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Catalog # Name Description
1 1977.8.0001 Basket Multicolored designs on both basket and lid. a. Basket. b. Lid. a. Gray with three designs in red, purple and aqua. These three designs seem to be some sort of Indian symbol. These symbols measure 1 1/8" x 7/8". b. Attu grass lid for basket. Lid is green-tan with the same gray border design as is on the basket. Lid has a knob on the very top which has a red ring around it plus another ring of purple and one of red. Color: GY,GR,PR 1977.8.0001 (Basket) image
2 1977.8.0002 Basket Finely woven cylindrical basket and lid. a. Attu grass basket, green-tan with two rings setting off the middle of the basket. Rings are red and blue with a purple design running parallel to the rings. There are two designs in between the rings, one in blue and one in red. The designs are four separate parts comprising the whole and form the shape of a shining star. b. Attu grass lid. Green-tan with the same red and blue ring as on basket. Knob on top of lid has one blue ring followed by a smaller red ring and finally a red circle at the very top of the knob. Color: GR,TN,ML 1977.8.0002 (Basket) image
3 1977.8.0003 Basket Basket and lid. a. Basket, green-tan with two rings of red diagonal thread. Rings set off the middle of the basket and have four blue rectangles surrounding a single red rectangle. The other two are four red rectangles surrounding a single blue rectangle. b. Green-tan lid. One ring around outside of lid in blue-green color followed by a red ring to the inside. Knob has a red ring followed by an aqua ring and finally a red circle on top. Color: TN,RD,BL 1977.8.0003 (Basket) image
4 1989.60.0012 Basket Birch bark bottom. 1989.60.0012 (Basket) image