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701 Clock Clock; Columbus.
702 2010.8.0022 Transparency, slide Christmas program at the rural school with Santa surrounded by children who are in dress clothes. Color: WH, Multi 2010.8.0022 (Transparency, slide) image
703 UNIM1994.14.0107 Pants Male child's jeans, olive color, 19" w x 10" inseam, straight leg, ankle length, front slanted inseam pockets, 2 patch pockets on back, 1 1/4" waistband with snap CF, 5 belt loops, 6" CF zipper, brad at top of pocket on side seam Color: GR
704 1968.9.35.16923 Sherd, pottery None
705 UNIM1986.14.1986.1.0002 Slip Child's 80% dacron, 20% cotton blend, woven fabric. Princess style, with lace around top and hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
706 1978.51.3.0033 Coin One-quarter yang.
707 1993.1.3.0003 Lens Microscope lens, 6X. Long; goes on top of microscope ( UNI.
708 Tube, sounding As used aboard a German World War I submarine; black rubber mouth-piece; white canvas covered ribbed rubber tubing; black painted metal fittings on end, for attachment to main air pipe; detachable threaded metal flange on end.
709 1998.17.0001 Hat Headpiece. Wire is shaped to create two flowers, each with five petals. Three wires connect the two flowers. These three wires begin at the center of the flower and gently arch to the conter of the other flower. The wires are covered with velvet. The combinarion of the velvet and wire resemble pipe cleaners.
710 00.26.0067 Sparrow, field None
711 1973.46.7.0001D Box, Garnishing Set Cardboard box, labeled "The ACME GARNISHING SET, tastefuly served food tastes better", dated "1932, A. M. GM. Co." Directions and pictures are on the back.
712 1989.43.567.0031 Stereograph "Awaiting the Hunter's return". Shows two females posed outside and in doorway of tepee in forest. Labeled "Sportsman's Exposition, Boston, 1898." Color: BK,WH 1989.43.567.0031 (Stereograph) image
713 1994.32.76.0012 Script For the radio program, "Ask the Scientist", aired Nov. 6, 1961 over WOI. Gives questions and answers by E. J. Cable, R. W. Getchel, J. O. Perrine, C. W. Lantz, Dept. of Science. Reproduced by mimeograph. 7 pp. ISTC. Color: BK,WH
714 2017-21-11 Book Biology and Human Welfare written by James Edward Peabody and Arthur Ellsworth Hunt. 2017-21-11 (Book) image
715 UNIM1986. Lace fragment Point alecon type lace sample. Net background with floral pattern sewn on. Scalloped edge, diamond and star net. Color: WH
716 1970. Lead None
717 1970.74.1632M Arsenopyrite Granular mass, brass colored.
718 1977.47.0112 Runner, table Woven heavy black cotton. Multi-colored designs woven on black woven background;, red, white, gold and black bands at each side of center, diamond shaped gold, orange, blue, green, and black design at center. Color: RD, GD,WH,BK,OR
719 00.26.0218 Heron, great blue None
720 1968.9.51.16346.0002 Cow? Hair ball.
721 1973.0006 Ticket White with black lettering, with number 3. It was good for C 280 on the main floor of the auditorium. ISTC. Color: WH,BK
722 2006.14.0110 Vole, Meadow Skull: 2006.14.110A- Good condition Mandible: 2006.14.110B- Good condition Color: WH
723 UNIM1988.11.0200 Hat, Political Sailor style hat made of woven plastic straw. Cream colored. 3" high, flat across the top, 1" red and white striped plastic ribbon around base of crown. 2" wide horizontal brim. Bound with white plastic. Weaving pattern in straw is twill weave. Plastic ribbon adds decorative detail. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH UNIM1988.11.0200 (Hat, Political) image
724 1973.51.0001 Scarf Woman's. Hem-stitched border with geometric designs in light brown and purple. Color: WH,TN,PR
725 1978.61.2.0045 Gypsum Var. selenite, single crystal.
726 1984.6.0085 Booklet "Teacher's Manual To Be Used in Connection with Syllabus of Beginners' course in English Studies". "Army Educational Commission" 1919. For the education of men in the army. 16 pp. Color: Black and tan
727 1988.21.26.0004 Figurine, animal Small clay duck figurine with hole in back. Unglazed piece.
728 Cinnabar Red, earthy coating. Color: RD
729 UNIM2004.29.0018 Apron Yellow fabric with brown border at bottom of half-apron. Brown tulip and heart designs, with green leaves decorate the bottom border. Apron has gathered skirt, waistbanbd, back ties, patch pocket on right front side. Color: YL, BR, GR
730 1995.21.0078 Transparency, slide Gannet colony, Cliff, Bonaventure Island, Gaspe. Large group of adult white birds on rock. Several gray birds of similar size and shape. Color: ML
731 1993.24.132.0002 Invoice Receipt from Independent School District of Cedar Falls to Cedar Falls 36 for $295.33.
