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Cat. # Name Description
901 Gypsum Clear crystal pieces.
902 Gypsum Variation selenite, 3 curved crystals.
903 Gypsum Clear, flat cleavage.
904 Gypsum Clear, flat cleavage.
905 Gypsum Opaque cleavage piece.
906 Gypsum Gray, translucent, fibrous.
907 Margarite Foliated mass. Color: PK
908 Gypsum Massive, pink & gray (crested?).
909 Anhydrite Gray, massive.
910 Graphite Native carbon.
911 Forsterite None
912 Corundum var. Ruby Rounded, to 1/4". Color: RD
913 Dolomite None
914 Dolomite None
915 Magnesite None
916 Spodumene None
917 Barite White, solid intertwined crystals.
918 Siderite None
919 Gypsum Var. satin spar, white.
920 Gypsum Var. satin spar, translucent.
921 Siderite None
922 Siderite None
923 Barite Red brown crystals.
924 Barite Massive, white.
925 Azurite Crystals; Book says 6 specimens, but there is only one
926 Witherite None
927 Azurite Crystals.
928 Malachite Malachite crystals and other copper ores.
929 Copper Native copper, copper carbonate and red oxide of copper
930 Malachite Catalog says that specimen has no. "751" in addition to "395-3". Color: GR, GY, BR, WH Malachite image
931 Azurite None
932 Chrysocolla Massive. Color: GR
933 Strontianite None
934 Vesuvianite None
935 Quartz Interlocking crystals in an imperfect vein of quartz.
936 Sphalerite Dark crystals on massive w/ small chalcopyrites (1/16") sprinkled sparingly on top
937 Gypsum Massive, translucent.
938 Hematite Micaceous hematite showing banding. Color: GY
939 Magnetite Crystals.
940 Hematite Red massive with stalaglitic black columns. Color: RD-BK
941 Calcite Dogtooth spar.
942 Covellite Massive blue-black covellite between quartz crystals w/minor chalcopyrite
943 Rocks 52 assorted specimens for student use Color: BK
944 Hematite Fossiliferous.
945 Hematite Dull, massive. Color: BR
946 Hematite Massive. Color: BK
947 Hematite Finely granular.
948 Hematite Massive with quartz. Color: RD-BR
949 Hematite Massive. Color: BK
950 Hematite Massive. Color: BK
951 Hematite Dull, massive. Color: RD-BR
952 Hematite Massive; possible fossil imprint; stream polished. Color: BK
953 Hematite Massive. Color: BK
954 Hematite Massive. Color: BK
955 Hematite Massive. Color: RD-BR
956 Hematite Massive. Color: BK
957 Hematite Color: RD-GY
958 Hematite Massive red with black botryoidal coating. Color: RD-BK
959 Hematite With copper.
960 Hematite Earthy, massive. Color: RD
961 Hematite One is partially oolitic; one almost shaly. Color: RD-BR
962 Hematite Massive with quartz. Color: RD-OR
963 Hematite None
964 Hematite Granular. Color: RD-BR
965 Hematite Massive. Color: BK
966 Hematite Massive. Color: RD-BR
967 Hematite Earthy hematite.
968 Hematite Argillaceous. Red Chalk.
969 Hematite Ten% of iron.
970 Hematite Concretion showing cockscomb formation. Color: BR
971 Hematite Earthy, round. (Stream trumbled). Color: RD-BK
972 Hematite None
973 Hematite Massive with vugs of tiny crystals. Color: BK
974 Hematite None
975 Hematite None
976 Hematite Color: RD
977 Hematite None
978 Hematite Pseudomorph after magnetite.
979 Hematite None
980 Hematite None
981 Hematite Two specimens. a. botryoidal massive. b. coke ore (paper label). Color: RD-BK
982 Magnetite Fine grained.
983 Magnetite None
984 Magnetite None
985 Magnetite Massive. Color: BK
986 Hematite Finegrained, micaceous. Color: GY
987 Magnetite Needles on brecciated pinkish matrix. Color: GY
988 Magnetite Massive. Color: BK
989 Magnetite Massive. Color: BR
990 Hematite Massive, granular. Color: GY
991 Magnetite Massive. Color: BK
992 Hematite Massive. Color: BK
993 Magnetite None
994 Magnetite Granular.
995 Magnetite Magnetite crystals, iron ore.
996 Chromite Massive. Color: BK
997 Chromite Massive. Color: BK
998 Cassiterite Small nuggets (all but 1 larger in glass vial). Color: BR
999 Cassiterite Ore
1000 Psilomelane Ore.