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Cat. # Name Description
901 Wood With interbedded sand.
902 00.26.0208e Swallow Egg.
903 1989.43.0131 Scraper Color: WH
904 00.70.0039 Point, projectile Arrow, steel tipped.
905 Shoveller (Spoonbill) One male wing.
906 1970.74.0557M Garnet group Crystal
907 Magnetite Magnetite crystals, iron ore.
908 1968.10.493.0112 Chip, stone None
909 1994.10.19.0003 Handkerchief Pulled thread or drawn work and outline stitch on all sides and corners. Rolled hem. Color: WH
910 2004.25.0018 Jug Small handle attached to lip. Jug oval-shaped. Has painted band, 1 1/2'' wide, around top. Has a beginning of a painted design, which consists of four small pinkish stripes located directly underneath the handle, toward the bottom. Color: TN,BR,YL
911 UNIM1990.6.0032 Slip elasticized lace trim around top front and back, shoulder straps and under busts, 1/8'' wide ribbon bow center front, six flared gores, half inch lace at hem, gathers under bust for fullness, below knee length, scalloped edge on elasticized lace
912 1975.4.0099 Letter Written by John DeGroot, President of Board Beaver No. 2, to Miss Jacobs concerning re-hiring for coming semester. Color: BK,WH
913 2009.16.0003 Book Title - "Fifty Years At The Teachers College by David Sands Wright. Autographed by author on first page under the University Museum stamp. Inside front cover - #528 copy 2 in pencil and a sticker ISTC Museum of Natural History with E.J. Cable typed on sticker. 263 pages with b/w photographs. Color: BL, GD
914 UNIM1986.14.1982.5.0041 Cape Net ground with floral border design and scallped edge. 1 1/2'' hem across top, gathered. Two black snaps to secure. Color: BK
915 1966.13.0005 Coin, commemorative Louisiana Purchase Exposition. Universal Exposition. Saint Louis, 1904. Triangular shield with printed description of the design for the medal of award. In red velvet-lined square leather case with gilt imprinting on top. Color: RD
916 Nickeline Massive. Color: YL
917 1986.4.0031 Print, photographic Aletha Jacobs, on right, with unidentified woman,both holding bags, [ selling "Circle of Knowledge"]. 1986.4.0031 (Print, photographic) image
918 00.26.0113 Woodpecker, red-headed None 00.26.0113 (Woodpecker, red-headed) image
919 1991.37.0017 Fossil Bone.
920 1989.43.0387 Point, projectile, replica Side-notched point. Color: WH
921 1968.9.35.16088 Sherd, pottery Rim of a pot.
922 Feldspar None
923 1970.74.0924M Jasper None
924 1976.1.6.0002 Magazine ''Time'', February 4, 1974, "The Impeachment Congress". Color: BK,WH
925 1972.83.0001 Slide Coal ball.
926 UNIM1994.13.0018 Garter Belt garters suspended on 5/8'' wide black elastic Color: BK
927 1986.4.0285 Certificate, attendance For attendance at Normal Institute. Color: WH,BK
928 1970.47.1.0009 Malachite None
929 1970.74.1270M Azurite None
930 1992.31.1.0002 Toy, wagon Plastic with yellow wheels.
931 1997.15.0017 Hat Woman's. Dome-shaped flower-covered hat. Purple buckram foundation covered with purple rhinestone-centered fabric flowers. Medium weight purple veil and a few small purple feathers.
932 2000.2.0086 Platter Small center bowl with carved desgns on edges, carved coil snake in bowl. Two human figures attached at opposite ends by feet, one male, one female. Both have line carvings on body and face (scarification?), cap of hair, hands at hips. Color: BR
933 1978.0047 Diploma "ISTC, Cedar Falls, Iowa", "Bachelor of Didactics", for "Myrtle C. Bell"; signed by board of directors and faculty, dated, "June 19, 1895", I. S. N. S. gold foil seal in lower left corner. Color: WH,BK
934 1973.43.0007 Dress Woman's.Two-piece. a. dress blouse of fine white cotton. Round neck, lace yoke edged with wide lace ruffle. Fastens down back with hooks and eyes. 3/4 length sleeves. Wide lace at end of sleeves. Strings at sides to fasten at front. b. Dress skirt of fine white cotton. Pleated at waist. Closes at back with hook and eyes. Eight tucks at bottom of skirt. Color: WH
935 1968.9.50.11388e Cowbird Egg.
