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301 Fern None
302 1978.51.6.0119 Currency Fractional-postage currency, by the Act of March 3, five cents. Features Spencer M. Clark, the first Superintendent of the National Currency Bureau at the center
303 Scaup, lesser One female wing.
304 1970.9.0040 Pot Open. Polychrome wear black, brown, white. Interior brown. Has round base 3 1/4" diameter by 1 1 /4" high; hollow. Brown triangles at oval base. Bowl has 4 brown crosshatch design rectangles. Five brown bands around top. Color: BK,WH,BR
305 UNIM1986.14.1982.3.0024 Book "United States Tailor System" by Prof. W. J. Marshall and Prof. E. E. Dobbs, 13th issue". With pictures of authors and description of content. Inside cover, price list of "System" and materials required. On last 2 pages - list of U. S. Schools and References & Canadian Schools and References. b. Rule and square. 1/4" thick x 23' long x 5 1/2" at widest point near top. Color: BK,WH
306 1993.0023 Dove, mourning Color: GY
307 1984.10.0009 Book "The Lives of a Cell'', Lewis Thomas. Copyright 1974. 180 pp. No illus. Compares the earth to a single cell with its massive size, complexity and many working parts lacking visible connections. Address organisms from whales to single cell organisms. Color: WH,BK,RD,BL
308 1987.3.0069 Ivory Fossil ivory.
309 1970.47.1.0425 unk None
310 1989.43.0348 Biface Color: GY
311 1988.004 Telephone None
312 1973.43.65.0002 Trim Braid. Floral design. Color: BK
313 Franklinite Mixture of about 1/4" granules of franklinite, zincite and willemite. Color: BK
314 Leaf None
315 UNIM1993.16.0019 Bloomers Woven cotton bloomers with elastic at waist and legs. Ready-made with extra material at the crotch (gusset). Color: BL
316 Halite None
317 1988.35.0001 Sewing Machine Model 29K58; used to repair shoes. b. Container with instruction booklet and thread.
318 1968.10.493.0009 Chip, stone None
319 1997.10.0003 Painting Painted on brown bark. Represents a village fiesta with several people in foreground, several playing a musical instrument. One person, a deer and two birds in middle ground, a church and several small houses in rear. Flowers and leaves throughout. Double border. Inner one is of yellow motifs, with two thin black lines on each side. Outer border is of blue triangles, with three narrow black lines on outside. Color: BR,BL,YL
320 1978.13.0004 Cup Hardee's; white plastic with red, white and blue top border and drawing and historical description of a minuteman.
321 1970.74.0086M unk None
322 1974.23.0007 Sash Woven sash with pink edges; center line with diagonal pink and green stripe running length of sash. Natural background with woven maroon designs human figures, diamonds, M shape and Greek key-like design. 12" fringe on each end of pink, maroon and natural and green color. Color: PR,PK,GR,TN
323 Wood None
324 Silver None
325 2010.8.0007 Clipping, Newspaper "Dedicated in Teachers' Honor: Penn Multi-purpose Room Ready for it's Purpose". By Riva Sharples Oct 1995. Green box with three trees, "North Liberty" arcing over the tree tops. Donor and her sister are mentioned in the article. Color: WH, BK, GR
326 UNIM1986.14.1985.5.040 Blouse Woven cotton with embroidery collar at boat neck, including lace on top and bottom. 1/2'' wide lace around neckline, 4 1/2'' embroidery collar with lower edge grimmed with 1'' blue and white machine lace. Colors of embroidery are pink, lavendar, gold, blue and green on white background.. Color: ML
327 00.26.0137 Hawk, sparrow None
328 Bobwhite None
329 UNIM1994.14.0094 Shirt Male or Female child's casual shirt, Size medium 5-6, unfitted style, pullover, jewel neckline, sleeveless, ribbing around neckline and armcyes, 3/4" factory hem on bottom, knit fabric construction Color: WH
330 Sampler, liquor Made in 1813
331 1989.22.0002 Engraving Studer Pl. V, print of Great horned owl, Rose-breasted grosbeak (male, female), American redstart, Black-throated blue warbler, Black and white creeper, and yellow-throated warbler. Color: ML
332 1970.74.0433M Agate None
333 1989.43.567.0016 Stereograph "Visions of Sauerkraut", Germany. Shows large head-high stack of cabbages, with men, women and children behind it, and other stacks of vegetables in rear. Large stone gothic structure is in background. Color: BK,WH 1989.43.567.0016 (Stereograph) image
334 1994.32.51.0029 Map Weather map, Des Moines, Iowa. Clipped from a newspaper. Date not given. Color: BK,WH
335 520.0003 Bone Two vertebrae, small. Color: BR-GY
336 1972.0026 Chip, wood From UNI Founder's Elm. Mounted on a piece of parchment-like paper with a descriptive text. Color: EXCE
337 2002.19.0004 Booklet Quarterly pamphlet put out by ISTC. Title of this issue "The Fifteen Bell Chime - The Historic Fasoldt Clock - The Memorial Campanile." Color: BK,WH 2002.19.0004 (Booklet) image
338 UNIM1986. Lace fragment Duchess lace sample with large mesh down center covered in a floral pattern. Solid pattern around edges with fine mesh inside pattern. Both edges are uneven and follow edge of pattern. Color: WH
339 1974.37.0058 Fossil Small mammalian teeth and unidentified plant fossils (?).
