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1 2007.3.0003 Mask Male Songye Kifwebe mask exhibiting vertical stripes on the crest and horizontal stripes on mask curving upwards on sides. The mouth of the mask has a side hour-glass shape. The nostrils have protruding hair. There are holes carved around the entirety of the mask for attachment of beard and costume. Paint is worn- very little white and red paint remain. There is damage to the edge of the crest and mouth. Numerous scratches and scrapes on mask. The crest has a crack in the top. Painted end of crest is broken off. Stains on inside of mask. Raffia is loose. 2007.3.0003 (Mask) image
2 2007.3.0004 Mask Songye juvenile male Kifwebe mask. Horizontal stripes curving upward to encircle the eyes. Small sagittal crest. Mouth appears as an "X" shape. Eye slits curve downward. Nostrils have black hair protruding. Holes carved for raffia attachments. Stripes form a chevron pattern where they meet the crest. Paint is worn and discolored. Wood is stained and discolored. Gouges and scratches on side of mask face. Mouth is worn and wood is dented and pitted. 2007.3.0004 (Mask) image
3 2007.3.0005 Mask Songye male Kifwebe mask with no crest and a flattened face. The mouth is a wide, large "X" shape. Narrow stripes curve around mask. The eyes are rimmed in black and extends from outside corner to back of mask on both sides. Large rounded skull and forehead with stripes curving up and meeting at the top of the mask. Paint is worn and missing in areas. 2007.3.0005 (Mask) image
4 2007.3.0010 Mask Male Kifwebe mask. White narrow striations with smooth black sections. Small crest on forehead. Small square mouth with center circle. Eyelids are very narrow and curve upward. Prominent eye brows. Many circles carved in perimeter of mask for costume attachment. Proper left forehead and cheek is gouged and damaged, but painted over by the original creator. Pigment is worn and damaged in spots. 2007.3.0010 (Mask) image
5 2007.3.0011 Mask Kifwebe female mask with white interwoven striation pattern on cheeks. The lower part of the mask has striated diamond pattern. There is a vertical crest at the center of the forehead that attaches to a large nose. The eyes are slit shaped and the mouth protrudes in an "X" shape. There is red pigment around eyes. Grass raffia is attached to mask through carved holes along the bottom. The mask exhibits damage to wood on two sides of mask, the outer, and crest. Wood is scratched and dented in many places. 2007.3.0011 (Mask) image
6 2007.3.0012 Figure, religious Female power figure. Diamond pattern scarification on belly, sides, and lower back. Arms raised to clasp breasts. Large, serene face with coffee bean shaped eyes. Three terraced hair style with striations and top knot. Knees are slightly bent. Head cracked at top near knot. Hair style damaged, piece of wood missing. Heels damaged at base. Belly and genital area cracked. Base near toes cracked. Crack on forehead over eye. Elbow and side cracked. Stained and discolored. 2007.3.0012 (Figure, religious) image
7 2007.3.6 Figure Songye Kifwebe Power figure. Male figure with distended abdomen. Skirt attached. Figure wearing 2 necklaces, one with blue beads and a white pendant, and the other a wooden bead choker. Figure is wearing a kifwebe mask. Holes along mask/skull line. Base of statue is attached to metal stand. Small hole in skull. Hair in nostrils. Base of figure is damaged, missing a piece, statue is worn and wood is dinged, scratched, and worn. Possible paint on mask, but very worn. Wooden choker is fragile, thread weak. Woven skirt is damaged, loose ties, torn and frayed. 2007.3.6 (Figure) image
8 2011.6.1 Purse Rounded bottom leather bag with pleats in sides, leather drawstring closure (braided leather thong with tassels) at top, Pockets all around bottom edge with brown leather running stitch between each pocket and each decorated with a pear shaped motif in brown leather with green whip stitched outline and 4 "x"s in a line down the center of each pear. 2" brown leather trim at top edge, 1/4" brown trim on upper pocket edges, brown leather piping around bottom edge. 2011.6.1 (Purse) image
9 2013.2.0001 Mask Mask. Rectangular-shape. Large square eye openings, long broad nose and open mouth cut away. Covered with white circular dots. Holes of various sizes around the perimeter. 2013.2.0001 (Mask) image
10 2013.2.0004 Mask Rectangular-shaped mask with flat surface. Face is compressed at lower portion, with eyes deeply set with square openings. Short broad nose with open nostrils and flat lips. Lips have white coloration. Remains of insects above upper lip and face. Above face are two rectangular-shape forms with deep-set vertical grooves highlighted in white. Rectangular-shape opening above forehead. Panel above opening displays white dots. White dots on entire face. Raffia attached to lower portion of mask held together with rusted nails. 2013.2.0004 (Mask) image
