Chickasaw County Iowa

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1 00.30.111AA Projectile Point Multicolored stone arrowhead, large chunk of rock missing from one side of the projectile point. Rock is light pink with hues of gray and broown mixed in. Rock has two side notches that lead to a straight stem and base, base has been knapped and concaves. Object knapped to created sharp edges. 
2 00.30.111B Projectile Point Multicolored projectile point. Flat base with knapping marks. Point is slightly leaning to one side. Dark brown, pink, and orange marks appear in rock shades. Large bump otherwise pretty smooth. 
3 00.30.111BB Projectile Point Projectile point made from offwhite stone. There are very long side notches that connect to a long stem and base. Stem meets flat edged bottom. The top of the piece has good knapping craftmanship and looks like a mushroom. There are small brown bits in the rock. Large flakes must have come from this piece. 
4 00.30.111C Projectile Point Projectile point that has base and stem missing. Blade is knapped and thinned to edge. Color is pink and beige. Lanceolate shaped. 
5 00.30.111CC Projectile Point White stone projectile point. Object has been knapped but not thinned so object is wide. Small side notches lead to a flat base that has been edged. Color of rock shows shades of white and gray through layers. 
6 00.30.111D Projectile Point Arrowhead point. Very serrated edges due to knapping, cut marks highly visible. Small side notches that lead into straight edge base and stem. Color is light brown yellow and beige. Object is not too thin, many bumps. 
7 00.30.111DD Projectile Point Gray projectile point with some hues of brown and shades of white appearing in rock too. Object is serrated and knapped all over. There is one side notch that leads to a stem and base, and then one side notch that is very poignant and different than the other one. Base has a flat edge. There is one line of white in the rock that goes vertically down the center. 
8 00.30.111E Projectile Point White projectile point. Very smooth work. Two small corner notches which lead to concave edge base. Very small brown or orange spots can be seen in rock. 
9 00.30.111EE Projectile Point White stone projectile point that has been worn down to be mostly smooth. There are two side notches that lead to a flat stem. The bottom of the base has darker colored rock than the rest of the object. There are shades of gray and brown in the stcone. The point and egdes of the notches are curved. 
10 00.30.111F Projectile Point Projectile point that has one corner notch which leads into one protruding base stem which is also concave. The other side of the rock is almost completely straight and flat. Deep red color and surroundings can be seen on original face on object. 
11 00.30.111FF Projectile Point Stone projectile point with shades of gray and brown. One side is sort of flat with the opposite containing a a ridge. Object has been formed into having a contracting stem with a convex base that has been worked into an edge. 
12 00.30.111G Projectile Point Red stone projectile point. No visible notches and no stem/base. Bottom is serrated with one small point. Edges of object are knapped, same with the middle of the object. 
13 00.30.111GG Projectile Point Multicolored projectile point. Blade and point above notches is a light orange color. Two side notches that lead to a expanding multicolored stem and base. The base is straight with a knapped edge. Colors in stem are brown,  gray, red in horizontal lines. Edges are serrated and thinned.
14 00.30.111H Projectile Point Small multicolored arrowhead or projectile point. Edges of blade are serrated, and one notch is visible. The stem and base are barely apart of the rock, the rest of it is fractured off. Colorful layers in the rock can be seen such as red and pink and white. 
15 00.30.111I Projectile Point Rough stone projectile point or arrowhead. Edges are serrated, and two side notches give way to a straight edge base. Towards the base the color of the rock is pink or red, the rest of the rock is beige. Layers in the rock are protruding from one side. 
16 00.30.111K Projectile Point White projectile point. Original stone appears on face which is lighter white or pink color than rest of object. Very minimal notches and straight base. Serrated along sides and sharp point. 
17 00.30.111L Projectile Point Multicolored stone projectile point or arrowhead. Two small side notches at bottom which give semi-straight knapped base and stem. Many textures and colors appear in this rock and patterns too. The point is a purple or red color. 
18 00.30.111M Projectile Point Soft gray stone projectile point. The stem is contracting shape with a straight edge. Object is serrated and not too thin, some bumps appear. 
19 00.30.111Z Projectile Point Multicolored projectile point that has a base color of light pink and expands to feature more pink shades with brown dirt spots. The base is contracting with edge longer and deeper than the other side. Knapped serrated edges and a spot with dark pink can be seen on the blade.
20 00.30.114B Projectile Point Grey Stone Projectile Point
21 00.30.129B Fishing Weight Grey Stone Fishing weight