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601 1978.29.0034 Pin, political Metal, white paper face, clear plastic covering, red lettering , "72 Hughes", red hand drawing, 1972 Democratic Presidential campaign, brass pin back. Color: RD,WH
602 1990.53.0997 Colemanite Gray crystals.
603 1995.30.0013 Squirrel, fox Skull and skin, a. - c. Skull and jawbone not connected. Color: N/A
604 Duck, ruddy Wing.
605 1989.43.0058 Point, projectile Contracting stem point.
606 Feldspar None
607 UNIM1986.14.1982.2.0018 Magazine ''Needlecraft Magazine''. Augusta, Maine and New York, New York. Needlecraft Publ. Co., XIX:2, October, 1927, 38 pp. Published monthly @ 50 cents yr., 10 cents, single copy. Color: BK,WH
608 Fern None
609 UNIM1990.11.0004 Minutes Province meetings, interim committee, 1945 - 1963. ISTC.
610 1986.16.54.0010 Tourmaline group None
611 Calcite Dog tooth spar on carboniferous limestone. Catalog says that this was deaccessioned in 6/93.
612 Sand None
613 1989.43.0314 Point, projectile Blade fragment.
614 1970.74.0822M Wood None
615 1991.11.0143 Stockings White children's stockings. Mid-length. Complete pair. White
616 1972. Sherd, pottery No design. Piece of pottery. Color: GY
617 1994.30.0004 Spoon Carved from one piece of wood. Handle flat on top and curved on bottom. Wooden bowl is roughly carved in shape of a rectangle with curved bottom. Handle tapers slightly toward end. Color: TN
618 2010.10.0008 Photograph Photo of Walter Morris' mother, sepia tones, photo information handwritten in black ink on back, LZ 13926 written in pencil on back, Refer to 2010.10.7 and 2010.10.9 Color: BR, TN
619 UNIM1992.14.0005 Doily Star-burst design, filet crochet. Diamond mesh joined to 2 3/4" linen center. darning stitch used for embroidering design in each of 12 points. Feather stitching around edge of linen center. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
620 1975.4.63.0002 Schedule "High School courses" printed out in black letters at the top of the front side showing the different academic patterns a student could choose. The four paths were chosen by English, Latin, German, and Business. For whatever path a student in this high school chose, the four years of classes could be dictated from the chosen category. The number "707" is written in the upper right hand corner. At the bottom of the front side it says "Note - No pupil shall enter any class outside of his course and grade without the special consent of the Superintendent.": Color: WH,BK
621 Quartz, geode None
622 1978.51.1.0109 Coin Liberty head, one cent.
623 Plant Phanerogam leaf.
624 1970.41.3.0057 Point, projectile None
625 1986.4.0214 Print, photographic Eighth Grade ( list of 40 pupils' names), Dec. 6. 1986.4.0214 (Print, photographic) image
626 1992.22.0052 Jacket Black silk with white/black/multi-color striped lining. Six hook & eye center front closure accented with bow at pleated waist belt. Roll collar, leg o' mutton sleeves. Ruffle accent on collar, closure, cuff, hem. Decorated with black beads in floral pattern overall. Front cut to allow room for flounce underneath. Color: BK,WH,ML
627 Quartz, rose None
628 1978.51.1.0110 Coin Liberty head, one cent.
629 Fern Phanerogam leaf. Willow?
630 1970.41.3.0058 Point, projectile None
631 1986.4.0215 Print, photographic Aletha Jacobs and best school "marm" chums: Hazel Miner & Ruby Trumbly. 1986.4.0215 (Print, photographic) image
632 1996.30.0009 Booklet "Over the Ground". Cornell Rural School Leaflet, vol. 38, January 1945, Number 3. 31 pp. Illustrated with black and white photos. Color: WH,BK
633 1970.74.1183M Feldspar None
634 1976.50.2.0001 Leaflet Geological Museum Plan and Guide. the Geological Museum, Exhibition Road, South Kensington, London.
635 UNIM1986.14.1985.5.0045 Thread On spool. Color: GD
636 1978.51.20.0007 Currency Three rubles. Color: BK,GR
637 Orthoclase, var. moonstone (Feldspar group) Cligoclase moonstone.
638 Wood None
639 UNIM1994.14.0061 Shirt Female child's shirt, white with blue and purple trim, knit fabric construction, size 6, casual, unfitted style, pullover closure, set-in short sleeves, one blue and purple flower and stems on chest, 3/4" factory hem on sleeves and at bottom Color: WH BL PR
640 1981.8.0255 Coin None
641 1986.4.0469 Print, photographic Children of White Oak School. Bikes parked outside of the schoolhouse. 1986.4.0469 (Print, photographic) image
642 1972.0035 Rock Crystal-like appearance on one side. Color: GY
643 2017-22-40 Book Book five of the Aldine Readers series. Written by Catherine T. Bryce and Frank E. Spaulding. 2017-22-40 (Book) image
644 1994. Print, photographic Shows man and woman sitting on front edge of house porch holding 3 babies. Man has one baby on his lap; woman has two. The two babies are similar in size and identical in dress; other baby is similar in size but different in dress. Same as 1994., negative 1994. Color: BK,WH
645 00.26.0205n Goldfinch? Nest.
