1996.11.0001 (Hat)

Complex, multiple parts. Large camel fur trim makes up rim of hat. Thin fabric membrane between rim & main cap. Main cap made of papier mache-like material. Three eyes are printed on front, one in a vertical position. Metal tube coming out of top center of cap with piece of cane and another metal tube inside it. Metal tube has small rectangular textile attached to front with piece of maroon cordage. Also attached to metal tube is a long textile train. Train is woven of metallic thread with floral motifs. Train has multi-colored fringe at bottom, backed in red. Small metal loops attached to sides of main cap. b. Ornament for top of hat. Metal sheet with skull & flames painted on front. In center of sheet a rectangular area has been removed. Round black textile ball protrudes through this space, with metal rod inserted through it holding it secure to metal sheet. Metal rod inserts into metal tube on cap (a) allowing ornament to sit on top of hat. There is orange cordage to attach to small wire loops on sides of cap (a). Color: BK,RD,OR,WH,ML