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1 1973.11 Photograph, Panoramic Panoramic image of Iowa Academy of Science, 1934, Dr. E. J. Cable, President. Various members of the ISTC faculty are pictured including Emmett J. Cable and Cyrus W. Lantz 1973.11 (Photograph, Panoramic) image
2 1981.10 Photograph, Panoramic ISTC (panoramic view) black and white, dated November 2, 1915. Photo by Hebard-Showers Co., Des Moines, Iowa. View of students and faculty holding banners lableled "Freshmen", "Juniors" and "BA". 1981.10 (Photograph, Panoramic) image
3 1984.6.1 Photograph, Panoramic Panoramic photograph of Camp Dodge during the Summer of 1918. Photo says " Development Brigade #1"
4 1984.6.3 Photograph, Panoramic Panoramic photograph of the secretaries at Camp Dodge dated December 16, 1918.
5 1984.6.4 Photograph, Panoramic Panaromaic photograph showing a overview of Camp Dodge from a roof.
6 1984.6.5 Photograph, Panoramic Panoramic photograph of war workers at YMCA Camp Dodge; "86081". Donor, Harry L. Eells, is marked with a blue X (8 from the left)
7 1990.17 Photograph, Panoramic Panoramic image of ISTC, Cedar Falls, Ia, Nov. 11, 1914. 1990.17 (Photograph, Panoramic) image
8 1990.43.2 Photograph, Panoramic Panoramic reproduction of image taken on June 20th, 1922 of 3200 ISTC students sitting in front of the library. 1990.43.2 (Photograph, Panoramic) image
9 1990.48.2 Photograph, Panoramic Panoramic view of ISTC campus. Includes the President's home, Old Main, the Auditorium amd the present day Ethnic Minorities Cultural Center. The students on the left are non-grads, the students in the center are grads and the children on the right are the classes of the student teachers. 1990.48.2 (Photograph, Panoramic) image
10 1998.27.1 Photograph, Panoramic Panoramic image of the University of Northern Iowa campus early in the 20th century. In the foreground of the photo are the faculty, administration, college students and young children from the training school. Most people in the photo are wearing coats or jackets, and most of the trees have lost their leaves. In the center background of the photo is Lang Hall and just off to the left of that is North Hall and the Old Administration Bujilding. South Hall is barely visible to the left of the Old Administration Building and Seerley Hall is visible to the left of it.; Homer Seerley, president of the School, is seated in the middle of the photo in the front row and a female student is holding a tennis racket four people to the right of Seerley. On the left side of the photo three students are sitting on top of one of the cannons from the Spanish-American War. The Physical Plant can be seen behind North Hall. 1998.27.1 (Photograph, Panoramic) image
11 1998.6.1 Photograph, Panoramic Panoramic print of student body of the Iowa State Teachers College in Cedar Falls, Iowa. In white cursive lettering "Iowa State Teachers College, July 1st, 1914" is shown on the left side of the shot. Included among the student body in front are the many children enrolled in the campus laboratory school. Many trees in the foreground and background, with a flagpole in the center background of the print. Among the visible buildings are Old Main on the left side and Lang hall in the center. 1998.6.1 (Photograph, Panoramic) image
12 2003.9 Photograph, Panoramic UNI poster celebrating 125-year anniversary. Has four pictures of the campus from 1876-1967, one from each of the following time periods: 1876-1909 When the school was named I N S (Iowa Normal School); 1909-1961 when the school was ISTC (Iowa State Teachers College)' 1961-1967 when the name was SCI(State College of Iowa); 1967 - present when the name became UNI (University of Northern Iowa). Gold and purple, with gold or tan and white photos. Color: GD,PR 2003.9 (Photograph, Panoramic) image
13 2007.10.2 Photograph, Panoramic Panoramic photo showing ISTC students in winter apparel outside of Seerley. "Iowa state Teachers College Cedar Falls, Iowa Nov. 12 1924" written on top in white handwriting.
14 2007.10.3 Photograph, Panoramic Panoramic photo of the 1923 ISTC class and children sitting outside a Seerley Hall. The students in the center are holding a white sign that says "Seniors A" sign label handwritten at bottom
15 2007.10.4 Photograph, Panoramic Black and White photograph of students sitting outside Seerley Hall. Photo says "Cedar Falls State Teachers College, June 20th, 1922" and "Library" is had written on the building. Back of the images says "These belong to children" It is unknown what this means.
16 2010.5.1 Photograph, Panoramic Reproduction. Panoramic view of the Iowa State Teachers College campus. The photograph is black and white and shows several buildings surrounded by sidewalks and trees. The trees have no leaves so it can be assumed the picture was taken during the fall or spring. There is one person at the intersection of the sidewalks. Two other people are standing in front of the central building. The picture has a black border. Under the picture is written "Iowa State Teachers College". Back is blank. 2010.5.1 (Photograph, Panoramic) image
17 2010.5.2 Photograph, Panoramic Reproduction. Panoramic, black and white picture of students at Iowa State Teachers College. There are many students surrounding trees on campus with buildings in the background. Under the photograph is written Iowa State Teachers College, Summer 1916. The students appear to be in formal clothing. The back is blank. 2010.5.2 (Photograph, Panoramic) image
18 2010.5.3 Photograph, Panoramic Long panoramic photo of ISTC studenbody most seated on the ground at front of school off of College Street. On right side of photo written "Iowa State Teachers College Jun 29, 1915 Hibard Showers Co. Des Moines IA". People standing in back and along sides. Most are dressed in white or in light color clothing. Seerley Hall is in center back of photo. 2010.5.3 (Photograph, Panoramic) image
19 2017-37-1 Photograph, Panoramic Panoramic photograph taken of the Roland, IA Consolidated School on October 12, 1920. Photograph was taken by the Hepard-Showers Company from Des Moines and lists Karl Hanson as the superintendent. 
20 2018-32-1 Photograph, Panormic Panoramic image of ISTC campus. Image taken by Hebard-Showers Company of Des Moines, IA. College Street is seen in upper right corner of the image. 2018-32-1 (Photograph, Panormic) image
21 2019-16-1 Photograph, Panoramic Panoramic photograph of Bartlett Hall, Iowa State Teachers College.