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1 2021-19-21 Antelope Mask This mask is an antelope mask made in the style of the Marka people. It is very long and made of wood. The mask has a very long carved face. The eye holes beneath a overhanging foreheard. The nose is along and rectangular. The mouth is small but open and protrudes outward. The chin is long and darker with 9 horizontal lines carved around it. The top of the mask features two long straight horns, and in the center of those is a connected piece of wood that drapes to the back of the head. Patterns adorn this mask using carving techniques.  2021-19-21 (Antelope Mask) image
2 2021-19-22 Headdress A Chiwara is an object used in rituals of the Bambara people of Mali. The headdress represents an antelope, and their society uses Chiwara masks in ritual and dance associated with agriculure to teach young Bambara men agricultural techniques and social values. This headdress contains a wood carved antelope standing on a circular wooden platform. The platform has burlap fabric covering the platform as well as the base of the headdress. There are two fabric flaps that drape at the front and back of the base. The antelope is embellished with cowrie seashells sewn into a burlap cloth neck covering. The body and head of the antelope are intricately carved with lines and shapes. The nose of the antelope has a metal ring through the septum. The antelopes ears stretch farther than its curved tail. Native dirt is tacked onto the fabric of the piece.  2021-19-22 (Headdress) image