732 1970.74.0221M Wood None
733 1970.9.0079 Arrow Long arrow with orrange feathers attached to shaft near point with twine. Barbed metal point attached with same type twine. Tip at opposite end of point flattened. Color: TN,OR
734 2006.15.0134 Calcite Medium in size piece (section) of calcite crystal formation, colorless with bands of limestone formed ontop of calcite and a layer of limestone (peach) on underside, dull to vitreous luster, 3 on hardness scale, calcium carbonate Color: Colorless
735 Heron, Great blue None
736 Wood None
737 UNIM1986.14.1979.7.0010 Throw, table Jacquard weave; reversible. Black background. 16" square center features seated man in each corner playing musical instrument. 8" borders have 4 circular designs across each side. 3 1/2' silkd gold fringe. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BK,GD
738 2006.17.0168 point, projectile long, narrow thin iron trade point Color: bk
739 1977.53.0211 Coin Ten ore.
740 Syenite None
741 1969.23.0005 Ashtray UNI. Color: GD,SL,PR
742 Sphalerite Hand- nice black crystal cluster. Miniature - calcite cleavage fragment Color: BR
743 UNIM1988.11.0489 Gloves Stamped "grandoe 7, 100% nylon". Set in thumb. 10 1/4" long. Sketch on catalog sheet. a&b. Color: BL
744 1988.44.0020 Book "Collier Classics, Volume Four", by William Allan Neilson, ed. 383 pp. Illus. Cover is black with title in gold. Collier symbol is on front cover and binding. Authors include James B. Connoly, William H. Osborne, Van Tassel Stephen, James Branch Colwell, Anita Fitch, Mabel Herbert Orne, Georga Wood Pangborn, Cloudesley Johns, Charles Warren, Marianne Gauss, Alta Brunt Sembower. Color: BK,WH
745 1993.24.54.0002 Letter, form June 13, 1958. To election clerks from W. Harold Hartman, County Superintendent. Subject is instructions pertaining to the school election in Cedar Falls Community School District, Rural Independent School District of Nos. 2,4.5,6,7,8,10 Cedar Falls Township, Union Township Black Hawk County, State of Iowa. Asks clerks to attend a meeting to discuss procedures for the upcoming election. States that one representative from each district must attend so that all election materials can be given to each district and instructions discussed. Prepared on Ditto machine.
746 1999.5.30.0176 Transparency, slide Ramsar Hotel from below, Gilan.
747 1995.21.0333 Transparency, slide Women, veils, 15 km. So. Kuwait. Two women, two children, on arid landscape. buildings in background. Color: ML
748 2003.24.0005 Box, lunch Reads "Fashion Cut Plug." on a yellow background. On the side is a picture of a man and woman in period clothing with a car in the background. On side panels are a picture of cigarette packs. Handle on lid fastens with a single latch. Color: Yellow, green, orange, brown
749 UNIM1986.14.1981.10.0020 Pattern Pattern for an apron. Square neckline, sleeveless, fitted waist with center back closure. Skirt is flared and has large pockets from center front to sides. Below knee length. Publication information: Country Gentlemen Pattern # 3331 - B Size 36 - 38 Apron 1940
750 1971.41.0057 Button U. S. Army, green plastic with 2 holes and ridges on top.
751 1978.15.0052 Sculpture Small head, lined eyes, protruding forehead, open slit mouth. Color: RD-BR
752 Limestone Dolomitic.
753 UNIM1988.11.0745 Pin, Straight 5 brass straight pins, 3" l, pinned to a fabric scrap. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GD
754 1974.37.93.0020 Vertebra Small fish.
755 Leaf Leaf imprints.
756 2016-3-17 film, canister Film is within the canister and on that canister the phrase, " Audio-Visual centers of the curriculum laboratory I.S.T.C. Cedar Falls, Iowa. On top of lid the sticker states, " Life in Early American Life in Old Santa Fe."  2016-3-17 (film, canister) image
757 1990.53.0267 Limonite Limonite replacing pyrite in striated cubes.
758 Microcline (Feldspar group) Var. Amazonite.
759 1993.38.82.0002 Stone fragment None
760 1999.5.30.0430 Transparency, slide Family, klong, near floating market.
761 1975.18.1.0013 Book "India, A Pictorial Survey". a. Book; b. Cover. Color: BK,WH
762 1978.34.1.0006 Figurine Hollow and open at top. Arms holding a mace-like stick in front. Band of circle ornament around top and around neck; dips in a V at back. Same design around bottom. Eyes and lips mirror coffee beans, two feet stick out beneath robes.
763 Silver None
764 Willemite None
765 1989.43.0205 Point, projectile Contracting stem point.
766 1995.36.0032 Stilbite Balls of crystals on quartz. Color: YL
767 2009.2.0039 Bag, camel Very decorative large storage bag for camel travel. Designs sewn or painted on. Back of bag is a dark yellow with painted blue-green line designs. The front of the bag is half red, half orange. There is a lot of fringe in different lengths and colors. Stitch designs are mostly triangles and diamond shapes. Color: YL,RD,TN,GR,BL
768 1970.74.0671M Marcasite Tarnished red-gold crystals in calcite.