11 2013.2.2 Mask Mask. Egg-shape with circular eye openings, elongated nose with pierced nostrils and square open mouth exposing three animal teeth. Kaolin linear marks down both sides of face, across forehead and perimeter. White strip across upper portion of the mouth. Fiber raffia attached around chin. Four dots below each eye in square shape form. Two holes pierced through for fiber wrapping to the head. 2013.2.2 (Mask) image
12 2013.2.3 Mask Ceremonial mask with elongated with pronounced forehead, oval-shape eye openings and abstract-shape broad nose with pierced nostrils. Protruding mouth is pierced through in square-shape form. Holes pierced through around mask for raffia attachments. Dots and stars on surface. 2013.2.3 (Mask) image
13 2015-3-10 Cup, Kuba (Bashilele) Wooden drinking cup in human form with exaggerated feet, small thin body and short arms held together in front of his body. The large head is square in shape with coffee-bean eyes, sweeping eyebrows, narrow nose, small partially open mouth and cicatrix markings on both temples. The cup is brown in color and in good condition dating to the mid-20th century. 2015-3-10 (Cup, Kuba (Bashilele) ) image
14 2015-3-4 Staute, Zande Related Wooden female standing figure on a professional wooden base. Her legs are spread apart and very short, her arms are suspended to her sides. The shoulders are square with a very thick neck and an oval-shaped head. The circular eyes are deep-set with a narrow nose and closed slit mouth. Her coiffure is double braided and sweeping behind the head. The figure is brown in color and in good condition. The figure dates to the mid to late 20th century. 2015-3-4 (Staute, Zande Related ) image
15 2015-3-5 Mask, Chokwe Large wooden mask in classic Chokwe style that includes coffee-bean eyes, narrow nose and flaring nostrils. Oval open mouth exposing rows of teeth. Vertical and geometric scarification marks below the eyes, chin, and head area. The mask is in good condition and holes are pierced  around the perimeter for attachments (missing). The mask dates to the late 20th century. 2015-3-5 (Mask, Chokwe) image
16 2015-3-6 Seated Figure, Chokwe Seated wooden royal figure with legs and arms folded forward. The face is classic Chokwe with olive-eyes, closed slit mouth and protruding chin. The forehead is pronounced with royal crown or cap above the head. A large copper tack is inserted above the head. The figure is mounted on a professionally made wooden stand and dates to the mid and late 20th century. 2015-3-6 (Seated Figure, Chokwe) image
17 2015-3-7 Mask, Maniema An old wooden mask in an oval form having round pierced eyes, long narrow nose, open round mouth, and linear scar down the length of the nose. The reverse side of the mask exposes years of use. There is repair to the eye sockets and traces of white kaolin on the face. Raffia straw is attached to the perimeter of the mask. Light wood dating to the early to mid 20th Century. 2015-3-7 (Mask, Maniema) image
18 2015-3-8 Mask, Binji A wooden helmet mask black in color has a pronounced nose, bulbous cheeks, protruding ears, and protruding visor covered with red abrus seeds. Animal fur is attached to the top of the mask and animal black fur attached to the lower rim of the mask. A fiber strap is attached through the area below the nose for a dancer to hold while preforming. Kuba (Binji) geometric designs appear on the surface of the mask. The mask is in good condition with native repairs to the ears and cheeks. The mask dates to the mid 20th century. 2015-3-8 (Mask, Binji) image
19 2015-3-9 Cup Large wooden drinking cup with round flared base and double ring at the base. Classic Kuba linear scars on both cheeks and riple eyebrow markings and geometric markings below the rim. Black in color and in good condition with a split at the base area. Date of the Kuba cup is the mid 20th Century. Kuba Cup 2015-3-9 (Cup) image
20 2016-18-2 Mask A wooden oval-shaped Pende Mask with sweeping eyebrows, classic Pende heavy eyelids, narrow nose and set of two vertical scars on both cheeks. The mask is red in color and in good condition. Holes are pierced around the perimeter for attachments, though there are none. The mask is in good condition except normal wear due to use and age and dates to the mid-20th Century. 2016-18-2 (Mask) image
21 2022-29-16 Fly Whisk This fly whisk is constructed with a horse hair swatter, wrapped with red trade cloth, and topped with a stylized squatting human handle. The figure's head is carved with a raised coiffure, arching brows, slit eyes, wide flat nose, an open grinning mouth, and elongated squared off chin. A double ring neck leads to squared off shoulders, bent elbows, hands on swollen stomach with a concave belly button supported by squat bent legs. Two wrapped fiber rings encircle the chest and waist. 2022-29-16 (Fly Whisk) image
22 2022-29-19 Body Mask This elongated, wooden body mask has a triangular carved jawline, pronounced forehead with cross-hatch engraved coiffure, open almond-shaped eye holes, small crescent formed projecting ears, raised nose with two nostril holes, and a small raised mouth painted white with carved indications for teeth. The female torso is decorated with parallel rows of raised wooden pegs from the jawline around the inside of the cone shaped breasts and across the noticeable swollen-pregnant stomach. 2022-29-19 (Body Mask) image