646 1970.47.2.0123 Tooth, shark Tooth.
647 1970.74.1549M Fluorite None
648 1992.4.0014 Certificate, teaching For Lizzie C. Cox, dated Jan. 27. Color: CR,BK
649 1997.8.0002 Program "The Fiftieth Anniversary of the Educational Service of Moses Willard Bartlett." January 29, 1904. Gives programs of an event at 10:00 A. M. and one at 2:00 o'clock P. M. along with the Educational Record of Moses Willard Bartlett. 4 pp. ISNS. Color: WH,BK
650 2006.14.0030 Vole, Meadow Skin: 2006.14.30A Skull: 2006.14.30B - Exc. condition Mandible: 2006.14.30C - Exc. Condition Color: BR, BK, GY
651 UNIM1988.11.0149 Sandal Ankle strap sandal with open toe and breasted style heel. Strips of leather top stitched. Decorative vamp treatment, ankle strap and sling back add decorative detail. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: beige
652 1973.43.161.0006 Trim Leaf that came loose from bunch. Color: GR
653 1978.51.6.0138 Ticket For transit. Five cents.
654 Carnallite One tube, undetermined #.
655 UNIM1986. Lace fragment Very fine imitation chantilly lace edging with a mesh background worked over the top using thicker thread making floral designs. Color: WH
656 UNIM1996.4.2e.0018 Pattern Simplicity pattern. 7154 (1967). Jiffy jumpsuit in 2 lengths; sz. 12. Color: TN
657 1968.14.0029 Mouse None
658 UNIM1989.0049 Bell, school School handbell. 
659 1995.21.0030 Transparency, slide Animistic tree and stores (left), Shive Dagon pagoda. Courtyard setting with large tree trunk and small booth-like structures on slightly raised, planted platform. Booths each hold a statue, as if shrines. Color: ML
660 1970.74.0148F Tooth Tooth.
661 1988.17.0013 Book "The Hoosier School-Master", by Edward Eggleston. 218 pp. 14 pp. of ads of other books. Illus. In b/w. Consists of 34 chapters made up of individual short stories. Some titles are "A Loss and a Gain", "A Council of War", "The Walk Home" ,etc. Outside cover is plain brownish black with 3 horizontal bands of designs across the top, middle, and bottom. Top and bottom designs are geomeric, while the middle is floral. Back cover is the same design. Spine has gold writing with the title and author along with geometric designs at top middle & bottom. The inside front of the back covers have a green floral paper. Inscription on first page, "July 14 1898 From Frank To Estelle". The inside title page has written in pencil "Estella Blaine". Attached to the back inside cover one yellow piece of paper is written "Presented to my mother from my father in 1898 - they were married in 1897." Color: BK,GD
662 1993.24.0202 Invoice From J. S. Latta & Son to Eddy School No. 6 for school supplies. #3829, $2.28. Marked "Warrant #37 Dec. 13 - 1957" and O. K. M. D."
663 2006.15.0085 Quartz Quartz-Agate Medium in size agate specimen, fortification agate, small close knit bands, almost looks like plant matter, red, orange, yellow, green and black, small crystals forming inside some bands, one polished face, dull to vitreous luster, 7 on hardness scale Color: Multiple
664 Calcite Grotesque argillo calcareous concretion.
665 1974.21.2.0006 Tapestry Handwoven tapestry of hand spun wool. Pre-Columbian bird designs in each of the two pieces made on the same loom but separated from each other by omission of a few rows of yarn. Color: TN,BL,OR
666 Granite Biotite granite.
667 UNIM1986.14.1979.4.0100 Trim Rolled in thin cords; many strands. Probably trim for dress or hat. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: OR,YL,WH
668 1970.9.0033 Purse With drawstring. Striped pattern, narrower stripes near sides, wider stripes near center, 3/4" stripes in center (3); 4 smaller each about 1/4" at outer sides; red, green, natural, blue and yellow. Draw string is red and green.
669 1977.53.0163 Coin Fifteen kopeck.
