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1301 00.26.0044 Waxwing, cedar None
1302 Booklet ''Guide to Out of Doors''; Audubon. Color: BK,WH
1303 UNIM1986.14.1983.1.0008 Scarf Bias corded fabric with ball of fur at each end. Color: RD
1304 1970.74.0499M Kotorue None
1305 1974.37.0070 Fossil Rhinoceros bones.
1306 1989.43.0474 Quartz Clear quartz. Crystals with iron oxide along fracture planes near its base.
1307 1986.4.0067 Print, photographic Three identical connected photos of Aletha Jacobs. 1986.4.0067 (Print, photographic) image
1308 1991.38.2.0005 Limonite Color: YL
1309 1996.16.0002 Quartz Cluster of large crystals. Largest crystal has smokey tint. Iron staining is evident. Color: CL,WH,BR Quartz image
1310 Unk Antler fragment.
1311 1972.34.0008 Doily White textile square, lace edging, cotton material. One of a group of five ( 72.34.005 - 72.34.009). Color: WH
1312 1989.43.0475 Quartz Clear quartz. Crystal cluster with orange and brown colors. The central crystal is 7 cm long, with a diameter 7 cm, and the approximate diameter of the smaller crystal is 4 cm.
1313 1986.4.0068 Print, photographic Open house at Reamstown School, PA, Oct. 1958. (Aletha Jacobs and unidentified woman in classroom). 1986.4.0068 (Print, photographic) image
1314 1991.38.2.0006 Graphite Color: GY/BK
1315 1996.16.0003 Quartz Sintle terminating crystal. Internal fractures near termination. Minor cloudiness visible internally. Base is series of condhoidal facets with some iron staining present.
1316 1968. Tail None
1317 Unk Antler fragment.
1318 1972.34.0009 Doily Square; lace edging. One of a group of five ( 72.34.005 - 72.34.009). Color: WH
1319 1975.16.29.0008 Postcard Color photo of three-color glazed female figuines, Tang Dynasty (618-907 A.D.). Color: ML
1320 1986.4.0324 Handbill Normal Elective Courses; Interstate School of Correspondence.
1321 Hematite Ore.
1322 Burner, Bunsen Rubber tubing.
1323 UNIM1994.13.0056 Billfold Bill compartment has a divider, three pockets for cards on each side, black rayon lining Color: BK
1324 Duck, wood One female wing.
1325 1992.31.10.0037 Figure, chicken Toy chicken
1326 1970.74.0603M Azurite Azurite is blue and malachite is green.
1327 2005.17.1.0006 Booklet Money Management Library Volume 1 Planning Expenditures. A: The Budget Calendar. B: Clark's Cartoons on Better Buymanship. C: The Health Dollar. D: Clark's Cartoons on money mangement. E: Better Buymanship: Principles Color: RD, BL, BK
1328 UNIM1988.;11.0219c Necklace Plastic beads with gold metal clasp. 54" long single strand. Black, red and gold 5/16" beads with 1/8" gold bead in between strung in a pattern of: * 1/4" gold beads, 5/16" black bead, 1/4" gold bead, 5/16" red bead. * repeat. One long string of beads. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK, RD, GD
1329 1972.66.0001 Gown, academic Ph. D. Three blue velvet strips on each sleeve. Blue velvet trim down both the right and left fronts and around the neck. The initials MJN are sewn in gold on the back lining. Color: BK,BL
1330 1981.8.358.0005 Coin From coin proof set; clear plastic envelope; red cardbooard insert. Five centavos. White Josefa (Female Head) on obverse, eagle with snake in its mouth on reverse.
1331 1986.4.0580 Postcard From Mr. & Mrs. N. V. Shick. 15 April; Easter Greeting.
