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901 1978.51.3.0011 Coin None
902 1981.8.0274 Coin Five ore.
903 1991.11.0132 Onsie Cream children's onsie. Pink needlework along the collar and sleeves, needlework continues in a design descending from the collar to a couple inches above the belt. Needlework is also found on belt holes. Belt loops into the garmet and wraps around, buttoning in the front middle. Buttons between the legs and at top in back. Pleats on shoulders. Cream. Pink.
904 UNIM1994.13.0126 Apron Shoulder straps cross in back and come out large eyelets at each side and ties in front, large pocket across bottom tacked at top in two places at center, logo at center above pocket to top of bib on apron Color: CR, BK
905 1989.43.0337 Biface Color: GY
906 1999.5.30.0359 Transparency, slide Bagh eram House.
907 Owl, Arctic great gray None Owl, Arctic great gray image
908 1976.22.0022 Fabric remnant Small white flowers worked on lace. Color: WH
909 1966.6.0005 Speech Reproduction of Monroe Doctrine. Color: TN,BK
910 1970.47.1.0148 Calcite None
911 UNIM1986.14.1983.9.0003 combination Lime green combination w/lime green lace trim. Little rose with leaves center neck and at front of each leg. Drawstring around neckline and elastic around each leg. 1/2 " straps. Waist seam in back and front sides. Gathers in back and sides for fullness. Color: GR
912 1986.4.0253 Contract For Aletha Jacobs to teach, Seward School, Buchanan County, 10 November. Color: WH,BK,BL
913 Skimmer, cream Cream skimmer, holes are arranged in a circular pattern with a larger hole at the top for hanging.
914 UNIM1991.11.0031 Hat Red wool military style hat. Folds flat. When worn pleat opens at center top front to back, lined with matching twill. Top stitiched at folds, double stitched around bottom. Grosgrain bow at back. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: RD
915 Quartz Iron, stained quartz crystals.
916 Shoveller (Spoonbill) One female wing.
917 Halite None
918 Malachite None
919 1976.95.0005 Newspaper "The College Eye". ISTC Series 2, Vol. 18, No. 26 Cedar Falls, Iowa, March 14, 1928. This is a partial paper, only pages 1 and 2, 7 and 8. Headlines were results of election for Editor, Sports Editor and Business Manager of the paper. Color: BK,WH
920 1968.10.494.0030 Chip, stone None
921 2010.20.0007 Textbook "Living English Fifth Grade" by Howard Driggs. 229 pgs. A series of short stories with follow-up exercises. Color: BL, OR, BR
922 UNIM1994.13.0094 Dress round yoke front and back with self fabric ruffle 2'' wide with lace edging at bottom of yok, center back placet- no fasteners, skirt gathers to yoke, 6 pin-tucks above hemstitch type hem at bottom, sleeves are long with lace insert and lace edging at wrist, sleeves are gathered to yoke at top, yoke has lace inserts and pin-tucks Color: WH
923 1979.26.0008 Booklet "Space Flight of Astronaut Shepard and the Freedom Seven May 6, 1961", a brief pictorial history of the first American in space, showing various phases of space flight; photograph of President Kennedy shaking hands with NASA Astronaut Alan B. Shepard on fron paper cover; photograph of Alan B. Shepard and wife Louise on back paper cover; 4 pages illustrated. Color: BK,WHBK,WH 1979.26.0008 (Booklet) image
924 1981.9.0002 Tooth Large mammal molar.
925 1989.43.560.0018 Negative, dry-plate Image-Steel bridge (R.R.?). Side view from rivers edge. River is almost frozen over and covered with snow, or else is very low with wide mud banks. Same bridge as 1989.43.560.13 Color: BK, WH 1989.43.560.0018 (Negative, dry-plate) image
926 1986.4.0509 Certificate, membership Pennsylvania State Education Association, 1959-1960. Color: WH,BK,GD
927 1992.4.0003 Textbook "School History of the United States," by William Swinton. 334 pp. Color: BK,WH
928 Limestone Crystalline (Marble).
929 1994.32.159.0008 Print, photographic Appears to be of an excavation or dig. Color: BK,WH
930 00.25.0009 Snake, rattle diamond back Skin.
931 1978.15.0033 Figurine, animal Double birds;carved wings, 1/8" eye holes. Black painted accents on mouth, hole in center back, crest on top of bird heads, hole in center front. Color: RD-BR
932 1977.53.0087 Coin One farthing.
