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701 1979.10.0006 Boatstone Curved shape, hollowed center. Color: TN
702 1990.53.0112 Glauberite Crystal cluster. Color: WH,GY
703 Microcline var. Amazonite (Feldspar group) Amazon stone, feldspar.
704 Goldeneye, American Wing.
705 1975.34.0008 Shoe Heel measures 2 1/2" when measured at the back of the heel. a. Right shoe. b. Left shoe. Color: WH
706 2008.14.0006 Document, Schoolwork Front cover is brown paper with "Penmanship" and Earnest Houseman written inside of a box border created by spiraling a black pen and a red pen. Holes where the binding would have been placed. Contains drawings and various patterns made with spirals in different colors with a pen on loose leaf paper. The back cover has a black and red star in a circle made of spirals. Color: BN, RD, BK
707 1981.0026 Waxwing, cedar None
708 1972.61.0002 Chain, key In the shape of a mask. Carved onyx with hole in forehead for chain. (no chain). Color: TN
709 1995.21.0435 Transparency, slide Eduardo VII Park. Formal pattern of clipped hedges on grassy base with flower borders stretches into distance toward columnar mounted statue. Color: ML
710 Marcasite Cubic crystals covered with drusy quartz, therefore possibly pyrite
711 UNIM1988.11.0754b Pattern Paper pattern for the sole of the slipper. Sketch on catalog sheet.
712 2005.2.0025 Pouch Small leather pouch that expands with a design similar to an accordon bellows. Leather string can expand or restrict the size of the pouch. White leather detail trims the pouch's sides and bottom Color: BR,WH
713 1970.17.0004 Skimmer, cream Holes in diamond shape. Larger hole at top for hanging.
714 1979.48.0007 Magazine "Bulletin of the ISTC'' General Information; Vol. L No. 4, October, 1949; white paper cover; twenty-four (24) pages of black and white photographs and printed information. Color: BK,WH 1979.48.0007 (Magazine) image
715 Concretion, Hematite In clay matrix.
716 1970.74.0846M Quartz, geode Geode and fragment of one.
717 1988.48.0016 Book "Sharps and Flats: For Singing Schools and Conventions," by Ransom H. Randall. Color: BK,WH
718 1993.28.0039 Print, photographic Alpha Chi Epsilon (A.X.E.) fraternity's swimming team holding a trophy. Persons from left to right are 1. Craig Ellyson, Class of 1930. 2. Francis Hearst, class of 1930. 3. Wilbur Maxson, 4. Gene Mueller, a junior in 1926. 5. Leo Ford, class of 1931. 6. Kenneth Greenly, class of 1928. name of fraternity and names of swimmers hand printed in ink. ISTC. Color: BK,WH
719 Barite White, lamellar.
720 1990.53.0378 Quartz With calcite.
721 1972.83.0006 Slide Coal ball.
722 1995.27.0001 Slip Pleated near chest line; 2 shoulder straps. Lacy material. 1/2" hem. Color: WH
723 1999.5.30.0108 Transparency, slide Jama Mosque. Dot in center in chador.
724 2004.17.205.0009 Newsletter "The Alumnus, University of Northern Iowa, February. 1975. Vol. 60, No. 1." 23 pp. Written in blue ink "Jane Mauck." Front cover has drawing of video camersa and spotlights. Back has advertisement for vacation in London. Color: BK,GY,WH,RD 2004.17.205.0009 (Newsletter) image
725 1975.4.0252 Postcard "Many Happy Returns." Postcard sent to Miss Jacobs, Washburn, Iowa by Beatrice, September 24, 1914. Color: ML
726 2008.2.0006 Blowgun The wooden tube has a 1/4" tube wide hole that goes, from end to end, for the dart. On one of the ends is a blade, that is attached with woven wood, which is 5 1/2" long. A thin piece of wood, which looks like the end of a dart. Sticks out near the blade, it's 5 1/2" longs Color: BR, BK
727 UNIM1989.5.0042 Scale Food scale with table of food portion costs on front dial. Goes to 16 oz and has a knob that turns for calibration. Stainless steel platform. A. scale b. platform. Color: WH, BK, SL
728 1978.51.1.0067 Coin Queen Victoria, East India Co., one rupee.
729 1970.74.1199M Woodcast Color: PK
730 1970.41.3.0084 Point, projectile None
731 1980.30.0004 Currency 50,000 marks. Upper left corner drawing of a man, decorative frame design around note Color: WH GR BK
732 1984.6.0222 Print, photographic Photograph shows four men working in a plant in France. 1984.6.0222 (Print, photographic) image
733 Stigmaria None
734 1991.11.0136 Bootie Pink bootie with a rabbit in a vest and flowers on the top. Tied With a pink ribbon. Pink, Yellow, Red, Green.