1332 2011.5.0031 Program The Malcolm Price Laboratory School, Iowa State Teachers College, "Curriculum on Parade," 4-6 grades, School Auditorium, May 24, 1959 at 3:30pm, Orange Paper, all info printed in black type Color: OR
1333 UNIM1994.14.0169 Shirt Female Infant, casual type, unfitted style, center front 2 snap closure, Peter Pan collar, short sleeves, very small scalloped edging around collar, knit band around sleeves Color: WH
1334 1975.4.0138 Certificate Study Center Certificate. Certifies that Aletha Jacobs attended the study center held at Grundy Center, Grundy County, Iowa on January 27, 1917. Color: BK,WH
1335 1989.53.0035 Agate Lake Superior agate.
1336 1994.32.0046 Chart Analemma. Double-barred elongated figure-8 containing months of the year, superimposed on a graph in order to indicate position of the sun throughout the year.
1337 00.26.0328e Grebe, pied-billed Egg.
1338 1968.10.0105 Bottle Palm wine container made from a large circular gourd. The handle is made of twine. 1968.10.0105 (Bottle) image
1339 1993.24.0031 Budget, school Lists expenditures for years 1950-1951 plus proposed expenditures, estimated income and amount necessary to be raised by taxation for 1952-53 for Cedar Falls School 36, Cedar Falls Township, Black Hawk County, Iowa.
1340 1998.2.0011 Booklet "A Literary Review Fall 1960." In the top right corner of the yellow cover the title is written in blue To the left written vertically is the word "Midwest". This is written on geometric shapes of blue and black. To the right of "Midwest" are many geometric shapes of blue and black. The title page has "Dahlgren" written in black marker. Color: YL,BK,BL
1341 2002.3.0044 Print "Shoeing the Horse", from painting by Landseer, 1802-1873. Copyright, 1913, by Eugene A. Perry. The Perry Pictures. 908 Extra size. Shows man shoeing a house, a donky and a dog. Glued to cardboard backing. Color: BK,WH
1342 1970.36.0037 Lace fragment Shaped like an apron. Color: BK
1343 1986.0012 Goldeneye, common None
1344 2006.14.0172 Mouse, Deer Skull: 2006.14.172A- Small break in right zygomatic arch Mandible: 2006.14.172B- Good condition Color: WH
1345 1970.74.0978M Calcite Very fluorescent.
1346 Breccia Andesite.
1347 UNIM1988.11.0265 Necktie Necktie with shades of olive green stripes running vertically with red, yellow and purple pheasant in tall green and yellow grass. Yellow runs vertically from pheasant up tie 23". White lining. 4 1/4" wide x 51 1/2" long. "Hand Painted in California" "Pilgrim reg." "Rayon Cravats". Acetate woven with nylon. Sketch on catalog sheet. a-h. Color: GR, RD, YW, PR
1348 1988.33.0004 Desk, school None
1349 1993.24.221.0003 Certificate, achievement Certifies that Pauline Heckel has done professional reading in rural education. Signed May 29, 1917 by May E. Francis, County Superintendent of Schools, County of Bremer, State of Iowa. Contained in 1993.24.221.001. Color: BK,WH
1350 Fossil Wood found at depth of 60 feet
1351 1994.33.25.0004 Meteorite fragment Nickel-iron. Color: BR
1352 1995.21.0139 Transparency, slide National theatre and palace. Several landscaped buildings. Color: ML
1353 2002.7.0173 Clipping, Newspaper Lyrics "The Goat of the R. N. A." Color: BK,WH
1354 UNIM1986.14.1980.12.0038 Fabric Small faded woven scraps. Color: BR, WH, GR
1355 1970.47.1.0158 Geode Partial.
1356 1970.74.1340M Quartz var. Agate (Silica group) Missouri agate.
