1973.1 (Ephemera)

"The All-American Calendar". Contains an oval-colored picture of America's 37 presidents. Blue. Name and years each president served are written in black on white under each respective picture. Near the top center is a picture of the Capitol at Washington, D. C. with a picture of the moon in the background. "Peace for all worlds" is lettered in white on the lower part of the picture. Near the center of the calendar "For Freedom's Sake - Register and Vote Local 838 U. A. W., 515 Rainbow Drive, Waterloo, Iowa 50701 Phone 233-3049" is lettered in blue on white. Beneath this is where the calendar is. It is navy in color with white numbers. Only the month December remains. Underneath the December page is the Pledge to the Flag lettered in blue on a white background with a red and light blue border stripe. "The All-American Calendar" is lettered in white at the very top. 3 white stars precede and follow the title. The reverse side has brief biographies of the presidents, list of the wives of the presidents, short story of the making of the Constitution, and the text of the Constitution of the United States.

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