00.27.23 (Elk)

Antlers, labeled a. b. and c. a. The right antler. Has 6 points and measures 35 1/2" long, from base of antler to tip of highest point. Below the antler base is some skull bone. The bone is 2 1/2" long x 3 1/2" wide. At the top of the bone are 4 metal spikes drilled into the bone. The antlers are of a dark brown color. B. Left antler. Has 6 points and measures 37" long. The third point from the bottom appears to have been broken at one time. There is a split in the point and a visible nail where the two pieces were reattached. Below the base of the antler is some skull bone. The bone measures 2 7/8" long x 3 1/2" wide. There is some yellowing on the bone. The ridge of the bone has four metal spikes drilled into it. The antler is of a dark brown color. C. wooden mounting board. Cut into a shield shape with smooth edtes that are finished. The wood is stained on the front so it is darker than the back. At the very top of the piece of wood is a circle 7/8' in diameter. Below that are two small holes that could have come from nails. Under those holes is a rusty bolt that is attached to the wooden piece. The bolt is 3/8' wide. In the center of the wood is a metal piece that holds the antlers in place. The metal is cut to look like a shield and has decoration around its edges. The center of the metal has a picture of a forest scene and either a deer or elk standing in the center. The metal piece is attached by 5 screws, two on each side and one in the center of the bottom. The metal measures 13" long x 14 1/2" wide. The wooden board measures 20 1/2" long x 16" wide.

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