670 2002.7.0066 Booklet "A Little book of Old favorites". A small leather-bound book of quotes and anecdotes. Color: BR,GD
671 UNIM1988.11.0440 Scarf Navy flowers and beige border print; black center and edges; 25" square. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: navy, beige, BK
672 2006.17.0122 point, projectile medium sized corner notched point; distal end missing; cross section biconvex; one edge appears to be straight while the other is convex; base convex; munsell- largely 10yr 7/1 light gray; turin point- early archaic 8500-7500 bp Color: br
673 1988.35.0057 Print, photographic Men's gymnastics participants, ISTC. Color: BK,WH
674 2017-28-19 Shirt  T-shirt with “uni stat, students today|alumni tomorrow” on front. UNI logo on left shoulder with “STAT, Students Today Alumni Tomorrow” underneath; 2006-2007 under that. 2017-28-19 (Shirt) image
675 1990.47.0016 Print, photographic Gym classes in the fall of 1943. Female class in front of the commons building, at ISTC. They are wearing light colored uniforms and will probably exercise with a medicine ball. Serrated edges. Color: BK,WH
676 1995.21.0285 Transparency, slide Cupressus triefirma (Alespirita) & Wigandia caracremna HOK (purple hyrophyll) from Mexico. At Tjebola near Bogon. forest glade. Color: ML
677 2003.13.0011 Doll Cloth male doll. Black body, white face, red hat. Red belt around waist and wooden stick with red paint tied on by belt. Yellow and magenta yarn tied at bottom of legs and arms and around neck. Color: BK,WH,RD,YL
678 1970.74.0481M Wood Palm.
679 1993.24.52.0005 Form, tax credit Advises amount of tax credit ($239.47) apportioned to School District #6 of Cedar Falls Township for Oct. 1950. Iowa Official form No. 1023. #3123.
680 1999.5.30.0130 Transparency, slide Threshing.
681 UNIM1988.11.0697 Jewelry Fragment Small shell cut in half to show inter structure shades of tan. Sketch on catalog sheet.
682 1974.37.0046 Fish Vertebrae of a large fish.
683 1980.20.0077 Poster "LEADERS FOR A CHANGE".
684 UNIM1986.14.1981.0001 Jacket Woman's boxy suit jacket of linen or butcher linen, size 14 - 16. Shoulder darts, front and back; center back seam. Pointed, full roll collar, cut on bias. Bias-cut patch pockets and turn down cuff with 1/2" stripes and bow. Fitted at wiast by 2" x 3 1/2" belt. Kimono sleeves, 3/4 length with 2' roll-back cuffs. Gussets at underarms. Black edgings on straps on pockets and black buttons on belt straps. Sketches on catalog sheet. Color: GD
685 1978.15.0006 Sculpture Head only, broken off at neck. Left ear broken, 1/8" hole in ear, and eyes, turban headress. Slit eyes and mouth. Ear plug. Color: TN
686 1989.22.0051 Print Studer? Plate 24, unidentified birds. Color: ML
687 1990.53.0219 Gypsum Var. selenite, reddish brown "rose".
688 2004.17.0096 Program Lists day's sermon and the activities for the week. Color: BK,WH
689 Mouse, deer Color: TN,GY
690 1972.32.0007 Cap, percussion Tarnished; some bent out of shape.
691 1993.38.0036 Point, projectile Side-notched. Mottled. Hafted tip. Color: WH
692 1999.5.30.0382 Transparency, slide Slippers, socks.
693 2008.15.0166 Script Yellow paper with handwritten poem. The poem is untitled but begins with the line "The chimes of time ring out the news". The paper has sort of an alligator skin pattern and perforated edges on the top and bottom. Color: YW 2008.15.0166 (Script) image
694 1975.16.28.0006 Postcard Color: ML
695 Azurite Crystals; Book says 6 specimens, but there is only one
696 UNIM1986.14.1981.3.0154 Pants Same fabric as UNIM1986.14.1981.3.0149. 4 button center front closure, 7 belt loops. 5 buttons at bottom sides of legs. 2 side pockets with button. Double seat and decorative knee patches. Tape binding at bottom of legs. Back leg is made in two pieces. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL, GY
697 UNIM1989.13.0006 Shredder, food Back piece molded in one; cylindrical casing for shredder welded to back piece; and square holding cup at top is welded to cylinder. Hand crank has wooden handle. 2" bolt at bottom to fasten to table top. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: SL
698 1980.43.0121 Coin Five ore.
699 Coin, commemorative In blue velvet square hinged inside blue velvet lined, aluminum colored metal hinged case. Inscription on back: "World's Columbian Exposition. In commemoration of the four hundredth anniversary of the landing of Columbus. MDCCCXCII. MDCCCSCIII. To Children's Aid Society". "C. E. Barber Fecit." Color: BL
700 Scaup, lesser One female wing.