1357 UNIM1988.11.0552 Necklace Choker style necklace 15 1/2" long. 1/16" w x 5/8" l links joined by small metal round links. A total of 19 each 1/16" x 5/8" links. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GD
1358 1973.43.0046 Glove Two covered snaps at wrist opening. a. Right glove. b. Left glove. Color: CR
1359 1988.48.0045 Magazine ''Primary Education Popular Educator''. Vol. XLV, No. 6, February. Color: RD,BK
1360 2016-29-10 Chart Individual profile grading chart for a student. Includes reading, arithmetic, english, and spelling.  2016-29-10 (Chart) image
1361 1976.82.0002 Owl, screech Color: GY
1362 1991.0027 Quartzite Block.
1363 1990.53.0065 Stilbite Color: RD BR
1364 1995.21.0392 Transparency, slide Rhesus monkeys, Pashupatinath pagoda. An adult and a juvenile at water's edge. Color: ML
1365 Limestone Dolomitic limestone.
1366 1968.10.493.0041 Chip, stone None
1367 1993.26.0012 Mask, gas Uniform gas canister and mask pack. a. - d. a. Pack with 2 sections for canister & mask. At bottom of canister section is wire spring-like support insert. Pack has (2) snap closures & adjustable belt strap with buckle. Flap closes pack & has two female snap closures on inside of flap; "5-18-25" & "317974X" are stamped in black on back of pack, "380773" & H C HAFFNER" stamped in black. A cotton cord is attached to one edge of pack. Canister & mask (b.) are attached by 9" cotton hose. Mask has round yellow eye lenses & black head straps (5) sewn together in back. Mask is canvas, (oil) impregnated. Canister is yellow & ribbed, has "Canco" logo in relief on top; attached to hose is paper instruction booklet. Also included is small metal can with lid (d.) "Anti-Dimming Stick for Gas Masks", & instructions printed on outside.
1368 1999.5.30.0237 Transparency, slide Front of Masjed-i-Shah, from sw. Wide-angle.
1369 1970.49.0002 Lens, microscope Fifteen mm.; orange, with black casing.
1370 Chalcopyrite Poor crystals on matrix.
1371 Galena Crystal cluster. Color: GY
1372 2008.15.0021 Script Cream color pages with black print. Book is missing both covers and some pages. Front page has "Contents" written on it and lists the titles of the various dialogues. Contains 21 dialogues. The back page contains lines from a dialogue and on the top of the page is "Comic Plays and Dialogues". Both the first and last lines belong to Ham. Some of the titles on the front page have markings next to them or are circled. There is also a mark across the top of the page. Color: Cream and black
1373 1973.56.0001 Dress Two-piece with separate stand-up collar. a. Top of dress. Black chiffon with black sateen inner facing. Closes down front with 20 hooks and 18 eyes. Double chiffon from center to shoulder and around center back. Leg o'mutton sleeves which are a silk foundation covered with chiffon. At end of sleeve is 1/2" tiny ruffle in white grosgrain ribbon with black border. On bottom right had side of top closure is a long, broken, simulated diamond ornament. 29 small "diamonds", (1 small "diamond" missing) and 3 large "diamonds" (3 large missing). Small round neckline finished with black ribbon. Seven stays sewn into interior of bodice. b. Black chiffon skirt. Unlined. Back hook & eye closure. Silk waist band. Gathered at waist onto black ribbon. Down from waistband, spaced at 1" apart are 3 rows of ruching. Approximately 18" from hem are the beginning of three more layers of chiffon, the top being 3/4' wide, the next 1 1/4' wide, and the last 2 1/2" wide. 3" hand stitched hem. 10 1/4" opening. Has been mended just above triple ruffle. c. Chiffon covered silk with linen lining. Hook & eye closure. 4 pleats of chiffon topped with white ruffle trimmed in black. A, B, and C Color: BK
1374 Limestone Calcite; Fetid limestone.
1375 UNIM1988.11.0805 Necktie Necktie with navy, light gray and wine red stripes. 3 3/4" w x 56" l. Reinforced 30" up from wide tip of tie where the tie goes around the neck. Reinforcement is 1" w x 6 7/8" l. "Briar". Lining has Briar emblem and words saying "Pride of England". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL, GY, RD
1376 Microcline var. Amazonite (Feldspar group) None
1377 1999.5.30.0489 Transparency, slide Tombstone to 60,000 unknown.
