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1 00.30.108 Awl, sewing 2 sewing awls. One is multicolored with red, pink and yellow, and the other is mostly white/gray. 00.30.108 (Awl, sewing) image
2 00.30.116I Projectile Point Pink core point. A few large notches have been taken out. Various circles in rock.  00.30.116I (Projectile Point) image
3 00.30.124 Gouge Semi-polished.
4 2015-10-60 Trophy Trophy with a gold statue of a tennis player holding a racket next to a large wooden cut out of Iowa displaying the award with the year in silver lettering. This rests on top of a gold plaque with black lettering explaining the award. Award is also printed in silver lettering along the bottom of the trophy. Trophy is made by Josten's. 2015-10-60 (Trophy) image
5 2015-10-8 Plaque Malcolm Price Laboratory School Outstanding Alumni plaque from 2003 for Gary Kroeger. Went to MPLS from 1965-1975 and participated in 12 plays (2 musicals), chorus, band, madrigal dinner, speech, music contests, track, and tennis. Graduated from Northwestern University and is listed as an advertising creative director. Plaque made by Gibson Specialty Co. 2015-10-8 (Plaque) image
6 2023-11-1 Sticker 1", round, gradient purple sticker with yellow and white text, reads "THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF Our Tomorrow -THE CAMPAIGN FOR UNI   UNI/University of Northern Iowa". Sticker is attached to a 3.3 cm x 3.5 cm piece of white sticker paper.
7 2023-11-2 Pin Round metal pin, gold in color. Embossed design on front depicts an outline of the UNI Campanile with a number 50 inside of it, letters curved around the Campanile read "ISNS ⋅ ISTC ⋅ SCI ⋅ UNI". Back of pin has a single post in the center and a butterfly pin back.
8 2023-11-3 Pin Small, semicircle, metal pin. Gold in color. Front has a debossed half-circle inside of which is a depiction of the UNI Campanile and what appears to be trees next to it, painted purple, around them in the debossed area is an embossed half circle with lines emanating off of it, resembling a sun; around the debossed half circle is purple text reading "University of Northern Iowa". The back of the pin is textured, it has a single post and a butterfly style pin back.
9 2023-11-4 Multi Purpose Tool UNI branded multi-purpose tool. Casing is black and silver plastic. One end contains a flashlight (button is on the side) and a hexagonal hole with a magnet inside of it which is meant to hold changeable screwdriver bits; the other end has a removable cap, under which are 2 hexagonal holes that hold 2 headed screwdriver bits, one bit has large and small flat screwdriver heads and the other has large and small Phillips screwdriver heads. Built into the plastic of the body below the screwdriver heads is a liquid leveler with neon green liquid. 2023-11-4 (Multi Purpose Tool) image
10 2023-11-5 Sticker 2.5" round, off-white sticker. Image of a brown bell mid-ring in the center with purple text around it reading "RETURN OF THE BELLS  Our Tomorrow -THE CAMPAIGN FOR UNI    UNI/University of Northern Iowa". Back is covered with white sticker paper.
11 2023-11-6 Bookmark Gold metal bookmark with an etching of an arched gateway, path, and trees, below which is an etching of the UNI logo.
12 2023-8-1 Mask University of Northern Iowa WinCraft brand face mask, meant for use as personal protective equipment (PPE) during the COVID-19 pandemic. The mask is made from a single piece of fabric that is purple on one side and white on the other; it is designed to have a main mask portion, 2 side flaps with 2 holes each for putting the mask over the wearer's ears, and an extra piece of fabric at the top which is meant to fold over inside of the mask and create an extra layer of coverage over the wearer's mouth and nose. The portion of the fabric making up the front main mask and ear hole flaps are printed with a pattern alternating between the University of Northern Iowa logo on its own and the University of Northern Iowa logo with the panther. The extra piece of fabric is printed with information, including: the proper use of the mask including a simple diagram of how to fold the top portion of the mask over and which ear holes to use in order to fit small, medium, or large faces; information on FDA and CDC guidelines for proper mask wearing and social distancing, including that the mask has not been cleared by the FDA for medical grade protection; and information regarding the production of the mask including the company, materials used, proper care, and that a portion of the proceeds will be donated to COVID-19 relief funds.
13 UNIM1988.11.0304B Earrings Pair of Lions Club International earings. Both circular with an "L" symbol for Lions Club International in the center of the earings. On both sides of the "L" symbol are lions with the words "Lions International" written above and below the "L" symbol. Surrounding the Lions Club International symbol are the words "1959 State Convention" at the top and "Mason City, Iowa" at the bottom. The earings have screw backs. UNIM1988.11.0304B (Earrings) image