Cultural Impressions: Identities Molded in Clay

Thursday, September 27, 2018 to Saturday, July 20, 2019

Ceramics have fulfilled a variety of needs throughout human history. From simple cooking implements to creative expressions of identity, clay has played an important role in expressing who we are. With the opening of its latest exhibit, Cultural Impressions: Identities Molded in Clay, the UNI Museum will explore the relationships between ceramics, culture, and individual identity. Cultural markers such as gender, class, and individual identity are all connected and help shape the importance of ceramics throughout the world. Cultural Impressions will look at a large range of ceramics and examine how cultures directly represent themselves through their pottery and how ceramics have been a forum for cultural expression and change.

Featuring objects from the UNI Museum and the UNI Gallery of Art, this exhibit highlights the broad scope of identities and cultures found throughout these two collections. Incorporating ethnographic and art objects from pre-history to modern day, Cultural Impressions will afford visitors the opportunity to experience mankind’s ongoing relationship with clay.

Cultural Impressions: Identities Molded in Clay Image