Ivory Coast

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1 2021-19-15 Mask This is a zamble mask made from the Guro people of the Ivory Coast. Zamble masks combine animal and human features, and are typically worn at festivals and funerals. The mask has two large horns that jut from the forehead. They have a light brown stripe in the middle of the two black sides of each horn. On the forehead are three carved wood squares with two vertical lines in each. The eyes are a light brown circle with an almond shaped pupil, with an eye slit in both. There is a small ridge on the nose. The nose continues down into diamond patterns. The mask features a snout or a long mouth. There are triangle shaped teeth carved into each lip. The tongue is carved from the wood. Some evidence of wood splitting. The mask has six drilled holes on the rim.  2021-19-15 (Mask) image
2 2021-19-19 Mask This is a Guro mask from the Ivory Coast. It features a slim face painted red. There are two upturned eyes that are painted gold on the waterline. The mask has two small ears on the sides of the head. There is a long, thin nose, a wide philtrum, and small jutting lips. The chin of the mask features a scaled creature head that is painted gold. There are four wood protrusions on both sides of the face, and the mask also have two carving marks on the cheeks. On the forehead, in the center, there is a square cut in three parts right above the eyebrows. A gold line is  painted where the hair starts. The hair detail on this mask features lines etched into rolling hill shaped hair. On top of the hair is a long, decorated handle. It contains a wider base, some vertical lines, then the handle is carved to the side. The mask has six drill holes along the rim. There are two points of wood cracking on the mask.  2021-19-19 (Mask) image
3 2021-19-5 Mask This is a mask from the Dan people of the Ivory Coast. It features a large, oblong, concave face. There are two eye holes with red painted above and below them, ending at the same line that the nose ends at. The nose is large and has a vertical line running up it to the top of the forehead. The lips are large, open into the mask, and painted white. Along the curve of the forehead is a brown cloth painted with mud and paint to become hard and uniform. Stitched with raffia are white cowrie seashells. Under the headband, continuing all the way around the bottom part of the mask, is a raffia beard.  2021-19-5 (Mask) image
4 2021-19-7 Mask This is a yaure mask from the Guro people of the Ivory Coast. This mask has an intricately carved face, long antelope horns, and a carved naked man holding onto the horns while standing on top of the mask. There is a zigzag pattern around the face of the mask made of the same wood. Along the face is a wheat pattern that continues in the eyebrows. There is a protruding vertical line on the forehead. The back of the mask features textured cloth along the rim. Three half circles with circular carvings are present on the forehead. Touching of object has led to some spots turning color of original wood. Next to antlers on outside of mask feature carved long ears.  2021-19-7 (Mask) image