936 UNIM1994.14.0131 Shirt White with navy trimmed polo style casual knit shirt. Color: WH, BL
937 1976.73.0001 Letter Sent to Dr. Pauline Sauer, director, from John C. W. Bliese regarding the documents he donated. (76.73.1 - .13).
938 1981.8.0325 Currency Five riels. Front: Four faces of Avalokitesvara Bodhisattva, Bayon Temple at Angkor Thom; Back: Royal Palace in Phnom Penh; "Prasat Chan Chaya" square; Watermark: Bayon stone face of Bodhisattva Lokesvara in Angkor Thom. Color: RD,WH,GR
939 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.0026 Bib Straight, boxy style with cap sleeves. Center front section is lined with clear vinyl. Pink bias tape trim on white bib. Color: WH,PK
940 2017-21-33 Book The Open Door Language Series: Third Book Success in Speaking and Writing. Written by Zenos E. Scott, Randolph T. Congdon, Harriet E. Peet and Laura Frazee. 2017-21-33 (Book) image
941 1989.48.0005 Lava A-a lava. Color: BK
942 1994.32.0008 Print, photographic Shows two men (native Americans?) mounted on horseback and observing tall vertical rock face. Additional rock face in background. Sepia. Photo printed on card larger than photo, creating a 1" border on all sides. Color: BR
943 1986.4.0545 Card, greeting Cutout card; robins in flower basket "Compliments of Miss L. H. Weber; Independence, IA Easter Opening 1903. Color: ML
944 1973.51.0023 Bonnet Infant's. Hand crocheted, with narrow silk ribbon near border. Color: TN
945 1994.33.0013 Quartz Variety - Tigers eye. Raw masive hunk. Color: BK,YL
946 2006.14.0132 Mouse, White-footed Skull: 2006.14.132A- Good condition Mandible: 2006.14.132B- Good condition Color: WH
947 UNIM1986. Trim Fringe trim woven together at 1/4" top edge with black and grey twisted cord fringe. Has a shine to fibers - possibly nylon. Color: BK, GY
948 1970.74.1674M Azurite None
949 1977.47.47..0006 Rock Smooth surface. Color: BR
950 2002.3.0008 Print Two parts: (a) "The Boyhood of Raleigh" by Sir John Millais. # 20 in series. Depicts two young boys listening to a man who is pointing out over the sea from shore; (b) Folder. "Study by John T. Lemos". Color: WH,BL,YL,GR,BK,
951 UNIM2011.7.0014 Button 22 rhinestone in a circular cluster. Color: SL UNIM2011.7.0014 (Button) image
952 Concretion Limestone spherical concretion
953 1995.21.0102 Transparency, slide Las Cascades, Cundinamarca. Mountain setting with five buildings. Color: ML
954 1970.74.0256F Fossil Bone turned to quartz.
955 1993.24.2.0010 Form, warrant No. 47, March 18, 1957 to J. S. Latta & Son for $6.01 for paper towels. Signed by President, Maynard DeBoer and Secretary, Harry F. Barck. Used by Independent School District #6 of Cedar Falls Township, Black Hawk County, Iowa as a record of payment made.
956 1999.21.0001 Fern a. & b. Split cobble with fern fossil inside. Color: BR
957 2002.7.0136 Transcript Iowa State Teachers College. White cloth cover. Record of classes and grades, typed on the inside. Official ISTC duplicate record. Color: WH,BK,BL
958 UNIM1988.11.0511 Purse Brown with beige floral design. Upholstery fabric; wooden frame and handles. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BN
959 2006.19.0009 Book "Millions of Cats" by Wanda Gag. 29 pages w/black & white illustrations.Title on upper part of cover. Picture of an old man walking with a bunch of cats on cover. White sticker with library information on it. White sticker with "withdrawn" on it. Color: YL, BK, WH
960 1970.17.31.0002 Box Simple nasal catarrh. Box from vial of Humphrey's Homeopathic Medicines.
961 UNIM1986.14.1980.11.0008 Sweater Moss green short-sleeved slipover sweater. Narrow collar scalloped around edge. 4" center front opening. Rib knit banded bottom & sleeve hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GR
962 1977.53.0235 Currency Ten piastres, serial no. 701391. Front: value and watermark, Back: People with Flag (2 stars) Color: BL,WH,RD
963 1984.9.0004 Bark Bark.
