Bremer County

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1 00.30.100A Shaft Straightener A stone shaft straightener in a boomerang shape. The top face is mostly brown- and gray-specked unworked stone. The sharp edge has some chips taken out of it to reveal red stone inside it. Small red color flakes in one spot. This face is flat and smooth. The face of the scraper against the user's hand is smooth but uneven topographically. Parts of it are the unworked stone, parts are red and smooth. This side is knapped. The final face is smooth. It is reddish beige, has gray veins, and gray specks. 00.30.100A (Shaft Straightener) image
2 00.30.100B Flake Red and beige mottled thin stone flake. One edge on the top face is dark red on one half and the other half is brown and gray. The bottom face is flat and smooth too and has a red edge along one side. The stone is in an irregular shape that curves to a sharp point. The edges are thin and sharp and there are two main sharp points. 00.30.100B (Flake) image
3 00.30.100C Scraper Dark gray scraper that is concaved likely for ease of grip. The edge closest to the hand is smooth and the rock is patterned brown, black, and beige color on that edge only. The scraping edge is serrated and moderately sharp. The two faces are smooth with limited evidence of knapping. 00.30.100C (Scraper) image
4 00.30.100D Scraper A white and beige stone scraper in a triangular shape. The top face has large knap marks all over it and some parts are brown, beige, and white. Bottom face has knap marks at one side and the rest is smooth. Parts of this face have gray. Edges are thin, serrated, and sharp.  00.30.100D (Scraper) image
5 00.30.100E Core Brown core, irregular shape. One face and one side are the original unworked dark red/brown color with brown indentations of the original rock. The opposite and bottom faces were knapped to reveal light brown rock with gray veins and indentations. A couple small parts on the rock on the worked parts are white. Portions of each side are smooth but most are rugged from being knapped or from the rock's original topography. 00.30.100E (Core) image
6 00.30.100F Scraper Gray and beige thin, roughly triangular shaped stone. Appears to have been becoming a projectile point. Top face is beige at the bottom, gray and beige at the top half, and white unworked stone in one small spot at the top. Knap marks all over. Bottom face is smooth and is beige with gray and brown veins in it. Knap marks and gouges in the stone at the bottom and top edges. Edges are thin and sharp. 00.30.100F (Scraper) image
7 00.30.100G Projectile Point Black slate projectile point. Only a rough projectile point shape. Edges are serrated and thin. There is a semi-circle shaped ridge down the middle of the projectile point. The bottom face is smooth and has knap marks of brown. 00.30.100G (Projectile Point) image
8 00.30.100H Scraper Thin stone scraper in the shape of an oval but with one edge flat, not rounded. Top face is red-brown at the outer edge. Then it is beige, then gray and red in the middle. Knap marks all over this face. The back face is smooth but has ripples in it. The inner edge is red with gray veins, then it becomes brown, then beige at the outer edge. Red and orange marks are in the stone itself. Edges are thin but not sharp. 00.30.100H (Scraper) image
9 00.30.100I Core Brown stone core in a half-circle shape. The top edge is brown and gray unworked stone. The next ring in is red. The rest of the stone is brown and thick with evidence of knap marks. The right edge is flat and shows the different colors of rock. The left edge is serrated, thin, and sharp. Points are sharp. The bottom face is more smooth. Most of it is beige and gray specks. Red color in the stone at the left edge. Ring of color in the stone is gray, then red, then brown and beige on the outside. 00.30.100I (Core) image
10 00.30.100J Flake Gray, brown, beige stone flake in an almost-circular shape. One side is unworked and is gray and beige rough stone. It has some pitting and a rugged topography. The bottom face is smooth worked stone. The outer ring is white, then brown, then gray, then beige stone in the center. Gray specks in the stone on this face. 00.30.100J (Flake) image
11 00.30.100K Flake Small, yellow-hued and brown triangular-shaped stone with a ridge down the middle. Top face has several thin gray and beige lines in the left corner. Orange marks on the left side of the ridge. The bottom face is smooth and flat. Is brown and beige with the same gray and beige lines in the corner as on the top face. The top edge is flat. The other two edges are thin and the points are sharp. 00.30.100K (Flake) image
