3 very pale brown Color: br
878 00.22.0003 Shark tooth
879 Wood None
880 2016-27-77 Chart A Snellen Scale Symbol Chart that contains five rows of the letter "E" facing various directions. The rows are to be read from seventy, fifty, forty, thirty, and twenty feet. There are three hole punches on the left and one in the top center.  2016-27-77 (Chart) image
881 1989.43.0109 Point, projectile Straight stem point.
882 1993.36.0001 Desk, teacher Schoolmaster's type; 2 keys (b and c) . b & c in CS 319 x1. There are 2 more keys in a drawer with a letter in addtion to the keys in the desktop. Color: BR
883 1969.39.0002 Bottle, medicine White screw-on lid. Cylindrical. From Richland County, Wisconsin.
884 1970.74.0752M Graphite None
885 1995.30.0039 Bat Study skin and skull. Mounted with wings folded. Color: BR,BK
886 1999.5.30.0133 Transparency, slide Bank Malli front.
887 2004.17.206.0013 Newsletter "The Alumnus, Vol. 51, No. 3, September, 1966." Front cover shows black and white photo of four girls sitting in front of the library reading. Twenty-nine pages of current events for the campus. Addressed to Mrs. Lena M. McNeil Center Point, IA. Color: WH,BK 2004.17.206.0013 (Newsletter) image
888 UNIM1989.6.0006 Scrapbook SCI. Compiled by students of Home Management House, Spring, 1964.
889 1975.4.0116 Certificate, teaching State certificate, first grade, for three years, to be made valid by County Superintendent each year. Validated by Buchanan County the first year - Black Hawk County the remaining period. Term: July 1, 1910 through June 30, 1913. Color: WH,BK
890 00.26.0174 Quail, mountain None
891 1978.46.0052 Cap School boy's; white cotton cloth, center seam, tapered sides to point. 1978.46.0052 (Cap) image
892 1989.43.0363 Drill, replica Concave base. Color: BR
893 1970.41.3.0009 Point, projectile None
894 1/14/2015 Photograph No. 7- The Aurora at Achor Hasselborough Bay Water is in the foreground accompanied with rock formations on both sides. Middle ground- water and rock formations are seen. Back ground- a ship is seen. The photograph was taken on a clear sunny day. Black and White
895 1986.4.0027 Print, photographic Portrait of Aletha Jacobs. 1986.4.0027 (Print, photographic) image
896 1991.18.0004 Clipping, newspaper From The College Eye, August, 1922. Titled "Alpha Still Leads", the article duscusses the Alpha Literary Society and includes a poem written by the conor, then Society President, for Society Day, Spring, 1922. Color: CR,BK
897 1973.33.0016 Print, photographic Group of ladies, placed on a brown cardboard. Color: BR
898 1968.10.0498 Ring Handcrafted ring made with five loops, three on one side of the center band and two on the other. There are 25 dots throughout the design, place along the band and where the loops attach to the band. 1968.10.0498 (Ring) image
899 1970.74.1098M Wood None
900 1976.102.0003 Ticket "Admit one, Second Annual Opening of the Ritz-Carlton Tea Garden Thursday afternoon, February 5, 1925, 2:30-5:30. Under the Auditorium 15 cents." Dark brown type. Color: RD,GD