340 2006.14.0095 Mouse, House Skull: 2006.14.95A- Very good condition Mandible: 2006.14.95B- Very good condition Color: WH
341 UNIM2004.29.0003 Apron One size fits all over-the-head style apron. Back has straps on each side to waist, bib at front. Tie belt on each side at waist, one patch pocket, v-shaped scalloped bottom, pink floral sprays throughout, green bias tape around all edges and around 1 front right side slanted patch pocket. Color: GR, CR, PK
342 Nodule, iron None
343 Bugle World War I issue. a. Bugle; black and green. b. Leather strap. c. Mouthpiece.
344 1995.21.0063 Transparency, slide Animal sculpture, s. side. Intricate bas relief in 3 horizontal sections, on stone wall. Top section shows people close together paddling canoe-like boats. Center section shows fish and a turtle. Bottom depicts plants and a variety of animals. Color: ML
345 1993.24.0237 Booklet Compilation of newspapers titled "Current Events" covering the period Sept. 12-16, 1938 to May 15-19, 1939. Each four-page issue gives news photos and illustrations. Also includes a section "The Scoreboard", described as "A Self-Driected Study Program for Use at Home or School." Side is bound with two paper fasteners and a paper cover with a crayon illustraion of a radio microphone emanating air waves and the handwitten name "Philip Barck." Inside back cover has color illustrations of flags and a repeat of the name, "Philip Barck." Color: TN
346 2002.7.0097 Card, report For F. W. Cover for the second half of the summer of 1917. Color: BK,WH,BL
347 1975.16.28.0013 Postcard Color photo of a goden bowl, Tan dynasty (A.D. 618-907). Color: ML
348 1970.74.0966M Pyrite None
349 2006.15.0119 Quartz var. Geode Medium in size quartz geode rough, unopened rock, presumably with massive quartz crystals inside, dull luster (vitreous within) 7 on hardness scale, (quartz) crystals unknown colors Color: Gray
350 2006.17.0153 point, projectile large side notched point; left hand beveling; distal end broad; cross section biconvex; edges convex; base slightly convex; munsell 5yr 8/1 white with darker gray mixed in; thebes cluster point early archaic 10000-8000ybp Color: gy
351 Franklinite Franklinte and zincite granules with willemite. Color: BK
352 UNIM1986.14.1979.6.0015 Shoe Low cut throat. Smooth over front of foot except for loop of fabric with rhinestones. Vamp cemented to sole. Satin covered heel, leather lift. Silver trim around throat. Sketch on catalog sheet. a&b. Color: WH
353 UNIM1988.11.0474 Handkerchief White center circle is 5 1/2" dia. with magenta and rose flowers around outside edge of circle. A navy circle 12" dia. circles the center. Magenta and rose flowers are on all corners. Scalloped edge is shaped around the corner flowers and navy circle. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH, PK, BL
354 1968.9.9.0005 Plate Plate, pitcher and 4 cups all in same pattern of mostly gold and also white, turquoise and rose. Inside of cups and pitcher, and bottom of plate are white. a. Plate, 10" diameter x 1 1/4" high. bottom blue with 1 3/4" x 2 3/4" label reading "Store" and "Hamidi". b. Pitcher, approx. 9 1/2" tall, 4 1/2" of this being a bulb-like part about 4" wide at the widest point and a 2 1/2" diameter at the bae. Top 5" is a curved spout about 1" in diameter. bottom is blue. c. - f. Cup, 2" tall. Diameter is 1 7/8" at the mouth and 1 1/4" at the base. Bottom is blue.
