North Carolina

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1 2022-27-37 Dulcimer Appalachian dulcimer, unrelated to the hammered dulcimer, made from wood. Body/soundbox is long and ellipse or "boat" shaped, it has 2 heart-shaped soundholes near the middle of the body, placed on either side of the neck. The "neck" is rectangular with a half-circle scoop near the bottom where the instrument would traditionally be plucked, it is centered over the soundbox and has 17 unevenly spaced metal frets. At the top of the neck is the headstock, which contains 4 cylindrical tuning pegs with rectangular heads; there is an ornamental carving of a woman's head at the end of the headstock, she has long hair that curls at the end, a pointed nose, and an open mouth. At the bottom of the neck is a small bridge, followed by the tailblock, which has 4 wooden pegs where the strings wrap around. There are 4 metal strings, 2 of which have what appears to be small pieces of pipe cleaner wrapped around them where they wrap around their wooden pegs on the tailblock. Carving on the back of the headstock reads "Martin original Craftsman Swannanoa, N.C."