964 Lepidodendron Small stem.
965 1990.53.0019 Quartz None
966 1995.21.0355 Transparency, slide Marble names, Makat memorial. Mrs. Barnett, Dot, Barbara. Women seen on sidwalk between series of rectangular cvolumns extending in an arc. Color: ML
967 Septarian Septarian. From drift folund in excavation for smoke stack at college. Shows mud cracks.
968 Quartz None
969 1993.24.81.0002 Invoice Handwritten. Includes items purchased at "Bernie's Drive-In" ( plus first aid supplies and color books. Total $5.44. Teacher - Ann Blau. Marked "O.K. A. H. Pd. Sept. 24 with warrent (sic) #18.
970 1999.5.30.0200 Transparency, slide Carpet path for shah to east, Pahlavi Univ.
971 1974.37.93.0042 Bone Miscellaneous fish remains.
972 2008.14.0009 Letter a. Letter - handwritten in ink providing Evelyn Garrick's credentials for a job to the recipient, Mr. Ira Knapp. Piece of paper folded in half; first part of the letter on front of the paper, opens like card to the second part of the letter. B. smaller bit of paper with notes written in pencil consisting of a list of references and summary of credentials c. envelope - opened at back flap. Color: WH
973 UNIM1986.14.1981.2.0022 Shoe Low heeled, rubber soled. Short tongue and wide buckled strap across instep. Color: TN
974 UNIM1988.11.0768 Necktie Cocoa brown necktie, diagonal design woven in same color. 4 1/2" w x 58" l. " ' Bragg' from Palace Clothiers, Waterloo - Cedar Falls, IA." Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BN
975 Fern None
976 2016-27-101 Report Request for General Aid from Cedar No. 1, Van Buren County. Form is only partially completed. The secretary and president signed under the claimant's affidavit section. 
977 Mink None
978 Ore Zinc
979 1990.53.0292 Quartz, geode None
980 1993.38.84.0008 Tip, biface None
981 1999.5.30.0454 Transparency, slide Sham Chun river & village, China to north, New terr. (Hong Kong) this side.
982 UNIM1989.5.0061 Apron 1 piece design bib apron with waist straps from twill. Skirt portion flares out at sides. Scallops all across bottom with rick rackaround bottom and sides. Pocket on right side. Self fabric band for neck strap. 1 1/2" white eyelet material at top edge of bib and pocket. Color: WH
983 1975.3.0002 Card, greeting "Greetings from Samoa"; Christmas card showing ink design of thatched building, palms, etc., and above message on front, "Jim and Karen".
984 Muscovite Thick slab of laminae 6" x 5" x 1" Color: BR
985 2008.2.0009 Print, Photographic BK and WH photograph is matted on WH paper and is framed with BK frame. Photo is of men indoors sitting in a communal dwelling with many daily use objects. Color: BK, WH, GD
986 2015-10-52C Plaque Small plaque attached to a bigger plaque for Division I State Music Festival. For Mixed Chorus in 2004. 2015-10-52C (Plaque) image
987 1978.37.0011 Coin Emperor Gratian.
988 11.11.0021 Bornite Massive with minor chalcopyrite.
989 Teal, blue wing One female wing.
990 1990.58.0095 Stamp, postage Commemorates the Iowa Statehood, 1846-1946. Blue with a stalk of corn on each side and the Iowa flag inside a state outline. 3-cent. Color: BL
991 1995.36.0054 Lepidolite Platy aggregate. Color: PR
992 Pelican, white with head tucked straight down to breast. Color: white
993 1994.16.0003 Purse Clutch or shoulder style. Hinged at ends. Metal strip across top covered with striped fabric. Snap tab holds purse closed. Lined with cream-colored faille, with an open pocket on back panel. Narrow brown straps. Could be shoulder purse. Striped fabric. Color: BL
994 1968.20.0521 Genet Skin.
995 1970.74.0707M Jasper None
996 1971.0012 Fox, gray Skull, jaw. (a. top of skull; b. left half of jawbone; c. right half of jawbone.)
997 1975.4.0194 Collage Circular piece of white construction paper with a black-and-white portrait of George Washington in the center and four sets of three red George Washington postage stamp portraits along the outside. Each set of three arranged as a 3-leaf clover. No date given. hand written on back "Miss J." Color: WH,BK,RD
998 2009.2.0089 Candlestand Upside down hand carved wooden tool handle attached to a round, flat, bronze disc. Base is hollow and etched with lines and half circles for decorations. Carved out at top to hold candle (or tool?)
999 1972. Sherd, pottery Gray with 3 black stripes. Design painted on the inside. Color: GY,BK
1000 UNIM1991.5.0013 Pants For 4-yr. old. Royal blue. Front slighltly higher than waistline. Straps extend up to go over shoulders and button. Short pants reach to waistline in back; legs have 1' seams. Hand worked buttonholes. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL