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Catalog # Name Description
1 Doll Two parts. a. Doll. b. Doll's umbrella.
2 1968.9.18.10 Puzzle Sectional. Oval, in blue cardboard box. Has Japanese writing on top.
3 1968.9.18.9 Puzzle Sectional. Square with corners cut off.
4 1972.46.3 Bookmark Chiyogogami. a. boy. b. girl.
5 1972.46.4 Book Book and origami figure. a, Crane. b., Book, "Happy Origami". Color: BK,WH Crane made by origami, the Japanese art of paper folding. The crane is a symbol of peace and everlasting life. According to legend, if you make 1000 cranes, your wish will come true
6 1979.16.19 Doll Baby, small.
7 1979.16.20 Doll Baby, small.
8 1979.16.21 Model People inside. Miniature.
9 1995.24.11 Doll Wearing a kimono with 3/4" orange belt. Pattern of kimono is blue and red; there is a 3" tail hanging off each sleeve; head is bald. Red lipstick. b. Black wig with purple ribbon tied around top of hair; goes into a ponytail. c. Black wig with with orange and white fabric tied around top of hair; goes into a ponytail tied with a small bronze medallion. There is also a pink and green flower on the side of the hair. d. Black wig with orange and white fabric tied around the top of the head with a small brown flower on top. Color: BL,BK,RD,GR
10 1995.24.13 Doll Ceramic doll with black hair, wearing a pink, white and blue dress; eyebrows painted on. Wearing red lipstick; bottomhalf of dress looks like shorts with lace at the bottom. b. right arm. c. & d. left and right legs. Color: WH,PK,BL
11 2017-1-4 Mask Japanese good luck mask with two red tassels at the corners of the mouth. The face is smiling and winking. 2017-1-4 (Mask) image
12 2017-1-5 Mask Oval Japanese "good luck" mask, depicted smiling. Plant fibers create a beard 18 cm long. 2017-1-5 (Mask) image