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301 1971.41.0044 Kit, first aid U.S. Army. Khaki web pouch with brass snaps and fittings, and brass hooks for attaching to pistol belt. Marked "JPS 1917". 1971.41.0044 (Kit, first aid) image
302 1993.24.23.0002 Form, W-2 Typed statement of 1957 wages and Federal Income Tax withheld for the year, 1957 for Elsie Martha Rogers, Cedar Falls. Includes copies A-D; D is not attached.
303 2002.7.0162 Booklet Color picture on the front cover. "Souvenir" printed in large gold letters across the top. An American flag, a picture of George Washington, a golden sun, and a globe with books and an owl perched on its top adorn the front of the card. The inside is printed in blue and brown colored ink. Class roll and poems printed inside. Mr. F. W. Cover listed as the teacher. Color: WH,GR,BL,RD
304 Duck, mottled Wing.
305 1974.31.2.0004 Junco, dark-eyed Study skin with data tag enclosed in sealed plastic bag (#5).
306 2006.15.0117 Quartz var. Geode Medium in size quartz specimen, half of a geode with quartz crystals in middle (colorless, pink, violet) one polished face, vitreous luster, 7 on hardness scale Color: Violet
307 UNIM1988.11.0459 Handkercheif Black flower basket with blue and pink flowers and blue bow on basket handle in each corner; blue and pink flowers with blue bow in center of each side. Pink 3/8" border with pink and blue flowers on white background along border and center of handkerchief. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK, BL, PK
308 1980.12.0007 Currency 5,000,000,000 marks. Color: BK,WH
309 Unk None
310 1988.48.29.0037 Booklet "Great Men & Famous Women" "A Series of Pen & Pencil Sketches of the Lives of the Most Prominent Personages in History", part 37 . Part of a 68 piece series. "Sold only by Subscription" "No Subscription received for less than the Complete Work 68 parts". Price 25 cents. The series runs from page 1 - 384. Each part begins with 3 illustrations of featured person. Part 68 begins with 3 illustrations and is followed by Table of Contents for the original 8 volumes that this subscription package was produced from. Cover has Greek classic artwork with the characters "Fame" & "History" portrayed. Also four busts of Grant, Lincoln, Washington and Longfellow line bottom of cover art. Back cover has facsimile of autographs of contributing authors & a note on "Terms of Publication". Each issue bound by two steel staples. Contains articles on: Leif Ericsson, Harold, King of England, the Cid, Bernard, Barbarossa, and Richard Coeur de Lion. pp. 49-72. Color: BR,BK,WH
311 1964.3.0013 Coin Ten naye paise.
312 1968.9.8.0021 Basket Made of two 9" circles that form top and bottom with 4" wide band that forms side of basket. A 6 1/2" section opens to form entry to basket which has a braided loop that fits over "button" to keep closed. Four additional buttons, one at each corner of opening and 1 on top and bottom of basket. Braided handle on each side with 2 braided cross pieces. Resembles a canteen. Color: ML
313 1970.74.0329M Breccia None
314 1990.53.0070 Clinochlore Garnet crystal pseudomorph. Color: GR
315 1995.21.0395 Transparency, slide Sign, Golden Buddhist Temple. Seen resting on canopy over first floor, against panels of decorative railing on second floor. Color: ML
316 2003.29.0002 Postcard Left side reads "ISTC The Library Cedar Falls Iowa.". Shows the library in black and white. On the back there is no personal writing. Printed on the right side is "Post Card." and room for a stamp. Has the #40577 printed on the left. Color: BK,WH
317 UNIM1988.11.0716 Cloth Fragment Black and white cotton print, hemed at ends. 25" x 24". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK, WH
318 1974.67.0002 Keyring Attached to red plastic, reading "Key to Good Government Robert D. Ray Governor." Color: RD
319 Tourmaline group Color: BK
320 1993.26.0015 Shoelace Uniform.
