1975.4.43 (Booklet)

"Songs of American Patriotism: -1776 - Let There Be Patriotic Music in Every American Home - 1918 -". Contents include music and lyrics for 8 songs: America (pg. 1 - front "cover", by Samuel Francis Smith and Henry Carey), Battle Hymn of the Republic (pg. 5, by Julia Ward Howe and W. Steffe), Columbia, the gem of the Ocean (pg. 3, no credit given), Just before the Battle, Mother (pg. 6, by Geo. F. Root), Marching Thro' Georgei (pg. 2, by Henry C. Work), Marseillaise (pg. 7, by Rouget de Lisle), Maryland, My Maryland (pg. 8, by James R. Randall), and Star Spangled Banner (pg. 4, by Francis Scott Key and John Stafford Smith). Published by M. Schulz Co. 711 Milwaukee Avenue, Chicago, Established 1869. From the Aletha Jacobs Hutchison collection.

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