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1 Belt Womens Victorian leather belt highly decorated with two snakes, four leaves, and three flowers. (Belt) image
2 Doily Decorated with flower patterns. Attached tag "Cata. 86". Color: BK, BL, WH
3 1968.9.18.1 Calendar Woven.
4 1969.30.15 Slip Woman's. Petticoat. Little girl's black, long sleeved, floor length. Double ruffle around the bottom. Hook and eye clasps at back closing. Color: BK 1969.30.15 (Slip) image
5 1970.16.1 Dress Two-piece; brown. a. Blouse. Leg-o-mutton sleeves. Gathered removable panel on front from collar to waist, attached by hook and eyes. There are three sets of three tucks on each shoulder and brown velvet trim at the neckline and around the edges of the sleeves. Eyes are located on band at bottom of blouse that correspond to hooks found on inside of skirt. Gathered panel of blouse is held together with hook and eyes to the rest of the blouse. If panel is removed, it forms a "dickey". b. Skirt, gored with rows of gathered stitches at the top of a 15" wide flounce. Hook and eye closure at center back. Hook and eyes attach bodice to skirt. Color: BR 1970.16.1 (Dress) image
6 1970.17.18 Blouse Woman's. White short-sleeved, scoop-necked voile. White eyelet trim on the sleeves and along the neckline. The upper blouse front is trimmed with embroidered French-knot ribbons. Inset strings gather the blouse at the waist. Color: WH 1970.17.18 (Blouse) image
7 1970.9.97 Blouse Wool stitchery; multi-colored, 38" wide x 31 3/4". Back opening 4" x 3 1/4". Outside seal says 18.00.
8 1972.29.2.1 Mola Magenta-colored fabric is base with purple, yellow, orange, red, blue, green and white above, and black as the top layer. Designs cut into various layers exposing color below. Hand sewn. Concentric 5-pointed star design in center, bird at right, mammal at left. Small straight-line designs throughout. Outer edges unfinished. Underlayers exposed on right side. Color: BK,PR,YL
9 1972.31.13 Mat Woven, small. Predominantly blue. Fringed ends. 17 rows of multi-colored stripes on each end. Color: BL,ML
10 1972.31.14 Mat Woven, small. Predominantly red. Fringed ends. 17 horizontal stripes multi-colored on each end.. Color: BL,ML
11 1972.46.32 Curtain Stamped "Japan". A white picture of old sake brewery is printed on a piece of dark blue cotton. 3 cloth hangars on the top through which a rod may be placed so the curtain will hang up.
12 1973.18 Towel, hand Hand embroidered and appliqued. One inch border on one end in yellow and orange. Embroidered design of a green plant with yellow flowers in the lower center above the border. Prominent applique design of 3 green leaves with 3 green grape-like fruits under top leaf, 3 blue fruits under middle leaf, and 2 yellow fruits under bottom leaf. Color: YL, ML
13 1973.43.101 Doily Hem stitched borders. Inner three units of hand-drawn work. 1973.43.101 (Doily) image
14 1973.43.7 Dress Woman's.Two-piece. a. dress blouse of fine white cotton. Round neck, lace yoke edged with wide lace ruffle. Fastens down back with hooks and eyes. 3/4 length sleeves. Wide lace at end of sleeves. Strings at sides to fasten at front. b. Dress skirt of fine white cotton. Pleated at waist. Closes at back with hook and eyes. Eight tucks at bottom of skirt. Color: WH 1973.43.7 (Dress) image
15 1973.51.12 Scarf Woman's. Handmade open lace. Back with 3-5" dark green near edge with 1" black scallop border. Border of scarf tattered with age. Color: GR,BK 1973.51.12 (Scarf) image
16 1973.51.7 Bag, laundry Heavy-weight cotton. Rounded with scalloped edge. White silk 1 1/8" wide ribbon as hanger drawn through from back to front on both sides and tied in a bow on front side at each end of the ribbon. Heavy white cotton embroidery on front. Narrow white spirals one each side and large solid embroidered daisy center front. Color: WH