321 1995.21.530.0023 Transparency, lantern slide Duplicate of black and white #1995.21.530.009. Shows turtle in horse-drawn cart. Color: ML
322 Fern None
323 1972. Sherd, pottery Black vertical stripe. Part of a rim. Design painted on the inside. Color: GY
324 1970.74.0664M Apache tears None
325 00.26.0100 Nest Eastern wood pewee (2) and nest.
326 1999.5.30.0070 Transparency, slide Yazd city wall, built by Tamerlane, south side.
327 2008.15.0195 Script Tan paper with black print. Pages 15 - 18 in a book (2008.15.0009). The top of the pages reads "Christmas Plays and Recitations". Page 15 contains the end of an unknown recitation and the beginning of "Look Up the Chimney". Page 16 contains the end of "Look Up the Chimney" and the beginning of "A Christmas Wish". Page 17 contains the end of "A Christmas Wish" and "Christmas Greeting". Page 18 contains part of "Christmas Day Is Coming". Color: Tan and black
328 UNIM1986.14.1981.3.0173 Combination Front 5 buttons, drop seat. Three buttons in back. Straps, sleeveless, no legs with knit binding around them. Scoop neckline lower in front. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
329 UNIM1989.14.0002 Boot Moc toe boot with 7" zipper on inside. 3/4" flat heel. Sketch on catalog sheet. a. and b. Color: BK
330 1986.16.54.0014 Tourmaline group None
331 1989.43.0300 Point, projectile Blade fragment.
332 1993.42.0003 Insignia, military Second lieutenant's pin, insignia, rank officer, metal subdued, brass pin backings attached. One for each arm.
333 1968.10.0423 Horn Two small horns.
334 1970.36.0077 Necktie U. S. Army World War II dress issue; khaki-tan wool material; worn with olive green shirt, usually tucked in between the first two top buttons. Stamped "B-1797". Color: KH
335 1970.74.1015M Geode Agatized coral.
336 1990.62.0002 Book "Teachers' and Parents' Guide to Reading Courses/Five Minute lessons for the Home."644 pp. Color: BL,GD
337 1999.5.30.0322 Transparency, slide Oldest minaret in Iran, Maidan Mosque.
338 UNIM1986.14.1983.10.0001 Form, dress Poured foam with a thin clear coat, except at bottom. Bust 36", waist 31", hoops 38".
339 1973.28.0004 Cutter, cookie Rabbit figure cutter; looped tin handle on top and a hole below it.
340 1978.51.1.0119 Coin Columbian Exposition; half dollar.
341 UNIM1990.6.0074 Shirt one button on cuff, back yoke extends across shoulder, shirt gathered to yoke in back, two breast pockets w/ flaps and button Color: BR
342 2016-3-18 film, Canister Film in canister and on top the title is, " Medieval Towns and Cities." The side of the canister has the sticker, " Audio-Visual Center of the Curriculum Laboratory I.S. T.C. Cedar Falls, Iowa."  2016-3-18 (film, Canister ) image
343 1975.5.0002 Box Two parts. a. Can. b. Lid
344 1986.4.0216 Postcard Street scene of Dows, Iowa. Color: BK,WH 1986.4.0216 (Postcard) image
345 1972.0006 Parasol Chiffon ruffle; black handle with crook at end. 3 rows of black embroidered geometric design. Silk cord and black fringe tassel around shaft. Numbered below catch.
346 00.27.0075 Badger Standing. Color: YL-GY
347 Pyrite Pyrite finely disseminated in galena(?).
348 1978.0052 Cuckoo, black-billed Color: BK
349 Chalcedony None
350 1968.10.493.0062 Chip, stone None
351 1970.47.1.0226 Sphalerite Solid sphalerite showing some crystal form. Color: BR
352 1970.74.1374M Calcite Crystals; geode.
353 1992.2.0006 Chart, educational Plate VI - Trade, Changing Merchandising Methods. One of a series of 12 depicting various economic issues of the early 1900's.
