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601 Stereograph "A Detachment of U. S. Infantry and Quarters in Mexico." is printed on the lower right corner. Two photos are mounted on gray cardboard with the number "182" on the top of the front side. Photos are nearly identical with four columns of U. S. soldiers standing in formation. An officer is to the left and in front of each column. The men in column are in full equipment and have rifles at their right side. All soldiers are in fatigue uniforms and hats. They are standing in the center of camp. Color: BK,WH, GY
602 2000.2.0048 Carving, ancestor Human, male figure, standing. Hands are raised to mouth red and remnant white pigment on arms legs, face, back. Penis is an "aric form", according to appraiser. Color: BR,RD,WH
603 UNIM1986.14.1985.5. 006 Dress Woman's woven summer weight two-piece. Navy blue with white polka dots: (a) Bodice. Bateau neckline. Collar trimmed with small ruffle of same fabric. Center front gathered with hook and eye at neckline & a buttonhole center front on both sides of waist band and one in center back that buttons to skirt. Fitted long set-in sleeves with same fabric ruffle with 1/4'' lace on either side of ruffle; (b) Gored skirt. Floor-length; fitted. 7'' flounce with double ruffle at top and bottom over hem; (c) Extra fabric scraps. Ten. Color: BL,WH
604 1973.43.0157 Hat Woman's; tan straw. Brown grosgrain ribbon. Coil braid on edge of brim. "Pearl" ornament on bow.
605 1986.4.0564 Postcard From Mrs. Ben Gruis. December.
606 1968.9.35.13445 Sherd, pottery None
607 1989.43.567.0032 Stereograph "Herd of Sacred Deet at Nara, Japan." Color: BK,WH 1989.43.567.0032 (Stereograph) image
608 1994.32.76.0004 Script For the radio program, "Ask the Scientist", aired Aug. 6, 1946 over KXEL, ISTC. Gives questions and answers by E. J. Cable, W. H. Kadesch, C. W. Lantz, H. Earl Rath & S. D. Bailey. Reproduced by Ditto process. 6pp.
609 Handkerchief With butterfly. Color: WH
610 1970.9.0001 Sling Black tassel 22" at one end, natural color tassel 22" at other end. Black cord 33" long attaches tassel and natural 35" long to covered handle 15" long x 1 1/4" wide. Color: TN,BK
611 Insignia, military World War II. Letters U S. a. - c.
612 2006.14.0052 Mouse, White-footed Small fragments of skull and mandible with a blue cloth-like substance on the surface of some fragments Color: TN, BK
613 1973.80.3.0016 Sulfur Massive; Crystals on matrix.
614 UNIM1979.67.0011 Slip Handmade tatted lace around neck, arm holes, and bottom edge. 7" back opening with four snaps closure. Color: CR
615 Halite None
616 UNIM1988.11.0096 Slip Front tab buttons 3/4" dia, 4 each and 1/2" dia button at waist embroidered band with beading, beading at scooped neckline and waist. Lace trim at neck and armscyes; embroidered border scalloped edge. Alternately strips of fabric and lace insertations on front bodice. 5/8" tuck has been taken out of skirt located 13 1/2" above bottom of slip. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
617 1979.10.0004 Bowl Dark brown designs; rounded, smooth rim. Dark brown line around inside top of bowl. Color: RD,BR
618 Mallard One female wing.
619 2016-18-2 Mask A wooden oval-shaped Pende Mask with sweeping eyebrows, classic Pende heavy eyelids, narrow nose and set of two vertical scars on both cheeks. The mask is red in color and in good condition. Holes are pierced around the perimeter for attachments, though there are none. The mask is in good condition except normal wear due to use and age and dates to the mid-20th Century. 2016-18-2 (Mask) image
620 1993.24.106.0002 Invoice From Municipal Utilities, Cedar Falls, Ia. Totals $4.97 for month. Marked "OK Maynard De Boer" and "Pd with Warrant #66 May 20, 1957."
621 1968.9.49.13715.0044 Tortoise, wood Bone.
622 1970. Marble Charles City marble.
