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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.27.0005 Bear, grizzly Claw.
2 00.27.0126 Bear, American Standing. Color: BR
3 Black bear Color: BK
4 Bear, black Color: BK/BR
5 Bear, black None
6 Bear, grizzly Color: BR
7 1980.15.0009 Bear, grizzly Front half.
8 1989.60.0007 Bear Claw.
9 1989.60.0008 Bear Claw.
10 2004.16.1 Bear, polar Off white, yellowish full-size bear on snow-like mount with wheels. Open mouth. Head tilted to left. Front legs parallel, right hind leg slightly forward, left hind leg slightly back. Short hair on dorsal, long hair ventral. Completely carnivorous, live on seals.Found only in Arctic. Hunted from February through mid-April. Protected under Marine Mammal Act of 1972. Can no longer be brought into U. S. U. S. special permits are available for hunting. Color: WH,YL