354 1996.28.0006 Eland, giant Slight right turn of head. Color: BR,GY,BK
355 1973.43.0063 Veil Net. Color: BK
356 1976.6.0004 Pin, political Eugene McCarthy presidential nomination campaign pin. Royal blue with white lettered "EUGENE". Color: BL,WH
357 Shale, oil None
358 UNIM1986.14.1985.1.0096 Hat Natural straw with black velvet ribbon around base of crown, and bow. Color: CR,BK
359 1978.51.20.0018 Currency The Zimmerman Bank, 185_, three dollars. Picture of two trains on a bridge, portrait of woman in lower right corner Color: BK,WH
360 UNIM1994.13.0057 Purse laced together with wine colored lacing snap closure on overlapping flap, leaf tooled design. a&b. Color: BR, RD, TN
361 1981.8.0259 Coin Ten centimos.
362 1986.4.0472 Print, photographic Children of White Oak School. 1986.4.0472 (Print, photographic) image
363 Barite White interlocked crystals.
364 Print, photographic Color: BR
365 1989.43.0905 Insignia, military Divided into three parts: top right white with a symbol; top left, blue with a symbol, and the bottom is red with two lions.
366 1997.4.3.0002 Stirrup Handcarved of a single piece of wood, with metal trim up sides, joined at the top. Entire surface of wood, including sole, is chip- carved in patterns in rows. Carved geometric motif on toe and heel of sole, front instep, toe, at sides and at back below opening for foot. Metal strips up each side are welded at the top to a short metal rod with connects them. A pattern of three rows of Xs runs the length of each side. Inside shows carving marks. Marked by collector inside in pencil, "Made by Chilean cowboys."
367 1973.54.0002 Weaving Weaving, dark blue wool felt-backed. Geometric design in colors of light blue, dark green, light green, yellow, brown, grey and black. On two sides is approximately 1 1/2" of dark blue fringe. Inward from fringe is 4" pattern of five 6-sided geometric figures, each figure alternating from green to red outlines. Pattern is the same on opposite side. Color: ML
368 UNIM1994.14.0170 Suit, Jump Female Toddler, light blue and white, slight pointed collar, ceneter front panel and cuffs on short sleeves are same fabirc as jumpsuit, but they have small blue dots, zipper on back, vertical strip on pants, open crotch and legs with 3 snaps on each side Color: BL WH
369 1973.46.7.0001C Cutter, Curl Twin curl cutter; metal shaft with 2 loops and a spiral at the top.
370 1988.17.0013 Book "The Hoosier School-Master", by Edward Eggleston. 218 pp. 14 pp. of ads of other books. Illus. In b/w. Consists of 34 chapters made up of individual short stories. Some titles are "A Loss and a Gain", "A Council of War", "The Walk Home" ,etc. Outside cover is plain brownish black with 3 horizontal bands of designs across the top, middle, and bottom. Top and bottom designs are geomeric, while the middle is floral. Back cover is the same design. Spine has gold writing with the title and author along with geometric designs at top middle & bottom. The inside front of the back covers have a green floral paper. Inscription on first page, "July 14 1898 From Frank To Estelle". The inside title page has written in pencil "Estella Blaine". Attached to the back inside cover one yellow piece of paper is written "Presented to my mother from my father in 1898 - they were married in 1897." Color: BK,GD
371 unk None
372 2017-16-116E Deposit Slips A collection of 3 deposit slips from First National Bank in Traer, Iowa, involving Geneseo Independent School District No. 6. Deposit slips range from 1910 to 1912. Slips by year: 1910 – 1, 1911 – 1, 1912 – 1. Note: Originally wrapped in a bundle with other 2017-16-116 items.
373 1995.18.0015 Coin Side a: Stamped onto coin :Rp100, Hutan Untuk Kesejakteraan, plus image of a temple. Side b: Stamped onto coin: 100, Bank Indonesia, seratus Respiah, image of a house - like structure, 1978. Color: SL
374 Slipper Black with embroidery. a. Left slipper. b. Right slipper. Color: BK,ML
375 1968.9.36.17077.0001 Feldspar None
376 1971.11.20.0008 Button, campaign Blood donors. Color: RD,WH
377 1993.24.0154 Invoice Two parts. a. From W. Harold Hartman, County Superintendent. Dittoed form completed in pencil. Invoice #228, $25.40 for books bought by Mrs. Rogers. Marked "ok by Clayton Ulrich". b. Invoice #228 to Cedar Falls #6. Lists titles and number purchased. Marked "pd. with warrent (sic) #228."
