00.27.0027 (Deer, white-tail)

Head is mounted on wooden shield-shaped board. The top of the board has a small metal circle where the mount could be hung on the wall. The wooden board is varnished a dark color and is unvarnished on the back. The deer head rests in the center of the board. The deer is of a light brown color, almost tan. The fur gets darker as it gets closer to his head. The underside of his neck has a patch of white fur that begins at his mouth and goes to the top of his neck. The fur on the back of the deer's neck is of a darker brown than the underside. The ears are in good shape, not broken in any places. The eye sockets have large brown glass eyes. The mouth is sewed nicely together as there are no sew marks visible. The antlers on the deer have four prongs each. The antlers measure 9" long and are curved inward. The ears of the deer measure 5 1/4" long. The wooden mounting board is 24" long and 15 3/8" wide. The deer head measures approximately 24" long.