735 1989.35.0003 Desk, school Double.
736 1976.35.0001 Sticker, bumper "Happy Birthday, U. S. " Bicentennial. Color: RD,WH,BL
737 1999.5.30.0362 Transparency, slide Ceiling, Hafiq tomb.
738 1978.51.2.0075 Coin None
739 UNIM1986.14.1983.9.0009 Sash Shirt tail hem on long sides. The ends are on selvage edge and not hemmed. Machine hemmed. Color: BK
740 00.26.0232 Duck, ruddy Pair; one male and one female.
741 UNIM1991.11.0046 Slip Crocheted upper, sleeveless slip. Large flower on each side front and back crocheted top part. V-neck. Horizontal darts at waist. Color: WH
742 1980.45.0127 Handbill Gubernatorial race; white single page paper, entitled "WORKSHEET", Dan Walker campaign; describes candidate's position on issues as compared to opponent; bottom printed, "DAN WALKER worked for you", VOTE, Tuesday, March 16".
743 1970.74.1572M Quartz, geode None
744 1989.43.0232 Point, projectile Contracting stem point.
745 00.26.0236 Oldsquaw None
746 UNIM1991.12.0001 Shawl Hand dyed and handwoven. Four 7" wide vertical stripes in shades of lavender to burgundy. 2 rows bouquet near ends and 6" fringe with rows of knotting. Color: PR,LV
747 1980.45.0128 Handbill Gubernatorial race; white single page paper, entitled "The Truth About Walker's Stand on Education". Governor Walker campaign; describes Governor Walker's support of state aid to education; bottom printed, "And That's The Truth!", "Rock Island Citizens Committee for Governor Dan Walker".
748 1970.74.1574M Quartz Quartz crystals and ironstone.
749 Sampler, liquor Made in 1813
750 1989.43.0233 Point, projectile Contracting stem point.
751 Geode Geode in square rock.
752 1996.29.0036 Print, photographic Image of women students standing in chemistry lab at UNI. Sqaure, flat finished wood frame. Black & white photo with mat. Color: BR
753 1977.17.0002 Booklet For medallion. Bicentennial. Color: WH,BK,BL
754 2010.20.0011 Textbook "Child-Story Readers. Fourth Reader" by Frank N. Freeman & Eleanor M. Johnson. 479 pgs. A few illustrations scattered throughout. Cover image bridge on left, airplane with man on ground in center, ship in ocean on right. Art Deco style decorative elements in background and under title. Inside front and back covers have red drawings of wagon train in the forest with a city in the background on beige paper. Color: GR, BK, OR
755 1970.9.0044 Pot Open brown vessel; black arrow designs on inside bottom of bowl, half circle and bar design in brown around inside rim. Exterior plain. Color: BR,BK
756 1968.9.35.16629 Bind-stone, molten Molten bind-stones.
757 1989.43.560.0022 Negative, dry-plate Image - Indoors. Group portrait. 4 standing, 2 sitting. Piano to left of subjects. Decorative wall paper and double doorway behind subjects. Everyone is well dresses, 4 females, 2 males, seated male has legs crossed. (see 89.43.560.24) Color: BK,WH 1989.43.560.0022 (Negative, dry-plate) image
758 00.70.0036 Arrow Arrow, fishing. South Sea Islands.
759 1981.13.3.0003 Antler Antlers.
760 1986.4.0151 Negative, film Summer. Image of two horses harnessed to a wagon. There are two men sitting in the carriage, three people off to the side, and a dog standing next to the horses. 1986.4.0151 (Negative, film) image
761 1992.4.0007 Card, greeting Souvenir picture card, "Greetings and Best Wishes from your Teacher". Picture of Clarence Rhum, Teacher, 1907-1908.
762 2006.14.0003 Mouse, White-footed Skin: 2006.14.3A Skull: 2006.14.3B Mandible: 2006.14.3C All three in good condition Color: BR
763 Bullet Arrowhead shape. Civil War bullet picked up from the Bull Run battlefield on Sept. 19, 1883. Major W.C. Bryant. Teeth markings.
764 1968.14.0071 Mouse None
765 1989.43.0528 Print, photographic Child in a large dark dress and hair parted in the center; standing. Color: BK,WH
766 1994. Print, photographic Shows one room school, wooden with bell in belfry and screen door blown open. Tree branches are bare. Pickup truck parked at side of building. Same as 1994., negative 1994. Color: BK,WH
767 1977.53.0129 Coin Queen Elizabeth II, one penny.
768 2001.19.0012 Textbook "Aldine Readers, Book Six," by Spaulding and Bryce." Same information on spine. Cover has a picture of a windmill. 320 pp. Color: BR,GR
769 2011-17-1 Walking Stick A walking stick with a leather covering and a metal tip. Two circles of brown fur and one of red cover the shaft. A leather wristlet is attached to the top.