378 Chabazite None
379 2002.7.0002 Book "Frank and Joey" by Rena Ray. Small pink hardcover book with patterns stamped on the front and back. Pages are in good condition. Writing on first cover page: "W. J. Green Chest Springs, Pa July 18, 1863" in black ink. More writing, in pencil, on the 2nd cover page: W. J. Greene Chest - Springs Cambria-Co Pa." Black & white drawings throughout. Color: PK
380 Swallow, barn Nest.
381 1974.23.0105 Sherd, pottery Black design of criss-cross on white background. Both sides smooth. Slightly curved. Color: RD-BR,BK
382 2006.14.0217 Mouse, White-footed Skull: 2006.14.217A Mandible: 2006.14.217B Both in good condition Color: WH
383 UNIM1986.14.1976.1.0003 Nightgown Unfitted sheath with yoke in filet crochet. Yoke is 8" with pattern of roses on stems. V-neck at back. Yoke extends to form short cap sleeves. Front opens 6 1/2" below yoke; no fasteners. Slight flare to skirt portion, 35" long from yoke to hem & gathered to fit yoke. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
384 1977.53.0182 Coin Franco, five pesetas.
385 1979.21.0004 Postcard ISNS, Old Gilchrist Hall (Administration Building); postmark, no date. Color: ML
386 1981.8.0349 Currency Five pesos. Front: Gypsy woman; Back: Monument Color: BK,WH,GR,RD
387 1988.35.0050 Print, photographic Football, ISTC. Color: BK,WH
388 Teal, blue wing One male wing.
389 1968.9.50.14630.0006 Owl, barred Pellet (bone remains).
390 1970.74.0116M Diabase Fine, platy aggregate.
391 1965.0045 Schedule Class schedule card ---term 193_. ISTC? Color: PK
392 1990.44.0047 Postcard Everett Alderman on the 14th of November, 1908. He was 6 years old and is shown pulling a sled in a yard with very little snow in it. Color: BK,WH
393 1995.21.0237 Transparency, slide Reconstructed palace. Two sides of solid brick walls with battlements on top. Bare field in front. Color: ML
394 UNIM1986.14.1980.13.0006 Petticoat Half slip; bottom 15 inches of a full slip. 88" around; 44" wide at bottom above ruffle hem. 1 1/4" eyelet insertation, two rows spaced 4" apart. 5" wide ruffle at bottom; has 2 1/2" eyelet work with small scalloped edge at hem. Cut off from slip at bottom 15" high. Perhaps saved for trim. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
395 1972.2.3.0001 Stereograph Broadway. , from Union Square to Madison Square, New York, U. S. A. Shows four and five-storey buildings and horse-drawn vehicles, including a trolley. Color: BK,WH 1972.2.3.0001 (Stereograph) image
396 2002.7.0260 Print, photographic Photo of Fred W. Cover, portrait style. Mr. Cover is wearing a suit and tie and is not smiling. The picture is on an oval shaped mat inside a card. The card has embossed flowers on the front. 2002.7.0260 (Print, photographic) image
397 UNIM1988.11.0558 Necklace 15" long necklace with silver and clear stones. Rhinestones 1/8" diameter mounted in silver chain. Nice design in the middle front. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: SL, CL
398 1989.22.0040 Engraving Studer Pl. CIX, print of Red-billed pigeon or dove, White-winged dove, Band tailed pigeon, Whitetailed grouse, Rock grouse, Florida quail, Arizona quail, Scaled partridge, Carolina parrakeet, Gilded woodpecker, Audubon's oriole, Great-tailed grackle, Clark's crow, Common crow, Fish crow, Florida crow, Sprague's pipit, and Southwestern lark. Color: ML
399 1990.53.0173 Tourmaline group None
400 1995.21.0489 Transparency, slide Aboriginal dancers, Wu Lei, 30 miles south of Taipei. Two barefoot girls in red and black costumes, standing beside stream. Color: ML