623 1995.21.0072 Transparency, slide Perce rock at sea. (cormorants on top.) Long high stone formation with arched opening visible at left end. Color: ML
624 UNIM1986.14.1979.4.0042 Petticoat Top half has plain fabric in top half. Front has 3 panels, with 2 darts at waist in center section. Back has 6 pleats instead of darts. Gathered to top half, in different fabric, is section with horizontal tucks and lace. Has 1 row of insertion bobbin lace and 2 3/4" edging which matches 3 rows of horizontal tucks above insertion and between insertion and edging. Shadow panel 11 1/2" wide. Over skirt 12 1/2" wide. Center back placket; no fasteners- to pin? Fitted waistband. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
625 1977.58.80.0001 Seahorse None
626 Fern None
627 1999.13.0008 Lunchbox Oval lunchbox with lid (1999.13.0008B) and two wire carrying handles. Silver stars with two pinstripes above and one below line botton outside rim. Air holes are punched into either side between the handle attachments.
628 2006.15.0038 Quartz, amethyst Medium in size amethyst specimen, uneven ridges, area that may crack near number, murky violet colour with visible bands of quartz throughout specimen, vitreous luster, 7 on hardness scale; silicon dioxide Color: Violet
629 UNIM1988.11.0369a-b Trim Two rows of block stitch, 1 row of shell stitch, two rows of block stitch on top edge and groups of three shell stitches form pineapple style design. Two circles of shell patterns are laced together with double crochet stitch lengths 4" long with shell stitch outer edge. A 3 1/2" tassel is placed on center shell on lower end. Probably edging for piano runner UNIM1988.11.0360. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: YW
630 1974.29.0022 Porcupine Standing.
631 1979.48.0005 Booklet "The ISTC 1945-46 Study Guide: Everyday Science, by Dr. Roy L. Abbott (ISTC), "Radio for the Classroom", presented over college radio station KXEL; microphone and schoolbell illus. on front; 74 page text. Color: BK,WH 1979.48.0005 (Booklet) image
632 Sparrow, white-throated Skin.
633 1988.48.0014 Textbook "The Progressive Music Series: Book Four," by Horatio Parker, et. al. Color: BK,WH
634 Sphalerite Massive; specimen is cracking.
635 2017-26-25 Dance Crest The typical dance crest of the Budja, is constructed of Congo wood and plant fibers, in characteristic, abstract form. The elaborate headdress is comprised of a narrow, bonnet-shaped wickerwork crest, coated with plant fiber on the outside, crowned by a braod-shaped wooden crest with abstract curved contours, represents a mythical animal, perhaps a bird.
636 Concretion Argille, calcareous concretion.
637 1995.21.0325 Transparency, slide Mary's birthplace, Grotto of Jerusalem. Large painting, several units, filling rounded arched niche inside building. Color: ML
638 Fern None
639 2007.17.0029 Booklet Hidden Values: What to look for When Buying Curtains, Draperies, Shutters, Blinds, and Windo Shades. Picture of windows. 11pgs. Color: BK, WH
640 1970.74.0248M Gypsum Selenite "roses" white opaque, fine sand incorporated
641 UNIM1986.14.1980.19.0008 Shirt Traditional man's V-neck slip on. Extended shoulder. Wide set-in short sleeves open along underarm. Machine embroidery around neckline, hems of sleeves and all over large left breast pocket. Hemmed. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: TN,BK,WH
642 1978.23.0004a Bayonet German. a. Bayonet, long pattern--Mauser, black plastic handles, steel blade, curved hand guard, serial number "7590", bottom of blade notched for locking into scabbard.
643 UNIM1988.11.0648 Brooch 21 small rhinestones form a heart shape. At the top of the heart there is two rows of four rhinestones in each row that curves upward. Five rhinestones 1/4" diameter is in a curved V shape inside the heart. There is a center rhinestone 3/8" diameter across the top of the V shape. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: CL, SL
644 1984.6.0220 Print, photographic Photograph depicts Ambassador Sharp of the United States and Ambassador Bertie of Great Britain standing on either side of a soldier or guard. Sharp and Bertie were ambassadors of war to France during World War I. "Ambassador Sharp. Ambassador Berthi of Great Britain" is written on the back of the photograph. The photographer likely meant Bertie rather than Berthi. 1984.6.0220 (Print, photographic) image
645 2016-27-12 Treasurer Record Treasurer record for Prairie Canner Cedar No. 1 from Van Buren County. Contains receipts, disbursments, warrants, bond purchases and reports.  2016-27-12 (Treasurer Record) image
646 1989.35.0001 Desk, school Double.
