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801 Scaup, lesser One female wing.
802 2016-34-59 Jacket Zip up wind breaker with UNI logo and "Football" on left chest.  Nike logo on the right chest.  Upside down "L" shaped white stripes on either side of the front zipper on black background.  Zipper style pocket on both hips. Size XXL. 2016-34-59 (Jacket) image
803 1989.43.0163 Point, projectile No stem point.
804 1970.74.0594M Jasper None
805 2009.18.0027 Card, report Report card of Franciel Craft, age 6, Windsor District No. 2. Signed by Jenesena Jacobsen and Mary Brockway, Teachers. Color: GR,BK
806 UNIM1990.6.0064 Scarf Machine lace with narrow hand stitched hem, design of small sprays of flowers on fine net background, sprays of flowers alternate in direction on rows Color: WH
807 1975.4.0129 Card, report Dows Public School. report of attendance, deportment and school work. Blank; no writing. Color: BK,WH
808 Pyrite Massive with one side covered with cubes to 1/4". Other scattered crystals; some striated faces.
809 00.22.0027 Sawfish Snout.
810 Limestone Erosive work of underground water in a shaly limestone.
811 1989.43.0454 Fruit Single piece that seems to be half of the fruit. Looks as if it were split down the center. Single pit, about the size of a walnut. Color: PR,BR
812 Bellerphon Fossil plant?
813 1970.36.0026 Dress Woman's. Chiffon sleeves and a beaded overlay. The skirt is touched with red in front so that it looks as if it has been tie-dyed. Hook and eye closure down back. Color: BK,RD
814 1986.4.0061 Print, photographic Aletha Jacobs Hutchison, returning to teaching at age 67, May, 1952. 1986.4.0061 (Print, photographic) image
815 1991.38.1.0024 Manganese Color: BK,WH
816 2010.17.0107 Bottle, toilet Egyptian perfume bottle and applicator, glass painted purple with gold leaf trim and frosted glass, applicator is small, lightweight and fragile. 2010.17.0107 (Bottle, toilet) image
817 1976.102.0019 Pencil, mechanical On barrel of pencil is "Bell System Propery 126". On silver top end is "Dur-o-lite Patd. and Pts. Pend. Made in USA 1,997,424". Color: GR,SL
818 1978.51.13.0004 Currency Ten yuan. Sun Yat-sen on front Color: BK,WH,RD
819 Fossil None
820 UNIM1994.13.0049 Gloves light-weight knit fabric, all seams are on the inside 1/2'' hem at top, glove body cut in one piece w/ seam at lower (little finger) edge, 1'' (illegible) at wrist and at 1 1/2'' elastic alongseam below that. a&b. Color: BK
821 1986.4.0317 Paper, letterhead Interstate School of Correspondence. Blank. Color: WH,BK
822 Coal None
823 2017-19-13A Sextant A metal sextant made by Lafayett Instruments INC. The sextant has a wooden handle, two relfecting mirrors and a bubble attachment. The sextant sits in a large wooden box with metal hook latches and a metal handle. A sticker that reads 'Yoder Instuments, East Plaestine, Ohio" is on the handle of the sextant and the top of the wooden box. A water mark on the side of the sextant reads "Sterling Die-Casting, Brooklyn, N.Y." A sticker that reads "Property of Iowa State Teachers College" sits on the metal arm of the sextant.  2017-19-13A (Sextant) image
824 1970.47.1.0145 Calcite None
825 1970.74.1325M Quartz, var. opal None
826 1992.31.10.0030 Figure, pig Pig toy.