933 1972. Sherd, pottery No design. Piece of pottery. Color: GY
934 1988.21.0033 Basket Small, round basket with vertical sides, made of rope of straw wrapped fibers. Color: PR,TN,GD
935 UNIM1994.14.0208 Pattern Sewing pattern - Half size 1. 4505 (n.d.)
936 2017-21-31 Book Occupations: A Textbook for the Educational, Civic, and Vocational Guidance of Boys and Girls, Revised Edition. Written by Enoch Burton Gowin and William Alonzo Wheatley. Revised by John M. Brewer. 2017-21-31 (Book) image
937 Geode Geode in square rock.
938 1995.21.0019 Transparency, slide Thatched house. Large two-plus storey country home in wooded lakeshore setting. House has chimney, garage and driveway with pillared entrance. Color: ML
939 1974.31.2.0003 Junco, dark-eyed Study skin with data tag enclosed in sealed plastic bag (#4).
940 1993.24.0193 Invoice From J. S. Latta & Son to Eddy School No. 6, H. Barch (sic) for towels & construction paper delivered to Mrs. Elsie Rogers. #14681, $6.01. Marked "ok by Clayton Ulrich pres." and "Pd. with warrent (sic) #47."
941 1998.5.0020 Magazine "The Instructor" is written at the top of the front cover in black letters with various blacks of yellow, pink, and orange in the background. "May 1968, 85 cents" is also written in the upper left corner of the front cover in black letters. Along the left margin with a white background is "12 pages on team teraching, teaming for music, Paul Brandwein on a new school system, and supermarket for teachers." The sculpture of Family Going for a Walk by Kenneth Armitage is in the center of the cover. Advertisment for Game-time, Inc. is on the back. 138 pp. Color: WH,BK,YL,PK
942 2002.7.0040 Letter Letter to the State Board of Examiners from the town of Clarksville. Black ink on white paper. Form standard filled out in ink. Color: WH,BK
943 1973.4.1.0004 Sculpture Ceramic figure with flared headdress; sides are shaped like feathers. In center is an ear of coin placed vertically. Toward top of ear of corn is a hole. Figure has ear plugs. Color: TN
944 2006.14.0254 Mouse, House Mandible: Split in two sections. Left side covered in a dark unidentified substance Color: TN, BR
945 1968.9.49.13715.0051 Tortoise, wood Bone.
946 Fern None
947 1970.74.0054M Aragonite None
948 Chalk None
949 1980.45.0016 Pin, political Independent Presidential Campaign; celluloid type; red face, white printed inscription, "ANDERSON FOR PRESIDENT"; metal base, straight pin back. John Anderson from Illinois is a republican who ran for President in the 1980 elections as an independent with Patrick Lucey as his running mate. Ronald Reagan and George H. W. Bush (Republican) and Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale (Democrat) were also running in this election. Carter and Mondale and Anderson and Lucey both lost to Reagan and Bush. Anderson continued as an Illinois representative in congress until January of 1981. 1980.45.0016 (Pin, political) image
950 1990.47.0009 Print, photographic End of WAVES "Boot" classes in 1943 at ISTC. WAVES marching around a track with a leader in a dark uniform. Serrated edges. Color: BK,WH
951 1988.35.0087 Print, photographic Wrestling team, ISTC. Color: BK,WH
952 1995.21.0274 Transparency, slide House court. Paved court with small statue in sunken square. Standing walls at left, columns in rear. Color: ML
953 1974.67.0001 Pin, political Celluloid with yellow lettering on red background. "Re-Elect Governor RAY". Union label on curl. In 1974, incumbent Ray defeated Democratic opponent Jim Schaben to capture an unprecedented fourth term as Governor of Iowa and also was elected to the first four-year term in the state's history. Color: YL,RD
954 1968.9.51.14624 Mink, platinum Two pieces. a and b. Study skin: piece of skin and tail.
955 1970.74.1487M Quartz Crystals.
956 2003.10.0007 Machete Long hooked blade attached to a wooden handle with a nail. Hand-wrought.
957 UNIM1986.14.1980.15.0020 Shawl Square, with 9" fringe. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
958 1980.5.0248 Pin, political Celluloid-type; black and white photograph of Jimmy Carter; drawing of the White House surrounded by green trees; green slogan printed on white background, "KEEP CARTER IN THE WHITE HOUSE 1980"; hollow back; pin back. Color: BK,WH,GR
959 1984.6.0167 Booklet "H. L. Eells Commercial Houses Furnishing Educational Movies to ed. YMCA Work in Camp Dodge"; 2 pages. Color: BK,WH
960 Bone Dry bone zinc ore.
961 1989.24.0016 Currency Two dollar bill, CZ008702. Front: Portrait of Paul Bogle; Doctor Bird (Trochilus polytmus) or Swallowtail Humming Bird; Back: Schoolchildren; Watermark: Pineapple. Color: ML
962 1970.74.0405F Fossil None
963 Stalactite None
964 1990.53.0210 Quartz Crystals.
965 1995.21.0526 Bag, duffle Large bag that is drawn shut at top by a rope. Double sewn on sides of bag and at the bottom. Writing on one side. White label sewn on side with "Mrs. Martin Grant, Bogota, Colombia, So. Amer." Color: BL
966 1975.4.0048 Form, order Purchasing order form, Ginn and Co.
