2022-27-8 (Instrument)

Egg-shaped Chinese wind instrument (Xun), played by blowing air over a hole in the top and covering holes in the sides of the instrument. This example is made of ceramic and has a brown, black, and light blue marbled glaze. There is a hole in the top, 2 holes on the back, and a total of 8 holes on the front, 4 of which are larger single holes and 4 of which are smaller holes arranged into pairs. The bottom is flat and unglazed, something has been carved into the bottom that has not been deciphered. Along with the instrument is a decorative storage box made from a thick cardboard and covered with a silky fabric; the outside fabric is a light, creamy yellow with intricate, light brown flower and dragon designs; the inside fabric is a bright yellow; the inside fabric covers a padding shaped to hold the instrument snugly; the inside lid has writing in English and Chinese, the English reads "Chines Gu Xun  Made in China Chengdu Maste & Dance Theatre." the Chinese has not been translated; there is a red ribbon attached to the bottom and inside lid on the proper right side of the box, this keeps the lid from opening too far; on the front of the box there is a latch consisting of a small hoop on the base of the box and a piece of fabric with a white wedge piece.

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