827 1997.17.0014 Chair, folding Folding bleacher with three seats. Seats fold up and legs collapse so that bleachers can be moved and stored easily. Backs have decorative cut-out tops. Stain is dark reddish in hue. Screws hold parts together. Color: BR
828 2000.7.0007 Magazine Primary Education, Vol XLIV, No. 8, April. Contents: The story teller; April picture study; A method of teaching arithmatic. Color: GR,BK,WH,GY
829 UNIM1986.14.1986.2.0004 Purse Shows donor modeling suit made in a clothing class.
830 1973.43.0037 Stole Woman's.Brown fur, lined with brown sateen; fastens at neck. Color: BR
831 Sulfid Sulfid of antimony.
832 2011.5.0024 Program The Music Department of the Campus School, Iowa State Teachers College, Concert, Grades 7-8, Friday, May 21, 1954 at 7:30pm, Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Schneider, New Campus School Auditorium, all info printed in black type Color: YL
833 UNIM1994.14.0162 a-b Pajamas Infant, Cream with blue and pink trim a. Top, raglan sleeve, 3 building blocks on center front, two blue and one pink with one letter A, B, or C on each block b. Bottoms, elastic around waist, long legs with feet, cords that tie into a bow on top of foot Color: CR, BL, PK
834 1981.8.0355 Currency One peseta, serial number 9854687. Don Alvaro de Bazan and Guzman (1526-1588) first marquis of Santa Cruz , in reference to the town in La Mancha of Santa Cruz de Mudela , military and Admiral Spanish, Knight of the Order of Santiago . Color: BK,BR,WH
835 1986.4.0573 Postcard From Mrs. S. 5 October.
836 1968.10.493.0032 Chip, stone None
837 Stereograph "Bidding Farewell to the Homeland" is printed on the lower right corner. Two photos are mounted on gray cardboard with the number "190" on the top of the front side. Photos are nearly identical with a large group of men on a ship waving to people on the shore. About 20 men have climbed the mast ard are also waving to people. There is one man in the foreground looking at the ship. He is in a white jacket, a hat, and is standing on a wooden platform - possibly a dock. Color: BK,WH, GY
838 2017-21-64 Book Agricultural Mathematics written by L. C. Plant. 2017-21-64 (Book) image
839 1989.53.0015 Fossil Two parts. a. Phareodus testis. Fish with scales. b. Stand that supports the fossil.
840 1994.32.0039 Chart Drawn in pencil with six columns and nine rows. Column headings are Symbols on Weather Map, Miles (statute) Per Hour, Knots. Remaining columns repeat the same headings. Chart is blank, with no data filled in. Color: BK,WH
841 1970. Handbill For Mazda Electric. Color: WH,BK
842 1993.24.0024 Report, treasurer's Annual report of #6 school, Cedar Falls, Black Hawk County with total of receipts & disbursements for fiscal year ending June 30, 1950. For Cedar Falls Trust & Savings Bank. Prepared by Andrew W. Hansen, Treasurer. Signed by Adolph Pedersen, President and Harry F. Barck, Secretary.
843 2002.3.0037 Print Shows family gathered around a table, glued on black construction paper. Says "Brown's Famous Pictures, No. 207, "The Pet bird", from painting by meyer Van Bremen, 1813-1886. Color: BK,WH
844 2006.14.0165 Mouse, Deer Skull: 2006.14.165A- Good condition Mandible: 2006.14.165B- Good condition Baculum: 2006.14.165C- Penile bone Color: WH
845 Pelican, white None Pelican, white image
846 UNIM1986. Bag Salt bag. Bag is open at the top, stitched together 1/4" from edge of material. Rounded corners at bottom. Lettering adds decorative detail. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: CR, BK
847 UNIM1988.11.0258 Necktie Clip on necktie. Blue and tan in color, 17 1/2" long x 3" wide. Has diagonal stripes. Sketch on catalog sheet. a&b. Color: BL, TN
848 Quartz Cherty quartz with crystals.
849 1968.9.14609 Flicker, yellow shafted Full body mount. Backside dark lines on gray and brown. Underside - tail and wing feathers bright yellow. Red crescent on back of neck. Tan face and red throat. No black mustache typical of males means this is a female. Student Kathryn Karsten did research on specimen 3/06. Color: GR, BR, RD, YL
850 1968.9.18.0001 Calendar Woven.