967 1970.78.9.0001B Pipe Stem Makisapa (a species of monkey found in the Amazonian Rainforest) bone stem that belongs to a pipe. The stem is very skinny and short, showing evidence of cultural use. The bone was crudely cut at both ends and is hollow to allow air and smoke to pass through. 1970.78.9.0001B (Pipe Stem) image
968 Fossil Reptile teeth.
969 1981.8.0114 Coin One forint.
970 UNIM1988.11.0846 Necktie Navy blue necktie with red, white and blue squares 3/4" and a chain link 3 rows wide (1/2" w) runs diagonally. White lining. 3 3/4" wide x 52" long. "Abel & Abel Inc. Marshalltown - Mason City". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL, RD, WH,
971 1993.24.51.0005 Form, tax credit Sept. 15, 1954. Advises amount of tax credit ($316.95) apportioned to School District #6 of Cedar Falls Township for Aug., 1954. Official Form No. 1023. #5070.
972 1970.74.0747M Rhodonite None
973 Calendar None
974 1978.51.17.0003 Currency 50,000 marks. "Reichsbanknote Funfzigtausend Mark" Upper left corner drawing of a man, Black design on reverse Color: GR WH BK
975 1986.11.0005 Booklet ISTC Commencement booklet. Color: BK,WH
976 2006.17.0087 point, projectile small expanding stem point; distal end acute; cross section biconvex; edges convex; base concave; munsell- 10 yr 7/3 very pale brown; lamoka piont mid to late archaic 5000-4000 ybp Color: br
977 2016-27-100 Statement School Township on Rural Independent Estimate and Record of Filing from Cedar No. 1, Van Buren County. Dated July 1, 1947 at 8:00 am. The "amount necessary to be raised by taxation" equaled $750.00.
978 1989.43.0179 Point, projectile Expanding stem point, incomplete.
979 1993.38.0025 Point, projectile Side notched.
980 1999.5.30.0201 Transparency, slide Carpet path for shah to west, Pahlavi Univ.
981 2009.13.1.0009 Booklet A - Rectangular booklet by Glenn O. Blough. Contains b/w photos (cover + pg. 7) relating to trees. Text designed for primary, middle, and upper education. Subjects include kinds of trees, life of a tree, and conservation. Subjects subdivided and contain discussion questions and activities. "The Instructor Series of Illustrated Units No. 9 - Trees" 7 pgs. B - A portfolio of Pictures - Trees, 4-fold paper 31 b/w photos pertaining to trees and forests, with captions Color: WH
982 00.26.0118 Kingfisher, belted None Kingfisher, belted image
983 1975.5.0001 Box Borated Powder. Yellow tin; star shape on top.
984 1970.41.3.0005 Point, projectile None
985 UNIM1986.14.1982.2.0011 Magazine ''Needlecraft Magazine''. Augusta, Maine and New York, New York. Needlecraft Publ. Co., XVIII:3, November, 1926, 38 pp. Published monthly @ 50 cents yr., 10 cents, single copy. Color: BK,WH
986 1978.51.6.0005 Currency November 15, seven shillings--six pence, serial no. 7794. Numbered and signed in brown ink. The back is blank. Color: BK,WH
987 1986.4.0095 Print, photographic Aletha Jacobs, on left, and undientified woman, wearing broad brimmed hats, standing in front of memorial with "IOWA" carved in the stone above their heads. 1986.4.0095 (Print, photographic) image
988 UNIM1989.9.0042 Shoe Toddler's; boot-style. Top is 5" high; sewn to leather sole. Rayon bow for decoration only. Could be worn on either foot, but only one shoe. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
989 2015-10-52B Plaque Small plaque attached to a bigger plaque for Division I State Music Festival. For the Treble Chorus in 2000. 2015-10-52B (Plaque) image
990 1989.43.0445 Bone Rib fragment; small piece broken off side. Color: TN
991 1970.74.1093M Calcite Catalog says that specimen was deaccessioned in 6/93.
992 Unk Antler fragment.
993 Copper Native copper; not found in catalog.
994 1991.38.1.0007 Bentonite Color: WH
995 1999.5.30.0453 Transparency, slide British border station, Red China to far left.
996 Quartz None
997 1976.6.0003 Pin, political 1968 Nixon presidential campaign pin. Black background with red "NIXON", narrow white border around rim of pin. "Official Nixon button, Feeley & Wheeler, 370 Lexington, N. Y. C. 10017" in very small letters around rim. Color: BK,RD,WH
998 1972.31.0014 Mat Woven, small. Predominantly red. Fringed ends. 17 horizontal stripes multi-colored on each end.. Color: BL,ML
999 1968.10.493.0001 Chip, stone None
1000 Lepidodendron Small sllab of Lepidodendron.