355 1986.4.0004 Print, photographic Donor at 20 years old. Color: BK,WH 1986.4.0004 (Print, photographic) image
356 1970.74.0531M Sphalerite None
357 1993.24.53.0025 Warrant, school Oct. 5, 1956. To the Treasurer of the Eddy #6 Cedar Falls Black Hawk County Iowa School. Pay to the order of Benson Telephone Co. $11.82 from the General School House Fund for telephone exchange Oct. 1 - Jan. 1, 1957. No. 24. Signed by Clayton Ulrich, President and Harry Barck, Secretary. State Supt. of Public Instruction Form 57.
358 Gypsum Translucent, brown-orange; massive.
359 1999.5.30.0161 Transparency, slide Rug mender.
360 1970.74.1326M Quartz, var. opal Common opal. Color: TN
361 1995.21.0318 Transparency, slide Sendogoya Olympic Stadium. Seats 70,000. Exterior view; no activity. Color: ML
362 2003.17.0001 Scrapbook Scrapbook page. Includes a four-leaf clover, handbills, and party invitations pasted on to the page. On the back is a letter/ invitation dated October 8, 1941. Color: YL,WH,BL,RD
363 UNIM1986.14.1981.10.0005 Dress Cotton work dress; plaid print in pink, blue, green and wine colors. Knotched collar. Center front 4 button closure with hand worked button holes. Shoulder darts front and back. Bodice gathers to band at waist. Skirt gathers to band at waist. Three panel skirt (2 front, 1 back). Back hip darts. 2 patch pockets each side front 6 1/4" wide x 7" high. Set in short sleeves with 2" cuff. 3" hand - stitched hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: PK, GN, BL
364 UNIM1988.11.0730 Lace Fragment White lace edging. 1" x 22". Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
365 2016-24-19T Drawing Drawing of a protractor on lined paper in crayon. Outline of pencil sharpener on back. Found in pencil case 2016-24-19A; stored separately. 2016-24-19T (Drawing) image
366 1986.4.0258 Contract For Aletha Jacobs to teach, District #6, Black Hawk County, 19 August. Color: WH,BK,BL
367 1990.53.0252 Tourmaline group None
368 1970.78.10.0013 Headdress This particular headdress was made using the body feathers of a trumpeter bird. The trumpeter bird body feathers form a three quarter fan around the band of the headdress that is crafted from vines and wrapped in a woven cotton pattern with pink, white, and blue-gray patterns. The featherless section of the band shows all of the cotton strings wound around the end and fastened together. Some of the black trumpeter bird body feathers have colourful macaw tail and body feathers attached to the tip of them using the native mixture of "bui". There are also a few harpy eagle body feathers woven into the feathers throughout the three quarter fan. Crafting headdresses is a male craft among the Cashinahuans. Though women do know about the art, when interviewed around men they pretend to be ignorant. This headdress is classified among the Cashinahuans as "dani maiti" which titles it as a "body hair" or "body feather" headdress ("maiti" means "headdress" and "dani" means "body"). The name of the headdress is further changed to detail what kind of feather or hair was used in the making. The dani maiti are made by tying the base of the body feathers to a strip of vine that has been cut and prepared with "bui"- a native mixture of wild rubber, chicle, and beeswax. There may be up to four flattened strips of vine, but only one of them will have the bui on it. Feathers are tied to the strip of vine in bunches of up to six feathers tied about 1cm apart from each other. Doing this enables the headdress to have volume because the feathers are often overlapping. When all the feathers that will be added to the strip are tied on it, the headdress is tied together with cotton and waxed string forming a circle that will fit upon the man's head. In this case, as is occasionally seen, the vine has been covered in a patterned design created by wrapping cotton string around it. Dani maiti are crafted by men, often for their sons, for ceremonial events. Such events include "kacha nawa" (fertility ceremonies), "nishpu pi" (initiation rites), and "chidin" (the headman's ceremony). 1970.78.10.0013 (Headdress) image
369 1995.21.0573 Negative, film Six sets. a. Four negatives. #2 & #3 waterways; #4 tree and waterways; #5 hillside & trees. b. Five negatives. #6 rolling hills; #7 - #9 sitting in grass; #10 blurred image. c. #11 meadow and edge of a pine forest. d. Five negatives. #12 leaves; #13 edge of a wood and a deciduous forest; #14 farm structure; #15 rolling hills with sparsely dispersed trees; #16 rolling hills and woods and river. e. #17 river and valley. f. Four negatives. #18 wooded area from high above. #19 over exposed hared to distinguish, but wooded area; #20 & #21 child beside shrubs. Color: BK,WH
370 1976.73.0004 Booklet "Bulletin of the State Normal School". Vol. 1 October, Number 2. Issued quarterly, published by ISNS. Tan cover with black letters. Color: TN,BK 1976.73.0004 (Booklet) image
371 1970.17.31.0001 Box "15" Rheumatic Pains. Box from vial of Humphrey's Homeopathic Medicines.
