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Catalog # Name Description
1 Black bear Color: BK
2 Bear, black Color: BK/BR
3 Bear, black None
4 Bear, grizzly Color: BR
5 1997.28.0006 Bear, black Black bear mounted on a fully lined rug, with head, open mouth, and all claws. Rug is tan on reverse side but has 2 trim layers on the edge that are gold and brown, respectively. Teeth are showing and tongue is a very dark purple and seems to be darkening as it ages. Stands up to 29" to 38" at shoulders. 13 1/4" width from ear to ear. Weighed from 225 to 300 pounds. Color: BR,TN,GD
6 1997.28.0007 Bear, black Black bear mounted on a fully lined brown rug with a light brown double felt border. Head is attached with mouth open. Tongue is soft and is pink in color. Fur is brown in most areas while the neck and nose area are tanner in color. It has all claws. The fur is thinner on the far right and left areas of the stomach. 5" x 4" spot in back that hair no longer is attached. 7 rings are sewn on reverse of rug for hanging. Color: BR
7 2004.16.0001 Bear, polar Off white, yellowish full-size bear on snow-like mount with wheels. Open mouth. Head tilted to left. Front legs parallel, right hind leg slightly forward, left hind leg slightly back. Short hair on dorsal, long hair ventral. Completely carnivorous, live on seals.Found only in Arctic. Hunted from February through mid-April. Protected under Marine Mammal Act of 1972. Can no longer be brought into U. S. U. S. special permits are available for hunting. Color: WH,YL
8 2004.16.0002 Bear, brown (skull) Brown bear skull mounted on a cross-shaped wooden board. Skull has a metal ring to distinguish it from the other bear skulls. Color: WH
9 2004.16.0005 Bear, polar Large polar bear rug. Mouth open to show teeth. Feet still have claws attached. Color of skin varies from cream to darker blonde. Lined in blue and light blue felt. Color: CR
10 2004.16.0006 Bear, polar (skull) Polar bear skull mounted on oval wood board. Closed mouth. Came from same bear as bear rug (2004.16.5). Color: WH
11 2004.16.0007 Bear, polar (skull) Skull mounted on oval wooden board. Came from polar bear full mount (2004.16.1). Color: WH,BR
12 2004.16.4 Rug Large bear rug lined with brown and tan felt. Rug has head, mouth is open to show teeth. Feet on rug still have claws. Bear is varying shades of light brown.