770 1968.9.49.13715.0094 Tortoise, wood Plate.
771 1970.49.0002 Lens, microscope Fifteen mm.; orange, with black casing.
772 UNIM1994.14.0212 Pattern Sewing patterns for teen doll wardrobes. A. Simplicity - 1. 9138 (1970), 2. 9138 (1970), 3. 9698 (1971), 4. 9698 (1971), 5. 5276 (1972), 6. 6061 (1973), 7. 8519 (1969), 8. 5276 (1972) B. Marian Martin - 1. 9440 (n.d.) C. Anne Adams - 1. 4819 (n.d.), 2. 4808 (n.d.) D. Alice Brooks - 1. 7362 (n.d.), 2. 2899 (n.d.) E. Mattel - 1. 9938 (n.d.)
773 1981.8.0192 Coin Five cents.
774 1986.4.0405 Key, answer For geography exam. Handwritten in pencil on lined paper. 2 pp. Color: BK,WH
775 2017-21-35 Book McFadden Language Series Book One: Language and Composition. Written by Effie McFadden.  2017-21-35 (Book) image
776 Wood None
777 1995.21.0023 Transparency, slide Shive Dagon pagoda. Large square gilt building with circular dome and spire. Several small, possibly related structures in foreground. Color: ML
778 2002.7.0044 Announcement, Graduation White paper with gold trim "Commencement" embossed on the front cover. "06" on a gold and white embossed seal. b. Plain white envelope. Color: WH,GD
779 Tassel, lamp (?) Tassel; no number on item. Color: TN,GD
780 1993.24.0197 Invoice From J. S. Latta & Son to Eddy School Dist. No. 6 for school supplies, #21231, $1.25. Marked "Pd. with warrent (sic) #19" and "O.K. M. D."
781 1974.37.0012 Fossil Miscellaneous. A "hatful" of reptile, fish, and mammal bones, and small pieces of petrified wood; fragmentary but very well preserved, mostly without matrix.
782 1998.5.0024 Magazine "The Instructor," written in green letters with a blue backgrtound. "December 1967, 85 cents" written in upper left corner of front cover. "Activities with a linguistics approach - Holidays, Art, Songs, Stories, Plays" written in green at bottom of front cover. Winter fair scene is in the middle of the front cover and was painted by Helena Adamoff. 132 pp. Back cover is green and red with advertisements for Christmas gifts. Color: BL,WH,GR
783 2006.14.0258 Mouse, House Mandible: Beginning to split apart. Dark brown patches on both sides Color: WH, BR
784 UNIM1988.11.0313 Bonnet Very thick warm bonnet, looks to be crocheted but at a closer look it seems to be woven. Inside bonnet has pattern running diagonally, outside has vertical and horizontal pattern to weave. 1 1/2" wide shell stitch crocheted edging all around. Satin ribbon ties are 12 1/2" long x 5/8" wide. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
785 1977.69.31.0001 Textile Fine weave. Tan-brown with dark brown. Color: TN,BR
786 1970.74.0302M Calcite Geode; Two halves fit together.
787 00.17.0001N Nest Hornet nest in a wire frame. On wooden stand.
788 UNIM1986.14.1978.1.0014 Case, scissors Sheath with rounded top tapering almost to a point. Machine stitched around edge. Hand painted floral designs and fabric roses near opening of sheath. Hole in top of back strip has 12' cord. Sketch on catalog sheet.
789 1990.47.0013 Print, photographic End of WAVES "Boot" classes in 1943 at ISTC. WAVEs are marching around the track in a formation of five groups. They are wearing light tops and dark skirts. The flag pole is at the rear of the formation. Serrated edges; small hole in the top center. Color: BK,WH Print, photographic image
790 1995.21.0276 Transparency, slide Sorrento cliff. Excursion boat and buildings at water level. Elaborate buildings at top of cliff. Color: ML
791 Mallard One male wing.
792 1987.3.0042 Topaz Two blue, two yellow. Color: BL,YL
793 2006.9.0064 Tooth, animal very smooth cylindrical tooth that makes a rainbow arc. The root of the tooth is flattened, while the tooth's tip narrows to a dull point. The tip is also more brown than the rest of the tooth. Is most likely an unerupted tooth of a toothed whale. Color: CR Tooth, animal image
794 1979.10.9.0076 Bead Quasi-rectangular, pierced. Color: WH
795 1981.8.0282 Coin Twenty rappen.
796 Shale, kerosene Wollongongite.
797 1970.74.0607M Siderite Includes carbonates, sulfides,
798 Malachite None
799 Wood Petrified wood
800 1988.33.0082 Magazine ''THE INSTRUCTOR''. September 1945, Volume LIV, Number 9. Color: BK,WH