647 1970.74.0555M Garnet In matrix.
648 1990.53.0263 Pectolite None
649 Conglomerate Ferruginous. Ribbon or Webber Canon.
650 1995.21.529.0006 Transparency, lantern slide Marked "Dock crowd." Crowd is facing away from river. Color: BK,WH
651 1999.5.0034 Fabric swatches Six pieces of fabric sewn together to form horizontal bands. 1) Shiny red indivdual thread asternating with woven shiny red thread forming alternating thick and thin vertical stripes. (bottom-most). 2) White and silver woven shiny fabric with paisley and circular flowers in the foreground with shiny silver thread. 3) Sheer, clear, chiffon with large shiny gold leaves. 4) Sheer chiffon with light & dark blue, purple, & yellow leaves. There is gold thread throughout forming a leave-like pattern. 5) Purple silk with round yellow, red & pink flowers with green leaves. Shiny gold thread woven throughout silk. 6) Turquoise chiffon with large shiny gold leaves from gold thread. (5 & 6 are narrow and topmost). Color: RD,WH,SL,GD,PR,
652 UNIM1986.14.1981.3.0103 Scarf Cream colored satin scarf. 39" long x 6 5/8" wide. French seam extends along one long side of scarf. Fringed at ends. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: WH
653 1972.58.0014 Sticker, bumper "O'Halloran for State Representative campaign bumper sticker with white letters on a blue background. Color: WH,BL
654 Wood None
655 2008.15.0127 Script Tan paper with black print. A short poem called " A Present for Daddy" takes up barely 1/4 of the paper. Under the poem is typed Danny Fizer. Color: TN 2008.15.0127 (Script) image
656 UNIM1988.11.0899 Bracelet Indian bead bracelet 6" long x 1/2" wide. Colors are sky blue, orange, red, and white. Snap closure sewn on leather. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: BL, OR, RD, WH Tag says "1988.11.0303c"
657 2006.17.0138 point, projectile mid sized corner notched point; distal end missing; corss section biconvex; edges appear convex but with heavy damage; base convex; kirk corner notched point early to mid archaic 9000-6000 ybp
658 Witherite None
659 1989.43.0230 Point, projectile Contracting stem point, tip missing.
660 1993.24.53.0036 Warrant, school Jan. 2, 1957. To the Treasurer of the Eddy #6 Cedar Falls Black Hawk County, Iowa school. Pay to the order of Iowa Public Employees Retirement System $63.00 from the General Schoolhouse Fund for amount withheld and matched. No. 35. Signed by Clayton Ulrich, President and Harry Barck, Secretary. State Supt. of Public Instruction Form 57.
661 1993.38.0076 Biface End scraper. Black "S" on back.
662 1970.35.0001 Tray Woven on wooden strips. Designed with a center of blue-black, lavender and blue-green stripes radiating from a natural colored center and around that zig-zags of purple, lavender and blue-green weaving. Rim of the tray is a forest green. Color: GY,BL,LV,GR
663 1970.74.0917M Pyrite Coating of iridescent drusy pyrite on iron-rich matrix
664 Gold Gold ore auriferous sulphurets in quartz.
665 1995.36.0022 Celestite Tabular crystals in vug. Color: PK
666 1999.5.30.0252 Transparency, slide Friday Mosque archways.