17 1973.56.2 Scarf Woman's. Olive green; red and gold popcorn stitch band; scalloped edge. Triangular shape. Color: GR,RD,GD 1973.56.2 (Scarf) image
18 1973.80.1.3 Mola Unframed; elaborate and horizontal. Chicken knifing fish with machete. Black fish, chicken, and background, figures outlined in orange, red, and yellow. Also green, bright bluwe, lavendar, rose, chartreuse, gold and white. Much detailed embroidery, some chain-stitch. Color: ML
19 1973.80.3.7 Mat Fringed. Large bright red dragon with black dorsal strip and prominences, black eye and teeth and black protuberances above tail. a mat and b label. Color: WH,BK,RD
20 1974.1.7 Dress Two parts. a. Dress with machine embroidery. The entire dress is from the same yardage, about 13" wide and embroidery 7 1/4" deep. The top is made of two pieces, sewed together at center back and with three snaps at front, forming a "V" neckline-front and back. Kimono type 3/4 length sleeves with embroidery at bottom. 1/2" inserted waist band. Skirt has three tiers of flounces and is underlined. Dress was designed to highlight the embroidery. (Number inside waist band.) b. White cotton slip, built up shoulders, some embroidery about neckline. Lace insert at waist. 15" embroidered flounce at bottom of slip. Lace insert at top of flounce. 19" opening down back; seven button holes, two buttons missing. (Number top back opening.) Color: WH 1974.1.7 (Dress) image
21 1974.30.3 Tapestry Woven. Bird design. Wool square with unfinished "fringe" of cut strings at top and bottom. Bird black with blue neck and ruff; multi-colored feathers. Color: TN,BK,BL, 1974.30.3 (Tapestry) image
22 1976.22.13 Case, traveling Made of natural colored linen trimmed (edged) in light blue silk ribbon and ties are also of light blue silk. The case has compartments for a hairbrush, comb, hairpins, soap, toothbrush, and sundries. The words are embroidered in blue on each compartment. When folded up the front flap has an "S" embroidered in light blue over cord. On each side of the "S" are pink and blue embroidered flowers with green stems and leaves. Color: TN,BL,PK
23 1978.31.1 Textile Multi-colored (red, blue green, yellow striped) sheer cloth, "Philippine" stitched on center section. Stitched in white thread is depicted a Philippine jungle scene--palm trees, water birds, bamboo houses. Color: RD,GR,BL,YL
24 1982.25 Shirt Main panel of shirt black, yellow, orange and red; sleeves and upper part of shirt blue, yellow, pink, and white; bottom portion of shirt torn. Two panels of ruffle remaining one red, one yellow, one side torn halfway up the side seam. Drawstring at neck. Color: BK,BL,RD
25 1988.21.9 Napkin Marked a. - f. woven napkins with fringe on all four sides. A-d blue with white bird design in center and white, red, yellow, brown and blue strips at each end. E is brown with stylized bird design in center and white, yellow, brown, and black stripes on each end. F green and white with stylized bird design in center and black, green, yellow, white stripes at each end. Color: BL,WH,GR,ML
26 1990.42.49 Poncho Very small with alternating color bands. The bands come together in the center at multi-colored diamond. The predominant color is blue. 5" warp fringe. Color: BL,ML
27 1990.42.50 Poncho Alternating bands of many colors converging on a central multi-colored diamond. The dominant color is blue and the 5" fringed is knotted warp. Color: BL,ML
28 1990.42.65 Mola Needlework. From Panama or Colombia. It is a boxing match with a red front and green back. The words "Alonio" and "Amalla" are on the top. Color: RD,GR
29 1990.58.66 Tablecloth Part of a bridge set. Its major color is orange with multi-colored bands at the ends. In the middle is an image of a person.. b, c, d, and e. Napkin. Colors and description the same as tablecloth. Color: OR,ML
30 1991.11.95 Dress Entire dress is lace, staining at top of hemline.
