2022-27-34 (Yueqin)

Chinese string instrument in the lute family, also known as a moon lute or moon guitar, traditionally used in Peking Opera music. Every part of the instrument, with the exception of the strings (which are made from nylon or silk), is made of wood. The body is large, circular, and hollow with one small sound hole hidden under the string anchor; the string anchor is half-circle shaped piece of wood which been attached to the front of the body approximately 4 cm above the bottom of the instrument using an unknown adhesive, it has four holes through which the strings are tied. There are 8 frets of varying sizes, 6 on the body and 2 on the neck. The neck is very short, only approximately 6 cm before transitioning to the head of the instrument, which contains the pegs; there are 4 large pegs, 2 on each side of the head/peg box; the very top of the head has a small, ornamental curl. There is a brown sticker with black Chinese lettering placed just below the last fret on the body of the instrument, it has not been translated due to damage and wear. 

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