769 1975.4.0169 Postcard First National Bank Building, Waterloo, Iowa. No message or address given. Dated May, 1915. Color: ML
770 1968.10.493.0036 Chip, stone None
771 UNIM1986.14.1983.5.0001 Nightgown Round neck, long sleeve woman's gown. 9 " tab front with 3 buttons in yoke. Yoke front is 9 1/2" deep with eyelet strips joined to plain strips with faggoting. Long , full sleeves gathered to 1 1/4" band at wrist; 2" eyelet ruffle edges band. Floor length skirt is gathere to yok. 2" hem. Gathered sleeves. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
772 1972. Sherd, pottery Gray with black stripe at rim and black designs. Design painted on the inside. Color: GY,BK
773 1978.51.0012 Currency Japanese paper currency taken from the pocket of a dead Japanese soldier on Guadalcanal Island; bill is labeled as Korean. Front: Confucian scholar Toegye (Yi Hwang; Lee Hwang); Myeongryundang (Myeongnyundang) in Sungkyunkwan (Seonggyungwan, also called Taehak) in Seoul, which was a foremost educational institution, a Confucian school; Ume (Prunus mume) blossoms, Watermark: blossom. Color: GR,WH
774 1986.4.0103 Postcard Well #1 800 BBLS per day, Carter Oil Co. Sellers farm. Color: BK,WH
775 UNIM1991.11.0028 Blouse Unfitted white pullover blouse. Collarless; neckline is square with lace 1" wide around edge. Kimono style sleeves; elbow length with ruffle on edge. 2 each insertions of lace 2" wide x 3 1/2" long runs vertically from below neckline, narrow machine hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
776 1989.43.0523 Print, photographic Young woman with hair pulled back and lots of curls. Side profile. Color: BK,WH
777 1991.48.0021 Coin Nickel. Thomas Jefferson is on the front.
778 Malachite Ore
779 1970.36.0079 Cap Trimmed with red and white. Color: KH
780 1970.74.1020M Feldspar None
781 00.7.0013 Cloth fragment X patterns. Color: GD
782 UNIM1994.13.0091 Dress square neckline made with two rows of machine embroidery insert gathers to inserts at neck, insert at lower skirt with ruffle at hem, ruffle has embroidery work set in sleeves, long with embroidered insert for cuff at bottom center back placket, no fasteners, hem of ruffle has a scalloped edge Color: WH
783 1976.21.0028 Catbird Tail feathers.
784 UNIM1986.14.1985.1.0133 Print, photographic Of donor, wearing evening dress UNIM1986.14.1985.1.008 and stole UNIM1986.14.1985.1.025.
785 1986.4.0359 Negative, film May Day pageant. Image of a large group of people conjugated on a field facing a stage. 1986.4.0359 (Negative, film) image
786 1992.31.2.0001 Figure, duck Toy Duck
787 Gypsum Crystal ball, var. selenite.
788 1970.47.1.0241 Galena None
789 1989.43.0824 Pin Design on the front and two prongs sticking out the back.
790 1970.74.1384M Conglomerate Fossil river (chariton conglomerate).
791 1968.9.36.17056.0003 Gypsum Solid. Coral rock.
792 2005.5.0008 Contract Teacher's contract for Belle Duckle. Pleasant Valley. Dated November 21, 1887. Three-fold horizontal. Color: WH,RD
793 1973.43.0081 Valance Hem on top, raw on bottom. Color: TN
794 1978.51.6.0027 Currency March 6, fifty pounds, serial no. 2084. Numbered and signed in light brown inks with the vertical signature of Gibbes near the left border quite faded. The seal (39mm) depicts military trophies with the motto: ANIMIS OPISBUSQUE PARATI . (Prepared both in spirit and military might). The back contains a geometric design with the motto DEUS PUGNAVIT ET DISSIPANTUR (God has fought and they were dispersed) along the sides in scrolls Color: BK,WH
795 1986.4.0615 Card, calling Hazel M. Miner; Christmas greeting on reverse. Color: BK,WH
796 Blueprint Museum in physical plant. Detailed.
797 Newspaper Feb. 26, 1803. Color: BK,WH
798 UNIM1994.14.0205 Pattern Sewing patterns. A. Misses - 1. 8318 (1992), 2. 8887 (n.d.) B. Toddlers' 1. 1800 (1980)
799 1994.32.0086 Notebook Student work headed, "Weather Charts and Wind Rose," and signed "Edith Lindberg." Contents include Wind Rose for June, July and August, 1946 and daily charts with headings "Wind Direction and Wind Velocity, Pressure, Condition of Sky, Precipitation, Temperature, Relative Humidity, Dew Point, Vapor Pressure, Absolute Humidity and Clouds. ISTC. Color: BK,WH
800 1995.14.0026 Insignia, military U. S. Army captain's bars. Two silver rectangular bars approximately 1" in length; both bars are connected with small silver bars running across the middle. Pin back used to put insignia on hat or clothing. Color: SL