12 00.30.100L Flake Thin, flat gray stone flake in the shape of an oval. Left edge is flatter than the right one which is thin and sharp. Gray and black horizontal lines in the stone. One small part of the top face is flat but the lines are still visible. The back face has similar patterns but with beige and gray instead. Knap marks at the corners of the stone. 00.30.100L (Flake) image
13 00.30.100M Flake Small but thick stone flake. Most is beige with gray veins, then reddish beige, then unworked beige and gray stone at the top of the top face. Similar color patterning on the bottom face. Sides are red with gray and beige. Edges are thin and sharp. Points are sharp too. 00.30.100M (Flake) image
14 00.30.100N Flake Triangular shaped stone flake. Edges are thin and sharp. Top edge and right edge are the unworked stone of beige with gray specks. The rest of the top face is comprised of beige and gray faint stripes in the stone. The same color patterns are visible on the back face, but the back face is smooth. Few knap marks on one edge of the top face but the rest is smoothed out. 00.30.100N (Flake) image
15 00.30.100O Flake Brown stone flake. Top face has uneven topography - lowest elevations are brown, higher elevations are white and gray. Knap marks all over it. Bottom face is orangey-brown in the middle, white around that, brown around that, and beige unworked stone at the outside. Gray specks all over this surface. Smooth with ripples in it. Edges are thin and the points are sharp. 00.30.100O (Flake) image
16 00.30.100P Flake A beige and white stone flake with reddish veins. Oval shape. Edges are serrated and sharp. Top face is knapped and the surface is uneven. Bottom face is smooth with a red vein running the length of the stone down the middle. 00.30.100P (Flake) image
17 00.30.100Q Flake Dark gray stone in an irregular shape. Most of the stone is dark gray with black specks in it, quite thin with sharp edges. One edge is flat and has the unworked stone. There is a black stripe between the dark gray of the stone and the unworked stone. The unworked stone is beige and brown with gray and black specks in it. Several reddish brown circles in it. Is a possible shaft straightener. 00.30.100Q (Flake) image
18 00.30.100R Flake Thin, skinny rectangle-shaped stone flake. Edges are thin but not overly sharp, and points are sharp. Bottom face is smooth and flat. Has beige and gray and red (possibly rust) in the center, gray outside that, and two thin strips of the beige unworked stone at two edges. The top face has gray and beige smoothed stone in one section. The majority of the top face is unworked--the brown and gray original stone. Knap marks are at the edges. 00.30.100R (Flake) image
19 00.30.100S Flake An oval shaped gray and brown stone with white blotches. The bottom face is smooth. Most of it is the gray/brown color with white blotches. A small stripe at the top is pink with a gray spot in it. The top face is brown. One swath has beige specks in the stone. The next swath is white specks. The top swath is pink and red. This top face has a ridge going the length of the stone. The two points are sharp, and the edges are thin, sharp, and mildly serrated. 00.30.100S (Flake) image
20 00.30.100T Flake Small triangular stone flake. One edge is flat but the other two are thin and sharp. The points are also sharp. The stone is beige and red mottled all over it. The top face has a chip taken out of one edge to reveal beige and gray stone beneath. Knap marks at the edges and on the bottom face. 00.30.100T (Flake) image
21 00.30.100U Flake Stone flake in an oval shape with the bottom face more flat and the top face curved up and round and smooth. The top face is brown, white, and gray speckled. The bottom face is smooth and brown with black specks. The top edge is flat where it chipped off. The other edges are only slightly serrated but are mostly smooth. 00.30.100U (Flake) image
22 00.30.100V Scraper Orange scraper with sharp and serrated edges. The side closest to the user's hand has a thin crust of dark gray unworked stone. In the orange stone surrounding the gray patch are tiny sparkly specks. The orange section of the stone is comprised of varying shades of orange and is covered in tiny circles. This portion makes up the majority of the lithic. The smoothed bottom face has gray patches and shades of orange, plus the same tiny circles and sparkles as the top face. 00.30.100V (Scraper) image
23 00.30.100W Rock Fragment A Black, Brown and Grey Rock Fragment, one side has two chips taken out of it leaving the rest unworked and grey while the chips have left Brown stone, the otherside appears to have dried mud on it 00.30.100W (Rock Fragment) image
