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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.18.547 Shell Freshwater mussels from which button b lanks have been cut; also several blanks. 00.18.547 (Shell) image
2 Limestone Le Grand oolite. Four dark lines on the top, not sure if natural or not. Top left corner is chipped. Left side of the rectangle has some scuff marks. Some sort of shiny residue in the A of Quarry. (Limestone) image
3 Limestone Magnesium Limestone, with tag "No. 150". (Limestone) image
4 Horseshoe Covered with SiO2 and CaO3. Two upright spikes on one side, one on each half of shoe; three bent spikes on each half of same side. "This Horseshoe was coated with SiO2 and CaO3 in Geyser pool. It was placed there by Emmett Carpenter, Supt. of Yellowstone Park. M. F. Arey" found on paper with horseshoe. (Horseshoe) image
5 Pin Card and plastic Black Hawk Feather ( Black Hawk Co. United Appeal). Given out to members of Local No. 246, Lithographers & Photoengravers LPIU International Union, Waterloo, Iowa for the The Black Hawk County United Appeal. (Pin) image
6 1968.9.44.12 Shell Mississippi clam with holes drilled out for button production. Each is labeled 1 & 2 1968.9.44.12 (Shell) image
7 1970.47.3.924 Shell Pelecypod shell with holes drilled out for the production of buttons. Brittle shell, lost about an inch of the top shell layer on the top left. Areas around the button holes is chipping and has more loss of the top layer. A few small cracks and chips around the edge of the shell.  1970.47.3.924 (Shell) image
8 1970.47.3.991 Shell Pelecypod shell with holes drilled out for the production of buttons. 1970.47.3.991 (Shell) image
9 1970.47.3.993 Button Four; no holes. 1970.47.3.993 (Button) image
10 1970.47.3.994 Button Six buttons; four holes in each. Some sort of dirt or debris in the middle of the button. One of the buttons is loose from the mount. The mount itself needs replaced as it is peeling in one of the corners. The threads holding the buttons in place is also insecure. 1970.47.3.994 (Button) image
11 1970.47.3.996 Button, Blank Button blank made from shell 1970.47.3.996 (Button, Blank) image
12 1975.4.188 Calendar Calendar on bottom middle of framed picture of State of Liberty. Written on top of framed picture, "Annual Greetings, Brandon State Savings Bank, the Old Reliable, Brandon, Iowa." Glass covered, with Statue of Liberty in gold, with one orange and one blue stripe at bottom. The glass surrounding the object has a few minor scuffs and scratches but the object itself is sound. The paper calendar attached is showing signs of age and s coming loose at the top left. A few small stains on the back. 1975.4.188 (Calendar) image
13 1975.4.268 Ribbon, Ephemera Convention ribbon, white silk with black letters and design. "Twenty-Seventh Annual Reunion, Buchanan County Veterans' Association, Brandon, Iowa, August 10 and 11, 1904. Central eagle, ribbon, and star design. This is a commemorative ribbon celebrating 27 years of reunions. It could possibly be in reference to the veterans survived the Battle of Little Bighorn in June of 1876. 1975.4.268 (Ribbon, Ephemera) image
14 1978.13.13 Token "Good for a 10c cup of coffee, Cedar Falls, Iowa." 1978.13.13 (Token) image
15 1989.43.908 Carving Has Cedar Falls engraved on one side and 9 - 14 - 41 engraved on the bottom with designs all around. 1989.43.908 (Carving) image
16 2016-14-1 Book Salesbook used by agents of the Hawkeye Pearl Button Company to document orders. Book is complete with all carbon copy paper and rice paper still intact. Hard cardboard backing and manila colored cover. 2016-14-1 (Book) image
17 2016-14-2 Envelope Manila envelope used by the Hawkeye Pearl Button Company (Sealed) 2016-14-2 (Envelope) image
18 2016-14-3 Envelope Manila envelope used by the Hawkeye Pearl Button Company (Sealed) 2016-14-3 (Envelope) image
19 2016-14-4 Book Weight ticket book used by the Hawkeye Pearl Button Company in Muscatine Iowa. Each order is in triplicate and perforated. 2016-14-4 (Book) image
20 2020-FIC-11 Can Can of drinking water canned by Miller and donated to Iowans across the state during the flood of 1993. Can says "Not For Sale" Donation.  2020-FIC-11 (Can) image
21 2020-FIC-12 Can Can of drinking water canned by Anheuser-Busch, Inc. and donated to Iowans across the state during the flood of 1993. Can says "Drinking Water (Not for Sale)". Can has a decent amount of small dents going around the middle of the can. No damage to the top or bottom of can. Small stain of sorts on the top half of the back of the can. 2020-FIC-12 (Can) image