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Cat. # Name Description
901 Barite One specimen - tan calcite crystals.
902 Barite Massive, white.
903 Barite White, lamellar.
904 Barite Crystalline massive.
905 Barite White interlocked crystals.
906 Barite White, lamellar, massive.
907 Barite Massive, white (heavy spar).
908 Galena Galenite in barite.
909 Barite White barite crystals with malachite.
910 Dolomite Dolomite with pyrite or chalcopyrite crystals.
911 Barite Clear, gray tabular crystals.e matrix with clear calcites.
912 Gypsum Impure; with curved crystals of selinite. In exhibit from 1992-2006
913 Gypsum Dark gray, mssive, showing cleavage faces.
914 Gypsum White, massive, showing cleavage planes.
915 Gypsum White, massive; initials E. R. scratched on surface
916 Gypsum Var. alabaster; white, massive.
917 Gypsum Gypsum w/clay; gray, some clear crystals to 3/4"
918 Galena Three large crystals in barite. Color: GY
919 Bixbyite Ferro-manganese bixleyite?
920 Gypsum Satin spar.
921 Gypsum Fibrous, white to orangish.
922 Gypsum Small brown crystals encrusted with rock salt.
923 Gypsum Ver. selenite; 2 crystals.
924 Gypsum Gypsum crystal in clay.
925 Gypsum Gray crystals.
926 Gypsum None
927 Gypsum White, massive, pieces of a 3/4" slab, unpolished var. alabaster
928 Gypsum Ver. selenite; clear with cleavage.
929 Gypsum Ver. selenite; clear cleavage fragments.
930 Gypsum Clear, massive.
931 Gypsum Var. selenite, clear crystal fragments.
932 Gypsum Groups of clear crystals.
933 Gypsum Var. selenite, clear flat cleavage pieces.
934 Gypsum Selenite crystalline gypsum.
935 Gypsum Crystal cleaved in almost perfect halves; a. and b.
936 Gypsum Seam of clear crystals.
937 Gypsum Large, cleavage pieces of clear selenite ( in two boxes).
938 Gypsum Variety satin spar.
939 Siderite None
940 Siderite None
941 Rhodochrosite Pink rhodochrosite crystals on quartz crystal matrix, crystal sizes 1/4"
942 Rhodochrosite Rhococrosite with calcite crystals on black limestone.
943 Rhodochrosite None
944 Rhodochrosite With calcite on carboniferous limestone.
945 Rhodochrosite With pyrite on black limestone.
946 Rhodochrosite With calcite on carboniferous limestone.
947 Dolomite None
948 Rhodochrosite None
949 Gypsum White, massive.
950 Gypsum Contact between 2 varieties of gypsum - satin spar & alabaster.
951 Gypsum Var. satin spar.
952 Aragonite Crystalline and amorphous aragonite (tube, approx 100+ specimens).
953 Aragonite Twinned crystals.
954 Apatite group Massive.
955 Celestite Pale blue-gray crystalline chunk.
956 Celestite Blue gray fibrous chunks.
957 Wavellite Two dissimilar specimens: 1 green, broken hemispheres on crystals; 1 white hemispheres coated with bright blue/green(?)
958 Cerussite None
959 Apatite group None
960 Aragonite Crystals.
961 Smithsonite Rock; Zinc ore
962 Smithsonite Smithsonite with galenite.
963 Smithsonite None
964 Strontianite None Strontianite image
965 Malachite Ore
966 Azurite None
967 Malachite Complete chemical composition Cu3 (CO3)2(OH)2 or (Cu2(CO3)2(OH)2
968 Azurite None
969 Malachite None
970 Witherite None
971 Witherite None
972 Malachite Green copper carbonate.
973 Azurite None
974 Galena None
975 Malachite None
976 Azurite Carbonate of copper.
977 Azurite Azurite and other copper ores.
978 Copper Crystallized.
979 Azurite None
980 Azurite Full chemical composition Cu3(CO3)2(OH)2/Cu2(CO3)2(OH)2
981 Azurite Blue, radiating crystals. Specimen has 2 #'s on it, 208-11 and 209-11. It does not correspond to catalog entry for 208-11. There is no catalog entry for 209-11. #208-11 was removed as per Terry Vidal 6/15/94. Will retain #209-11. This specimen has no data. Is nice specimen of radiating azurite crystlas with some residual weathered material.
982 Chalcopyrite None
983 Malachite Hydrous copper carbonate.
984 Chalcopyrite Chalcopyrite, pyrite, green carbonate
985 Malachite None
986 Malachite Silicate & oxide of copper.
987 Barite Concretionary barite, silicon.Cluster of white nodules.
988 Copper Free copper with calcite & green carbonate.
989 Malachite Green copper carbonate.
990 Malachite None
991 Gypsum White intergrown crystal mass.
992 Gypsum Clean, white, fine grained.
993 Gypsum Translucent, brown-orange; massive.
994 Gypsum Massive, white, with cleavage faces.
995 Gypsum Pink, massive granular.
996 Gypsum Gray & white, massive; chipped into a flat 4" x 3" x 1"
997 Gypsum Orange, var. selenite.
998 Gypsum Clear crystal pieces.
999 Gypsum Variation selenite, 3 curved crystals.
1000 Gypsum Clear, flat cleavage.