2016-34-19A (Poster)

2016-34-19A (Poster) image

1992 Nothern Iowa Softball team poster with the title "Justice Will Be Served" printed in yellow at the bottom middle of the poster.  At the top of the poster the team schedule is printed in yellow.  At the top righthand corner is the list of the players names "Front row (l-r) - Jennifer Zbornik, Shari Baur, Desiree Bebout, Assistant Coach Gene Bruhn, Heather Daters, Vicki White.  Middle row (l-r) - Head Coach Meredith Bakley, Kristal Ward, Mindy Berning, Kami Lang, Laura Novotny, Tangela McCall, Angie Vignaroli, Connie Fangmann, Jennifer Peters, Dana Happel, Deena Chipp. Back row (l-r) - Amy Hendricksen, Holly Matter, Karen Vande Voort."