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1 2010.17.108 Incense a&b silver container with long tubular lid with holes at the top and a twist off lower body, sits upright, orange 'pelletes' into the diffuser, heated, produced orange scent in room
2 2010.17.63 Dallah Very ornate small coffeepot, intricate etchings and designs, traditional stacked lid with triangle design, curved handle with dot and line etchings, flower pattern along bottom of pot, hourglass shape. 2010.17.63 (Dallah) image
3 2010.17.75 Coffeepot Plain looking x large coffeepot, signature on side, curved handle, traditional stacked lid, 'beak' style spout, line pattern etched on lid. Dallah (A term used for coffeepot) 2010.17.75 (Coffeepot) image
4 2010.17.76 Broiler Large coffee serving tray/broiler with four legs and also four extensions to make the legs taller, 2 handles on sides, and a storage drawer on the left side. A bit heavy. 70cm long, 19cm tall, and 46 cm width. Acquired in Libya some time between 1962-1982. Made of brass material. Used to prepare coffee, tea. Charcoal is placed in the center of the tray. 2010.17.76 (Broiler) image
5 2010.17.78 Cezve small cylindrical cup with long handle, brass or copper, funnel style spout, hourglass form, textured outside. 15.5cm handle, 23cm bottom to tip of handle, 21cm base, 16.5cm top around, 8cm top to bottom 2010.17.78 (Cezve) image
6 2010.17.79 Coffeepot Simple large coffeepot with 'beak' style spout. 2010.17.79 (Coffeepot) image
7 2020-FIC-111 Pot Arabic brass coffee pot, Dallah, and used to brew gahwa. gulf , or Khaleeji coffees. The pot hads a hinged lid held in place with an aluminum pin and has a leather wrapped handle.