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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.30.263 Pitcher Ceramic pitcher with wide rim 3 1/8" arrow with small lip opposite handle. Has horizontal stripes of varying blue, tan, reddish brown and two wide stripes with flower and petal design, blue black and cream near widest part of bowl and another stripe near top, of black, blue and red. Handle has dark brown stipe down entire length outside. "Made in Mexico" label on bottom. 00.30.263 (Pitcher) image
2 1968.9.2.1 Bag Straw. (# inside lid). 1968.9.2.1 (Bag) image
3 1978.15.50 Sculpture Large head and chest, small left arm, right arm missing, 1/8" groove in top center of head, 1/4" eyes, hollow head. Red, Brown, Black 1978.15.50 (Sculpture) image
4 1988.21.14 Ceramic Statue of Chihuahua dog with spotty red fake patina all over parts of the body and head 1988.21.14 (Ceramic) image
5 1988.21.25 Tripod Pot Round, tripod pot largest at shoulder. Tapers to neck, then flares outward. Line designs on feet, row of 2 designs on widest part of body. Geometric design on shoulder. Vertical lines on lip and 2 designs on interior. Design on underside of body in brown. 1988.21.25 (Tripod Pot) image
6 1988.21.4 Pitcher A ceramic clay pitcher with a goose head spout that leads to the wider portion of the container 1988.21.4 (Pitcher) image