1978.34.2.6 (Pendant, replica)

Stylized, zoomorphic. Sinu archaeological area. Imbedded in clear plastic, black background. Cardboard box container disposed of. On top of box is image of golden raft with many figures on board below is "BALSA MUSICA/MUSEO DEL ORO BANCO DE LA REPUBLICA/BOGATA COLOMBIA S.A." On ends where box opens "RANA SINU/OP 03" and "orfebreria prehispanica/de/colombia". On other alternate sides "Reproduction a escala de la pieza/No.2797 del Museo del Oro". On back of box "ORFEBRERIA/PREHISPANICA/DE COLOMBIA/Made in Colombia". Prehispanic gold work of Colombia. Scale reproduction of piece No.103 from Gold Museum, Bank of the Republic, Bogota.