851 Insignia For shoulder. a.
852 1995.21.0132 Transparency, slide Cairo citadel from downtown. Multi-domed, 2-spired building in foreground. Both buildings and remains seen on sides of street from lower left to center. Color: ML
853 Limestone Coral rock.
854 1970.74.0297M Quartz, amethyst None
855 1971.11.0043 Novelty Cedar Falls Centennial. Color: BR,CR
856 1993.24.220.0001 Envelope Used as a container for 1993.24.220.002 and 1993.24.220.003. Color: BK,WH
857 1999.5.0010 Chart A blueprint of Dorothy & Martin Grant's house in Tahiti. The plan was drawn with black ink on thin paper and was glued on to a larger, thicker piece of paper. The floor plan shows the "Front porch" , "rebel's bedroom", "hall", "store room", "our bedroom", "rebel's store room", living room", "kitchen", "shower", "back porch." Drawn in are stairs, doors, and dotted lines indicating windows. In the upper left-hand corner is printed "Road" and the numbers (1), (2), (3) in the lower left-hand corner is "Beach". The right-hand side reads "Dorothy & Martin/ Grant's home in/ Tahiti/ Plans of our house/ drawn according to/scale./ June 1930 - March 1931/ in/ Paofai, Papeete, Tahiti." the lower right-hand corner reads "(1) (2) (3)/ are sinks-/ one is out-/side!!/ Dotted lines = windows. Color: WH,BK
858 2002.7.0166 Program Commencement Exercises at Commercial Hall, Janesville, IA, Thursday evening, May 15. Color: BL,WH
859 UNIM1988.11.0545 Necklace Choker style necklace with bronze and cream color beads. Double stranded. Necklace is 12 1/2" long. Fastener 1" on one end and 3" on opposite end. Beads are strung with cream bead, small bronze bead, large bronze bead, small bronze bead. This pattern repeats. Small beads are round, other beads are diamond shaped. Bronze bead has diamond cuts. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: CR, BZ
860 1974.23.0117 Biface None
861 1979.48.0008 Booklet "A Future for You, Stimulating Creative Expression: Art Education, ISTC.. Cedar Falls, Iowa; Vol. 37, No. 4, part I, Oct. 1936; photo of art student painting on cover; 16 p. of b & w photos information. Color: BK,WH 1979.48.0008 (Booklet) image
862 1977.58.0021 Fish Skull; unidentified.
863 1985.18.0002 Point, projectile Spear, fishing. 3-pointed. Color: BR,TN
864 1988.48.0038 Magazine ''Primary Education Popular Educator''. Vol. XLIV, No. 5, January. Color: YL,BR
865 1968.9.36.15065 Sand Dry sand with beach shell.
866 1990.53.0051 Muscovite Small laminae mass. Known as fushite, a chromium bearing variety. Color: GR
867 1995.21.0385 Transparency, slide Women constuction workers. Stone black walls, head high, next to green field. Snow covered mountains in distance. Color: ML
868 Map Black Hawk County; bicentennial historical information.
869 1972.1.0004 Print Courier & Ives; from 1971 calendar; "Flushing a Woodcock". Color: ML
870 1993.26.0005 Glove Uniform issue; material doubled at end. a. Right. b. Left. Color: GR
871 1999.5.30.0230 Transparency, slide Kharg Beach, west side.
872 2008.15.0014 Script Small book, cover and some pages missing, beginning on page 5. On the top of the page is "Catchy Comic Dialogues". Near the bottom of the page at the right corner is "The Author" following what seems to be an introduction and instructions for the book. 119 pp. There are three small pieces still attatched to the binding on the left sideof the page and handwriting across the print that reads "Shue". The back cover contains a picture of the comedy and tragedy masks in profile in an oval. On the bottom of the back cover is T.S. Denison Company" and their address in Minneapolis. The book is bound rather than stapled. Color: tan and black
873 1974.37.93.0072 Bone Vertebra of a mosasaur (marine reptile)
874 Geode Geode in square rock.
875 1978.23.0002a Bayonet Three parts. a. Wooden handles, steel blade, curved hand guard and pommel, serial number "I25462". Symbol stamped on blade.