24 00.30.100X Core Beige stone core with red veins and gray specks over most of it. Top face has a circular gray spot in the stone with red ribboning around it. Both faces have knap marks and rugged topography. The stone curves into an arch with both sides and the middle being about the same thickness. 00.30.100X (Core) image
25 00.30.105 Celt None 00.30.105 (Celt) image
26 00.30.107A Scraper Pointed oval scraper made of flint. The top side of the scraper has a raised ridge near the bottom of the face. There is a slight notch in the raised area, as if it was chipped. This side is mainly a dark gray, with a sliver of the original rock on the bottom edge of the face. The bottom side of the scraper is very smooth, with the same composition of rock. There is a dark brown line that can be seen on this side. The sliver of original rock extends to this side. The sides of the scraper are mostly smooth, a few chips but nothing major. The point on the scraper is rounded, with a small sharp point in the middle. 00.30.107A (Scraper) image
27 00.30.107AA Scraper Rounded scraper. The top of the scraper is covered mostly in the original rock, a light pink bumpy rock that is covered with dark brown or gray spots. The worked rock is a blend of red and orange stone. The bottom of the scraper has the red/orange rock around the edges, but a worn patch near the middle of the rock. The worn back is mainly tan, with speckles of brown stone. The edges are serrated, making the surface rough. 00.30.107AA (Scraper) image
28 00.30.107AB Scraper Small rounded stone scraper made of white rock. The top of the scraper has notch marks and areas that show the layers of the stone. There are two small patches of original stone found on this side. Near one edge, there is a strip of gray stone. The bottom of the scraper has gray stone except the center, which has a patchy section of white stone. This side also has a part that shows the layers of the rock. There are both thick and thin edges found on the scraper. 00.30.107AB (Scraper) image
29 00.30.107AC Scraper Rectangular-shaped scraper made of white stone. The top side of the scraper has mostly original stone, but there is a small section of worked rock that is a blend of white and orange stone. The original rock side has an indent. The other side of the scraper is worked stone, showing off the white and orange stone. This side shows the layers of the stone. The edges of the scraper are jagged, but one edge is thick and smooth. 00.30.107AC (Scraper) image
30 00.30.107AD Scraper Rounded stone scraper made of brown-gray stone. The top side has lots of notch and knap marks. There is a small "stem" to the scraper, stone that is curved and projects outward. The opposite side also has the knap marks, but there is a small bump on the bottom left, right above the stem of the scraper. The edges of the scraper are jagged. 00.30.107AD (Scraper) image
31 00.30.107AE Scraper Stone scraper made of primarily brown stone. The edges of the scraper are very jagged. The top side of the scraper is made of brown stone with the middle having a bump of orange stone, the orange color stretching out around the bump in the middle. There's a lot of areas where you can see the layers of the scraper. The bottom side of the scraper has a similar pattern of the brown stone, but the middle bump on this side is more of a reddish-orange color of stone. The layers of the stone can also be seen on this side. 00.30.107AE (Scraper) image
32 00.30.107AF Scraper Large oblong-shaped stone scraper made of flint. The edges of the scraper are serrated. The top side has a large patch of original rock, with gray patches covering the entire surface. There's a deep indent on this side, and there is a pot where you can see layers of the scraper. The other side has the gray patches as dots that sprinkle the whole surface. There's a patch that reveals a caramel-brown stone. 00.30.107AF (Scraper) image
33 00.30.107AG Scraper Stone scraper that is made of many small pieces of stone, making it appear like bubbles. On the top of the scraper, the stones generally are colored white on one end and gray on the other. It's hard to see because of the make up of the scraper, but there are layers in the stone. The bottom side of the scraper has one side that is white and the other a dark gray. There is a section taken out of the scraper, looks like it fractured. The stone is weathered/aged, making it look a light brown hue. Edges of the scrape are rounded but not straight. 00.30.107AG (Scraper) image
34 00.30.107B Scraper Warped oval shaped scraper, smooth on curved side and some ridges on opposite. Colors are white and light brown. Some of original rock can be seen on ridged side. 00.30.107B (Scraper) image
35 00.30.107C Scraper Smooth gray scraper. One side is mostly smooth while the other has one prominent ridge down the middle. Edges are mostly thinned. 00.30.107C (Scraper) image
