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Catalog # Name Description
1 Cup, nesting Fit together in an egg.
2 Spoon None
3 Bowl, model Model of a grinding bowl.
4 Canoe, model Canoe and paddle. a. Outrigger canoe. b. Paddle.
5 Wheelbarrow, model Wheelbarrow type cart.
6 1992.33.1.8 Machete Two parts. a. holder. b. machete.
7 1998.20.1 Pestle Poi pounder, like a pestle. Made of hard black volcanic rock. Base of pounder is round and edges curve upward for 4 1/2. The last inch is a handle to hold the pounder. There are two grooves in the handle to place your fingers on. Color: BK
8 1998.20.4 Model, canoe, outrigger Outrigger canoe and paddle. a. Canoe and outrigger. Very smooth wood. Outrigger attached as on normal-sized canoe with twine. Outrigger extends 3 3/4" out from canoe and is 14 1/2" long. Canoe is carved out of solid piece of wood. b. Paddle. Brown, carved out of solid piece of wood. Lying in bottom of canoe; not attached. Color: BR
9 2017-1-6 Board Facsimile of a Rongorongo board. Three figures are on one half of the surface and rongorongo writing on the other half. 2017-1-6 (Board) image