876 UNIM1988.11.0798 Necktie Necktie with brown, white, tan and blue stripes. 4" w x 55" l "Towncraft by JCPenney". "Plus 5" "Dry Clean Only". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BN, WH, TN, BL
877 1980.30.0005 Currency One dollar. "State of Iowa", "Lyons City, July 8, 1859", "Treasurer of Lyons City" (Lyons city annexed in 1892 by Clinton, Iowa), Serial no. 1843; illus; handwritten inked message; torn lower left side. Picture of 2 men and 1 woman making shoes at center, picture of woman on both right and left Color: BK,WH,RD
878 Pintail, common One male wing.
879 1989.42.0004 Certificate "Diploma of Honor" for "a perfect record of attendance and punctuality for Sixteen School Months". Color: WH,BK
880 1993.38.86.0002 Stone fragment Body element.
881 1990.53.0322 Quartz, geode None
882 UNIM1986.14.1981.8.0003 Cape Self-taped or faced around neckline to center front. 6" underlap with hooks ( on left) and eyes (on right). 2 1/2' braid of beads & tassels around neck &^ front closure, & similar trim at center back. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK
883 1972.42.0004 Masher, potato Alternating looped steel wire frame; green painted hardwood handle; metal capped throat.
884 1999.5.30.0484 Transparency, slide Shukkei-En (Gardens).
885 2008.6.0005 Program, Theatre " A Creative Evening with Sergei Obratsov" event program from November 15-16, 1965. White paper, black ink. State College of Iowa Artists Series performance. Originally folded in half. Includes detailed timeline of event, notes fro, S.C.I Artists Committee. Color: White
886 UNIM1989.8.0002 Block, hat Five layers, top to bottom. Heavy wood. Elliptical in shape. In bottom, two recessed screws hold base to top portion. 7/8" hole for placing on stand. Curved top. Sketch on catalog sheet.
887 1980.45.0129 Handbill Democratic pary candidate 78th District State Representative; white paper, black printed inscription, "TOM CLANCY-Candidate 78th District, Democrat"; describes candidate's position on various issues, as well as his personal information. Color: WH,BK
888 Iron Specular iron ore.
889 1989.43.0257 Point, projectile Side-notched point, tip missing.
890 1990.61.0010 Card, trade "Choose the Carpenter School Coach". Pictures a school bus. 900 N. 64th St., Phone CAbany 2531. Color: BK,GY,YL,WH
891 Lepidodendron None
892 1970.74.0746M Lepidolite Fine platy aggregate with quartz. Color: LV
893 1975.4.0224 Card, Valentine Embossed. Bluebirds on front of heart-shaped card. "Thoughts of you. You may count the stars above, Each in the heaven's bright blue, Yet it would be only one of my loving thoughts of you." To Miss Jacobs from Ralph, February 14, 1912. Color: ML
894 00.26.0071 Sparrow, grasshopper None
895 UNIM1986.14.1984.3.0012 Dress Child's one-piece dress, fitted top and flared skirt; no waistline seam. Bodice is straight princess front & back. Buttons down back to within 10' of bottom. Round neck; collarless. Long satin set-in sleeves. Set on band or cuff with beige bias edging. Skirt, princess lines, is flared. 1 5/8" bias band set in 2 1/2' above hem, with beige bias edgings. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PR,BK,CR
896 Fossil Fossil fish.
897 UNIM1991.9.0018 Pattern Coverall apron, #4591, size Medium. Not printed. c. 1940. Instructions are printed on envelope.
898 1981. Sherd, pottery Painted design on inside.
899 1986.4.0157 Negative, film Summer. Two women standing outside of a shed. They have their hands wrapped around each others waist and posing for the picture. 1986.4.0157 (Negative, film) image
900 Microcline (Feldspar Group) Var. Amazonite. Color: GR, TN Microcline (Feldspar Group) image