667 1972. Sherd, pottery Incised design. Color: GY
668 2009.14.0007 Textbook "The Pilot Arithmetics - Book One" by Stevens and Van Sickle. Blue cover with black title & drawing of a sea captain behind the wheel of ship. Background has orange streaks. Name on inside cover in pencil - "Marilyn Jean Schroeder". 270 pgs. With a few illustrations. Color: BL, BK, OR
669 1975.4.0236 Reward of merit Flowers in basket on cover. On back, "Presented to Aletha Jacobs for being a good little girl by Grace Williams, Teacher." Color: ML
670 UNIM1990.5.0025 Blouse Shirt-style blouse with full roll collar, long set-in sleeves with 2-button cuffs. Paisley and abstract flowers design. 1" hem. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: GD,BK
671 1981.13.2.0003 Scraper Scrapers? Color: TX
672 1986.4.0148 Print, photographic Large U.S. flag hung on the wall over the blackboard in a classroom. 1986.4.0148 (Print, photographic) image
673 1991.48.0015 Coin Nickel. Statue of Liberty on front.
674 00.22.0004 Shark egg shell
675 1989.43.0525 Print, photographic Young boy in checkered outfit; sitting in old chair. Color: BK,WH
676 2010.17.0044 Bowl Wooden bowl with carved lip on outside appearing as a handle. Interior darkened by soot. 2010.17.0044 (Bowl) image
677 1970.47.1.0009 Malachite None
678 1970.74.1268M Calcite None
679 Lepidolite Flouresces orange and red.
680 1996.20.0003 Sash Belt has a 4" width except at ends where material is braided to form an area where it can be tied around the waist. The entire mid-section of belt has a quarter inch green border. Inside this border are various geometric and animal motif designs. Color: GR,BL,GD
681 1999.5.30.0506 Transparency, slide Ginkgo, wrapped, Nat. Museum.
682 UNIM1986.14.1985.1.0026 Stole Blue with green and metallic silver stripes; fringed ends. Color: BL,GR,SL
683 1973.42.0010 Volcanic breccia None
684 1978.51.2.0059 Coin None
685 11.11.0023 Sphalerite Large, 3/4" crystals with dolomite & chalcopyrite.
686 1981.8.0189 Coin One-tenth guilder.
687 1986.4.0402 Examination For final in Arithmetic. Color: BK,WH
688 00.26.0175 Plover, ringed None
689 1989.43.0825 Button Same design as 89.43.824.
690 1994.32.0075 Monograph Explanation for Members of the Faculty and Student Body of the new registration procedure, ISTC. 12 pp. no date. Color: BK,WH
691 1970.74.1669M Talc Variety of talc known as steatite usually desiribed as compact, felted and light gray. Specimen also contains "serpentine". Color: PR
692 1992.31.19.0027 Book "Disneyland on the Air." Color: BK,WH
693 1997.20.0025 Envelope Addressed with purple pencil to Mrs. J. R.Gibbs, Janesville, Bremer Co., Iowa. Postal envelope with blue and white oval one-cent stamp. Additional one-cent stamp pasted on. Pre-printed return address reads "Return to...../ Waverly, Bremer County, Iowa,/ If not delivered within 10 days." Color: WH
694 2005.2.0008 Guitar Chinese "moon" guitar with four strings. Short neck with four wooden keys, 2 on each side. Neck connects to a round "pot" decorated with darker wooden carvings located on either side of the strings toward the neck. Soud board is snakeskin. Two different types of wood used, one dark and the other light in color. Color: BR,CR,TN
695 1973.46.0009 Textbook "Physiology for Beginners", by Foster, M. and Shore, Louis E. 241 pp. Illus. In b/w. Bound in dark navy blue cover. Yellow-gold printing on bound-edge of book. On inside is written "Emma Sauer, 2nd year class, High School, 1894-1895." Elementary study of physiology with some background information on chemistry and physics. Color: BL,GD
696 520.0003 Bone Two vertebrae, small. Color: BR-GY
697 2010.8.0023 Transparency, slide Santa and the Christmas tree are in the front of the room. The audience is seen from the back of their heads. Color: WH, Multi 2010.8.0023 (Transparency, slide) image
698 UNIM1994.14.0099 Pants Male child's dress pants, tapered leg, ankle length, permanent crease, back darts, inseam pockets, 1" faced waistband, 1 1/2" hem on leg bottom, 5 1/2" zipper CF with hook on 1 1/4" waistband closure, 1 1/2" hem on legs Color: BK
699 1977.14.0005 Book "Atlas; Cinder cones." Color: ML
700 Stannite Massive dark gray rock (broken in half).