31 1993.21.1 Sampler Mola. Applique and reverse applique. Cotton with orange, black, green, blue, pink, white, red, and yellow. Unfinished edges; basting stitches loose. Color: ML
32 1993.21.2 Sampler Three small circular molas sewn together; 3 designs one in each circle: shell with crab, bird, and fish. Red with white trim edge, black, blue, red, yellow, green, pink, orange, white decoration. Color: RD,BK,WH,ML
33 1993.21.3.1 Textile Hand-embroidered; on burlap square. Done in black outline. Village scene with cow & fields. 3 finished edges, 1 edge short fringe. Color: BR,GR,RD
34 1993.21.3.2 Textile Hand-embroidered; on burlap square. Done in black outline. Village scene with fields surrounding it; sun in center top, bird atop one of buildings. 3 finished and 1 fringed edge. Color: BR,GR,RD
35 1993.21.3.3 Textile Hand-embroidered; on burlap square. Done in black outline. Village in background. Woman carrying bundle on head & goat in foreground. 3 finished & 1 fringed edge. Color: BR,GR,RD
36 1993.21.3.4 Textile Hand-embroidered; on burlap square. Done in black outline. Village in background with goat in foreground. Top edge fringed. Other edges finished. Color: BR,GR,RD
37 1993.21.3.5 Textile Hand-embroidered on burlap square. Done in black outline. Village in background with goat in foreground. All edges finished. Color: BR,GR,RD
38 1993.37.12 Poncho Poncho or serape, child's. Off white, woven wool square, folded in half with a hole cut for the head, 7" wide. The edge of the wool is hemmed with a similar colored thread. "Grant" is written in permanent ink along the inside edge of the garment. Color: CR
39 1993.37.3 Poncho Cream colored canvas with stripes. Cotton square, with sides open. "V" at center of serape for head, marked by leather triangles at bottom of the V in the front and the V in the back. It is woven with cotton. Bottom is marked by tassels extending from the cotton in the body of the garment. Stripes are woven into the garment. "Grant" is written in permanent marker at the V on the inside of the garment. Color: CR,BK,RD
40 1994.4.1 Bag Bag, handwoven strip of material doubled in half and attached together at one end. Attached end is fringed and has designs woven into weft, extending 15 1/2" towards other end. Design motifs include birds, stick figures and geometric designs. Along both edges parallel to warp is colored design. Chin, Ramree Island. 1/2" hole 3" from side 27" from fringe - completely through.
41 1994.4.2 Bag Bag, handwoven strip of material doubled in half and attached together at one end. Attached end is fringed and has designs woven into weft, extending 15 1/2" towards other end. Design motifs include birds and geometric designs. Reverse side motifs include figure on horse, geometric designs. Along both edges parallel to warp is colored design. Chin, Ramree Island.
42 1994.4.3 Pants Pants, light blue silk. Wide waist, narrow cuffs, shallow crotch, baggy thighs; hole at waistband is for a drawstring. Fading took place on garment possibly due to style of wear. Color: BL
43 1994.6.1 Cloth, decorative Embroidery on cotton dyed with indigo and treated with egg white. Embroidery in a circle with ray-like threads extending all around. Circles of purple, fuschia and teal; band of white embroidery with spiral designs, intermittent spots of fuschia; circle of orange, green and fuschia; inner circle of more spiral embroidery with teal and fuschia flower motif in the center. For baby carrier. Color: ML
44 1998.17.10 Blouse Black velvet with elbow length sleeves. The neckline in the front and back forms a wide V. The bottom of the blouse in the front and back is also shaped like a V with the point in the center. A zipper measures 8" on the left side, from the bottom to the underarm. Color: BK
45 1998.17.11 Blouse V-neck. Long sleeves with a snap on each cuff. Shirring at the shoulders is 1 1/2" deep and 3 1/2" wide. The right side of the blouse crosses over to the waist on the left side; this creates the v-neck. Where it connects at the waist there is more of shirring that is 3" long and 2" wide. A 5 3/4" long and 21" wide strip of the same red satin is sewn onto the bottom of the blouse to form a peplum. Color: RD
46 1998.17.3 Skirt Black velvet A-line skirt. A zipper extends from the hip on the right down 8". Color: BK
47 1999.26.1 Pants Corduroy pants, left side closure with zipper and button. Two front pockets. Four front pleats, two rear darts. Five belt loops. Forest green color with lime green finishing accents. Interior mixed yarn waistband with rubber ribbing. Black label on inside waistband: "Cordurella by Crompto [?]/FOR/SHIRETEX/Slacks by Devonshire." Stamped onto waistband; "SHIRETEX/Slacks by Devonshire" in three places, two near side closure, one near back seam. Interior finishing thread is purple. Cuffs machine finished with hand repairs. Color: GR,WH
48 2003.13.6 Hanging Rectangular woven wool hanging. Fringe along left and right sides. Purple border with white inside. Flowers in white background, in corners, and large floral design in the middle. Color: PR.WH,PK,GR,BL
49 2016-24-38A Sock Light Pink knee-high girls sock. Part of a pair. Heels are darned with white thread. Small hole, stitched, near ankle, approximately 1/2 inch in length.  2016-24-38A (Sock) image
50 2016-24-38B Sock Light pink knee high girl's sock. Part of a pair. Heel is darned with white thread.  2016-24-38B (Sock) image