Bremer County

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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.30.100A Shaft Straightener A Grey, Red and Tan Shaft Straightener
2 00.30.100A Shaft Straightener A Grey, Red and Tan Stone Shaft Straightener, Smooth on One side, rough on the other.
3 00.30.100B Flake A small Grey, Red and Tan Stone Flake, Edge a different Color from rest of Flake (Half Grey, Half Dark Red)
4 00.30.100C Scraper A  Dark Grey and Light Grey Stone Scraper, Edge a Different color Mottled White and Black with Red Brown Rust Stains
5 00.30.100D Scraper A White Stone Scraper, one side has had sections chipped away, one side has some Brown Stains
6 00.30.100E Core A Grey Stone Core, One side is smooth and has been worked, the other side is a red Brown possibly from Rust Stains and has no signs of being worked.
7 00.30.100F Projectile Point A Grey Stone Projectile Point, Triangularly Shaped, one side is smooth Grey is much lighter and two black lines run across the side
8 00.30.100G Projectile Point A Black Slate Projectile Point, One side has a ridge arcing across it in a semi-circle
9 00.30.100H Scraper A Red, Pink and Grey Stone Scraper
10 00.30.100I Core A Red, Tan, and Pink Stone Core, Lines of Red and Pink one side, Other is tan and smooth
11 00.30.100I Rock Fragment A Grey, Red, and Brown Rock Fragment, a Fragment of a Geode, some Brown Stains
12 00.30.100J Flake A Grey, White and Brown Stone Flake, one side completely unworked and Grey with Black Flecks the other side smooth and white with brown stains
13 00.30.100K Flake A Yellow, Brown and White Stone Flake, Triangular shape ridge down the middle
14 00.30.100L Flake A Grey, Red and Black Stone Flake. Lines of Black and Grey.
15 00.30.100M Flake A Grey and Brown stone flake
16 00.30.100N Flake A Grey Stone Flake, Lighter Grey Edge, Dark grey center
17 00.30.100O Flake A Grey, Brown, Red, and Black Stone Flake, One side is smooth other ridged, edge a pinkish-Brown color
18 00.30.100P Flake A Grey, White and Red stone Flake, oval-shaped One side is completely smooth the other has been worked, Both sides have a thin red line going through the middle
19 00.30.100Q Flake A Dark Grey, Black and White Stone Flake, possible shaft straightener, edge rough and unworked light shade of Grey with Red Brown Spots
20 00.30.100R Flake A Grey, White and Black stone Flake
21 00.30.100S Flake A Small Grey, White and Pink Stone Flake, white splotches on grey stone
22 00.30.100T Flake A Small Red and White stone Flake, one side a darker red than the other
23 00.30.100U Flake A Brown, Grey and White stone Flake, one side white, Grey and unworked the other side is smooth and Brown
24 00.30.100V Rock Fragment An Orange, Grey and Black Rock Fragment, One side smooth Orange and Grey, the other side has some signs of being worked with a piece of the edge of the stone being Grey, Black and unworked
25 00.30.100W Rock Fragment A Black, Brown and Grey Rock Fragment, one side has two chips taken out of it leaving the rest unworked and grey while the chips have left Brown stone, the otherside appears to have dried mud on it
26 00.30.105 Celt None 00.30.105 (Celt) image
27 00.30.107A Scraper Gray oval scraper. One side is smooth, opposite side has one ridge. There is a piece of original white rock at bottom of piece. Edges are thin.
28 00.30.107AA Scraper Clamshell shaped scraper. Original rock is seen on one face of object and is light pink color with bumps. Rest of rock is beautiful orange/red blending where object has been worked. Opposite side is mostly smooth and lighter color. Large fractured portion.
29 00.30.107AB Scraper White stone scraper that is mushroom shaped. Colors are white, gray. Small notch marks leads to small fractured stem. Edges are thinned and serrated, others are thick.
30 00.30.107AC Scraper Long stone scraper that is light pink/white with orange colors appearing on object. Top portion is fractured off, bottom is rounded. One side is smoothed with some bumps, other side is rocky. Edges do not seem to be thinned.
31 00.30.107AD Scraper Multicolored brown/gray stone scraper. There is one notch marks that creates a stem near the bottom, opposite side is knapped and ridged rounded end. Very rocky.
32 00.30.107AE Scraper Multilayered stone scraper that shows orange, yellow, brown, gray, and red layers in rock. It looks like a topographical map. Edges are thinned and serrated but object could just be rocky.
33 00.30.107AF Scraper Large stone scraper that has plenty of original rock still showing, some layers are visible under remaining original rock. Colors are gray, white, brown. Fractured end. White layer in middle of one face.
34 00.30.107AG Scraper Stone scraper that contains many smaller bubble shaped stones in object. Colors are gray, white and brown. White shows under bubble parts. End is rounded and thinned to give an edge. Top and corner are fractured.
35 00.30.107B Scraper Warped oval shaped scraper, smooth on curved side and some ridges on opposite. Colors are white and light brown. Some of original rock can be seen on ridged side.
36 00.30.107C Scraper Smooth gray scraper. One side is mostly smooth while the other has one prominent ridge down the middle. Edges are mostly thinned.
37 00.30.107D Scraper Triangle shaped scraper. All edges are thinned and serrated, rock has been worked to create dimension and show layers.
38 00.30.107E Scraper White scraper that has beige coloring. One end is circular, other end is fractured and thick edge, Small thinned and serrated edge next to it. There is a line in the rock that starts at the curved part.
39 00.30.107F Scraper Small gray oval scraper. All edges are thinned and serrated.
40 00.30.107G Scraper Multilayered scraper. Thick edge has original rock, the rest of edge is thinned and serrated. Smooth on one face, knapped and ridges on other.
41 00.30.107H Scraper Colorful scraper. One thick fractured stem, thinned and serrated edges. Knapped all over and shows layers of rock.
42 00.30.107I Scraper White stone scraper. Knapped edges, very ridged.
43 00.30.107J Scraper Pink stone scraper. One side of object has large divot that leads into a stem/ Entire item is knapped and edges are thinned. Includes some gray/white/brown and speckles of red.
44 00.30.107K Scraper White triangle shaped scraper. Different colors can be seen in the layers of rock, mostly brown and bray. Edges have been knapped and thinned.
45 00.30.107L Scraper Cream colored stone scraper with light orange present on object. At the bottom there is a large flaked notch that is perfect for a finger. Object is knapped and dirt is present in a few crevasses on object.
46 00.30.107M Scraper Multicolored stone scraper. Red, brown, green, yellow are all present and marbled in object. There is a fractured bottom and it is rough all around, object is knapped.
47 00.30.107N Scraper Multilayered red stone scraper. One side is smooth and is light pink colored. Opposite side is raised and has layers of red coloring cascading from top. Object is knapped.
48 00.30.107O Scraper Multicolored stone scraper with pink, white and gray colors. One side is sort of smooth with a few raised points and ridges. Layers in rock are present. Opposite side is much more rough and dirty, knapping has been done but mostly to smooth side.
49 00.30.107P Scraper Light brown/gray stone scraper with a portion of original rock still intact. One side is smooth, edges are thinned in some places but others are thicker. Some large knapping marks.
50 00.30.107Q Scraper Rocky stone scraper. Has been worked but no smooth parts. Multicolored and has orange, gray, brown, red, beige colors present. Original rock has appearance on one side of object. Some edges thinned and knapped.