36 00.30.107D Scraper Triangle shaped scraper. All edges are thinned and serrated, rock has been worked to create dimension and show layers. 00.30.107D (Scraper) image
37 00.30.107E Scraper White scraper that has beige coloring. One end is circular, other end is fractured and thick edge, Small thinned and serrated edge next to it. There is a line in the rock that starts at the curved part. 00.30.107E (Scraper) image
38 00.30.107F Scraper Small gray oval scraper. All edges are thinned and serrated. 00.30.107F (Scraper) image
39 00.30.107G Scraper Beige and gray stone scraper in an oval shape. One part of the thick edge is the unworked stone of beige and brown color. This edge leads to layers of white, gray, and beige across the stone. The bottom face is smoother than the top face but both have knap marks and gray linear marks in the stone. The bottom face has a few brown marks on it toward the middle. The edges are serrated and thin, excluding the unworked edge. 00.30.107G (Scraper) image
40 00.30.107H Scraper Colorful scraper in an oval shape. Serrated edges. Knapped all over and shows layers in the stone including brown, red, gray, and green. 00.30.107H (Scraper) image
41 00.30.107I Scraper White stone scraper. Knapped edges, very ridged. 00.30.107I (Scraper) image
42 00.30.107J Scraper Scraper made of pink stone. One side has a large divot, which makes the piece have a flat lowered section and a raised rounded section. The raised rounded section has serrated edges and visible knap marks. The flatted section is very smooth, with a few bumps on the edges. The opposite side of the scraper has a faint ridge that goes through the middle of the scraper. There are some patches of grey stone that can be seen on this side, and there are knap marks present. 00.30.107J (Scraper) image
43 00.30.107K Scraper White triangle shaped scraper. Different colors can be seen in the layers of rock, mostly brown and bray. Edges have been knapped and thinned. 00.30.107K (Scraper) image
44 00.30.107L Scraper Cream colored stone scraper with light orange present on object. At the bottom there is a large flaked notch that is perfect for a finger. Object is knapped and dirt is present in a few crevasses on object. 00.30.107L (Scraper) image
45 00.30.107M Scraper Multicolored stone scraper. The colors that can be picked out are red, orange, yellow, green, and brown, and the are marbled together. One side has a bit more green stone and the other side has a curved sharp ridge. There are knapping marks present, and the edges are finely serrated. 00.30.107M (Scraper) image
46 00.30.107N Scraper Multilayered red stone scraper, possibly made of jasper. The bottom of the scraper is smooth and made of light pink stone. The top of the scraper is raised and layered with various shades of red. The center of the scraper is a spot of tan or pale pink. There are some knap marks found on the scraper, and the edges are serrated. 00.30.107N (Scraper) image
47 00.30.107O Scraper Multicolored stone scraper made of pink, grey, and white stone. One face of the scraper is smooth and made mostly of white and pink stone. There are streaks of grey stone that show the layers. One side of this face is very thin and then it gets slowly thicker. The other face on the scraper consists of grey and white stone, appearing almost dirty. There is a small spot where it has crystallized. There are also features on this face that show the layers of the rock. The edges of the scraper are finely serrated, and there are some knap marks that can be seen. 00.30.107O (Scraper) image
48 00.30.107P Scraper Flint scraper shaped like a gumdrop. One side of the scraper has a portion of the original stone, the rest of the side having a brown color. The other side of the scraper has a section of dark grey stone, and a section of lighter grey. The edges are clearly knapped, with a few patches of larger knap marks. 00.30.107P (Scraper) image
49 00.30.107Q Scraper Stone scraper made of beige, grey, orange, and red. One side of the scraper has a large part of original rock, with the rest of the face made of grey stone. The edge of this side has red stone. The other side of the scraper mostly has red stone, but a bit of grey and beige stone can be seen here. Knap marks are visible, and the edges of the scraper are serrated. 00.30.107Q (Scraper) image
50 00.30.107R Scraper Stone scraper made of beige and pink stone. One side of the scraper has a flattened half, the other half being rounded and raised, made of pinkish stone. This side also has knap marks visible and specks of brown found across this side. The other side of the scraper is flat, with two patches of brown stone, the rest having tiny specks of brown. The edges of the lithic are serrated. 00.30.107R (Scraper) image