2022-27-52 (Drum )

Tack head tom tom drum, made in China. Drum has a hollow, cylindrical wooden body which has been painted a reddish-brown; there are 2 metal hoops placed opposite of each other in the side of the body, both have the remnants of an unknown black and gold material tied around them. There are two animal hide drum heads stretched over the body and held in place with several metal tacks; one head has a hand painted image of a bird standing on one foot with its wings out and its mouth open, it is facing what appears to be a flower with three petals, below the bird are black stamp letters reading "MAKE IN CHINA"; on the other head is a hand painted image of a dragon, its long body encircles the edge of the drum with its head in the middle, it appears to be breathing fire; both images are painted in reds, blues, greens, and white.

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