1378 1990.53.0329 Azurite Massive.
1379 Gypsum Dark gray, mssive, showing cleavage faces.
1380 1970.74.0306M Calcite Liston Creek limestone.
1381 1977.58.88.0005 Postcard Legend of the sand dollar. Gives elgend and picture of two sand dollars. Color: ML
1382 Sodalite None
1383 2008.7.0001 Print, photographic Aerial photograph of Unidome. Photo was assumed to be taken between 1980-1993 because that was the time period of when the photographer was employed at the University Color: WH, GR, TN, GY
1384 UNIM1989.9.0004 Blouse Dressy sheath style blouse of white patterned stripe. Center front not suitable for button & buttonhole closure. Gathered at center back to tape for tying to fit. Long set-in sleeves; cuffs have been removed. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
1385 1974.23.0126 Biface None
1386 1989.43.0264 Point, projectile Side-notched point, tip missing.
1387 Dress Child's. Color: WH
1388 1990.61.0017 Booklet Handwriting evaluation. For the evaluation of efficiency in the Palmer Method Handwriting, by A. N. Palmer. Fourth Grade. Only a cover; has examples of handwriting in the front cover and the instructions for corrections and evaluations on the other cover. Color: TN,BK
1389 Stereograph "German Airplane Brought Down Near Quennevieres in the Olse district". Two photos are mounted on grey cardboard with the number '115' at the top of the front side. Photos are nearly identical with a French soldier standing next to a biplane that is in rubble and upside down. The landscape is very open and flowers are growing in the background. Color: BK,WH,GY
1390 1968.9.36.17073.0001 unk Catalog called this Granite. Color: GR
1391 00.26.0143 Eagle, golden None
1392 2009.6.0020 Bag Woven reed bag. Very tightly woven with frayed left and right sides. The handles are braided with a knot in the middle. The knot also has frayed edges coming off the top. The edges are also braided before fraying. Some of the weaving on the bottom is not as tight and there are small holes where the reeds intersect. The top is the most closely woven. Color: TN
1393 1986.4.0164 Negative, film Summer in Montana. Photograph of two women and a child standing in front of a shed. The three of them are slightly turned to the right of the image. 1986.4.0164 (Negative, film) image
1394 Mallard One female wing.
1395 1992.2.0003 Chart, educational Plate III - Trade, Interdependence and Specialization in Supplying Economic Wants. One of a series of 12 depicting various economic issues of the early 1900's.
1396 1996.28.0009 Bushbuck Head has slight left turn. Color: BR
1397 UNIM1986.14.1985.5. 006 Dress Woman's woven summer weight two-piece. Navy blue with white polka dots: (a) Bodice. Bateau neckline. Collar trimmed with small ruffle of same fabric. Center front gathered with hook and eye at neckline & a buttonhole center front on both sides of waist band and one in center back that buttons to skirt. Fitted long set-in sleeves with same fabric ruffle with 1/4'' lace on either side of ruffle; (b) Gored skirt. Floor-length; fitted. 7'' flounce with double ruffle at top and bottom over hem; (c) Extra fabric scraps. Ten. Color: BL,WH
1398 1981.8.0204 Coin Fifty ore.
1399 1986.4.0418 Bulletin Bulletin, Jan. 6, 192_. Color: WH,BK
1400 2016-12-1 Loess Kindchen Loess Hills Kindchen "Children of the Loess" Formed as rainfall or snowmelt percolates through the loess soil, it dissolves the calcium in the soil. When the calcium rich water reaches a nucleus the calcium carbonate precipitates out, forming a concretion around the nucleus. These concretions commonly are irregularly shaped nodules of calcium carbonate, many of which resemble tiny dolls, hence thier name. 2016-12-1 (Loess Kindchen) image