372 1973.19.0002 Print, photographic Dorm room, ISTC. Color: BK,WH
373 1993.38.0069 Point, projectile Corner-notched.
374 1999.5.30.0415 Transparency, slide River boats, Menam Chao Phya River.
375 1976.102.0020 Pencil, mechanical "No. 77". Color: GR
376 Pintail, common One female wing.
377 2008.15.0199 Script Tan paper with poem handwritten in brown ink. The poem is called "The Star". Next to the title is the name Loris Marnir. The poem is divided into sections each marked with Roman numerals. There are 5 sections. There are horizontal and vertical creases. Color: TN 2008.15.0199 (Script) image
378 Copper Crystallized.
379 1981.8.0300 Coin One lira.
380 1986.4.0514 Roster List of pupils; 5 pages handwritten. Color: BK,WH
381 1970.41.3.0109 Point, projectile None
382 1989.43.0190 Point, projectile Straight stem point.
383 1994.12.0016 fire pit rocks One larger rock, 2 smaller. Lg. rock pink, 1 small pink, 1 small tan, 1 small black. Angular pieces. Color: PK, TN, BK
384 1990.58.0058 Handkerchief Handmade.
385 1971.11.0045 Handbill "The Buffalo Restaurant". Color: BK,WH
386 1995.36.0017 Ferrocolumbite Massive; striated faces, partial terminations. Color: BK
387 1973.43.0038 Stole Stand-up collar with 8 tails, 4 at neck and 4 at bottom. Large black knit covered button. Piece lined with brown sateen. Color: BR-BK
388 Fossil None
389 2004.8.10.0005 Book "Masters in Art - Benozzo Gozzoli" Part 66 Vol. 6, 44 pgs. b/w photographs of artist's work & biography. Green writing in upper left corner "750.92/". Staples in binding rusting. White sticker on cover with owners information on it. Missing back cover. Color: BR
390 UNIM1991.11.0012 a-b Dress Floor length light blue dress with ribbon belt. Fitted bodice of taffeta with drop waist with rhinestone brads, princess style front and back with left side 14" zipper with hook and eye at top. Net over taffeta floor length skirt. Top of gown is strapless, neckline is slightly lower in front between princess seam. Princess seams have been re-stitched by hand by dressmaker. 1 1/4" hem on taffeta skirt. 48" x 5 1/2" ribbon belt. Taffeta ruffle around top of skirt where bodice is joined. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL
391 1970. Lead None
392 1989.43.0508 Token Souvenir nickel from windcave, SD. Has a buffalo on the front. Bronze colored and heavy.
393 1968.10.0457 Porcupine Quill.
394 Calcite Gummed label 1585; book says 11 specimens but 10 of the 11 were deaccessioned.
395 1991.48.0006 Coin Nickel. On the front is the Statue of Liberty.
396 1972.15.0008 Shale None
397 1996.18.0001 Dress Navy blue velvet dress with gold embroidered designs on the end of the sleeves, bottom of the dress and around the neck line. Color: BL,GD,PR
398 1977.53.0238 Coin Twenty-five centimos.
399 Unk None
400 2010.17.0139 Whip Wooden camel whip with brass handle and tip that are socketed to the wood and welded, handle has a moon and star marking, pale wood with orange hint, some type of clear coat painted over wood gives it a shiny and smooth texture, 3 notches/joints, much lighter and slender that 2010.17.138 Color: BR