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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.30.108 Awl, sewing 2 sewing awls. One is multicolored with red, pink and yellow, and the other is mostly white/gray.
2 00.30.116I Projectile Point Pink core point. A few large notches have been taken out. Various circles in rock. 
3 00.30.124 Gouge Semi-polished.
4 2015-10-60 Trophy Trophy with a gold statue of a tennis player holding a racket next to a large wooden cut out of Iowa displaying the award with the year in silver lettering. This rests on top of a gold plaque with black lettering explaining the award. Award is also printed in silver lettering along the bottom of the trophy. Trophy is made by Josten's. 2015-10-60 (Trophy) image
5 2015-10-8 Plaque Malcolm Price Laboratory School Outstanding Alumni plaque from 2003 for Gary Kroeger. Went to MPLS from 1965-1975 and participated in 12 plays (2 musicals), chorus, band, madrigal dinner, speech, music contests, track, and tennis. Graduated from Northwestern University and is listed as an advertising creative director. Plaque made by Gibson Specialty Co. 2015-10-8 (Plaque) image
6 UNIM1988.11.0304B Earrings Pair of Lions Club International earings. Both circular with an "L" symbol for Lions Club International in the center of the earings. On both sides of the "L" symbol are lions with the words "Lions International" written above and below the "L" symbol. Surrounding the Lions Club International symbol are the words "1959 State Convention" at the top and "Mason City, Iowa" at the bottom. The earings have screw backs. UNIM1988.11.0304B (Earrings) image