2022-27-72 (Yangqin)

The yangqin (also spelled yang quin or yang ch'in) is a Chinese trapezoidal hammered dulcimer, likely derived from either the European dulcimer or the Iranian Santur. This yangqin is made from wood which has been stained a deep, reddish-brown everywhere but the face, which has been left unstained; on the bottom of the instrument are 2 long, curved "feet"; there is a carved hole in the center of the side of the instrument that would face the player, there is most likely a drawer missing from this area where the bamboo hammers would be stored. The sides of the instrument facing the player and audience are scalloped and have various designed painted in gold, the proper left and right sides are curved and have gold painted leaf designs; on the face of the instrument there are 2 wooden circles with decorative carvings of what appears to be bearded men next to trees, one is placed in between the two sets of bridges and the other is to the proper right of the bridges. There are 48 metal strings which run between metal tuning pegs on the proper right side of the instrument to metal screws on the proper left; on the center of the face there are 16 small bridges broken up into 2 sets of 8 connected by wooden bases; the strings cross the bridges in an alternating pattern with sets of 4 strings going over the bridges on the proper right set of bridges and sets of 2 strings going over the proper left set of bridges. 

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