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Catalog # Name Description
1 1970.47.5.3 Medal Lion's head medal. Metal with red rhinestones for the lion's eyes and white rhinestone in the lion's mouth. Not positive what the stones are. Lion's head is attached to leather strap. Initials K. W. (Karel Webster) have been scratched into the back. 1970.47.5.3 (Medal) image
2 1971.11.25 Ornament Black plastic bar with petal shapes and two stips of rhinestones on either ends. This object appears to be fastener of some sort. 1971.11.25 (Ornament) image
3 1973.43.166 Feather Adornment The adornment has ten slender red curled feathers. The feathers are held together by cloth and wire at the bottom. Most likely used as an ornament in hats or as hair pieces. 1973.43.166 (Feather Adornment ) image
4 1973.46.11.0001 Cutter, phonograph needle All metal. On left hand side has place where it fits on to turntable. On far right side has lever to press for sharpening needle, When lever is pressed two small gears fit together to turn sharpener. On top of sharpener writing says "LIDSEEN NEEDLE CUTTER", the initials L and C in a logo design, and at the bottom it says "Pat. APPLIED FOR". 1973.46.11.0001 (Cutter, phonograph needle) image
5 1989.43.0691 Comb, Ornamental Two prong, tortoise shell type, scalloped top. 1989.43.0691 (Comb, Ornamental) image
6 1989.43.0725 Charm Intricate adornment charm of some sort with small white beads hanging on thin chains along the bottom edge. There is a blue opalescent oval shaped stone in the middle. 1989.43.0725 (Charm) image
7 1990.12.0004A Necklace Necklace of a two piece set. The necklace is a circle of 3/16' rhinestones with hook closure. 3 larger, single rhinestones at front alternate with 2 rhinestone settings. There is a bracelet which is paired with it.  1990.12.0004A (Necklace) image
8 1990.58.0009 Bracelet From the Isle of Capri, Italy. Five interlocking rectangular pieces, micro mosaic or tesserae of a floral pattern. Clasp on back is basic and consists of a flat curved metal strip that is inserted into an oblong ring. 1990.58.0009 (Bracelet) image
9 1990.58.0010 Brooch From the Isle of Capri, Italy. The brooch is round in size with micro mosaic multi-colored tesserae. The mosaic forms a floral pattern. Back is metal and the fastening pin is a safety pin design. 1990.58.0010 (Brooch) image
10 1990.58.0015 Necklace White coral beads grade from 3.5 mm diameter at the clasp to 8.6 mm at the center. Gold clasp inserts into a round metal piece that has a piece of coral inlay. 1990.58.0015 (Necklace) image
11 1992.22.0040 Comb Decorative. Silver metal fan-shaped top riveted to amber colored 2-tine comb. Color: TN 1992.22.0040 (Comb) image
12 1992.22.0041 Comb Decorative. Silver metal fan-shaped top riveted to amber colored 2-tine comb. Color: SL,TN 1992.22.0041 (Comb) image
13 1994.10.0002 Necklace Hand crafted oval locket. Locket lid has raised scroll work and sixteen oval multi-colored glass cabochons around a central round moonstone. Two ball and silver wiring on chain. Locket lid is hinged at the bottom. Floral design on back. Suspended on the bottom of the locket are nine silver balls. 1994.10.0002 (Necklace) image
14 1994.10.0006 Pin Bar with faceted crystal set in 11- pronged open setting at center. Triangular wedge shape with hatching across top and diagonal slashes on top and bottom at edges. Back has pin and a clasp. 1994.10.0006 (Pin) image
15 1994.10.0012 Pendant Lustrous round abalone pendant, or cat's eye bead. The pendant has a small hole bisecting it centrally from edge to edge. A brass link is attached through the hole. At top link is a twist and link creating a catch for when it is on a chain. 1994.10.0012 (Pendant ) image
16 UNIM1986.14.1980.15.0025 Comb Hair accessory made from early plastic of the 1920s. The simulated tortoiseshell comb has 4 black teeth at the bottom. The comb spreads out at the top in a fan-shape decorated with 2 flowers and leaving . UNIM1986.14.1980.15.0025 (Comb) image
17 UNIM1988.11.0215 Comb, Side Top of comb 2 1/4" h, teeth 2 1/2" h. Seven teeth (one broken off and missing). Top of comb has 7 ea. 7/8" long cutwork. Sketch on catalog sheet. Color: wine UNIM1988.11.0215 (Comb, Side) image
18 UNIM1988.11.0232B1 Comb Large yellow/orange plastic comb with two teeth/prongs and five rhinestones along top. UNIM1988.11.0232B1 (Comb) image
19 UNIM1988.11.0232B2 Comb Black two prong comb UNIM1988.11.0232B2 (Comb) image
20 UNIM1988.11.0297 Barrettes A pair of green plastic barrettes. Both have three clusters of small balls, has metal snap together keeper on back. UNIM1988.11.0297 (Barrettes) image
21 UNIM1988.11.0304D Keychain 4-H Club keychain. Attached to the chain is a circular pendant with a 4 leave clover that contains the letter "H" on each leave.  The other side of the keychain has the 4-H Club pledge. "THE OFFICIAL 4H ClUB PLEDGE I PLEDGE MY HEAD TO CLEARER THINKING MY HEART TO GREATER LOYALTY MY HANDS TO LARGER SERVICE AND MY HEALTH TO BETTER LIVING FOR MY CLUB MY COMMUNITY AND MY COUNTRY. " UNIM1988.11.0304D (Keychain) image
22 UNIM1988.11.297G Barrette Blue barrette in the shape of a bow. UNIM1988.11.297G (Barrette) image
23 UNIM1988.11.297H Barrette Pink hat barrette UNIM1988.11.297H (Barrette) image
24 UNIM1988.11.297L Barrette Small blue barrette with missing clip piece. UNIM1988.11.297L  (Barrette) image
25 UNIM1990.5.0008 Comb Tortoise shell appearance with wedge shapes in an ornate fan pattern above five teeth 3 1/2" to 3 7/8" long. Brown and green coloring. UNIM1990.5.0008 (Comb) image
26 UNIM1994.13.0064 Comb used to hold hair back, shaped top with course teeth, comb is bowed to conform to head shape Color: BR UNIM1994.13.0064 (Comb) image
27 UNIM1994.13.0130 Ornament, Hair there are 13 flowers in a row, longer flowers at center with smaller as it goes to ends gradually decreasing in size, barrette is bowed, back side has holding teeth and henged keeper to hold in place in hair, keeper slips into a hook to hold Color: BR UNIM1994.13.0130 (Ornament, Hair) image
28 UNIM1994.13.0138 Beads Small seed beads at least 4 teaspoons of small beads. UNIM1994.13.0138 (Beads) image
29 UNIM1994.13.0139 Beads Black cylindrical shaped beads. There are about 3 Tablespoons worth of beads. UNIM1994.13.0139 (Beads) image
30 UNIM2011.7.0034 Bracelet Adolescent girl's sweet 16 bracelet. Heart-shaped charm with "sixteenth" engraved on it attached to chain. Smaller heart charm with ruby red stone attached to the larger heart charm. Color: GD, RD UNIM2011.7.0034 (Bracelet) image
31 UNIM2011.7.0035 Charm Round charm with open center and the number "13" attached in the opening. Surface is rough. The hole at the top used to attach to a charm bracelet has broken off. Color: GD UNIM2011.7.0035 (Charm) image
32 UNIM2011.7.0036 Bracelet Seven different varieties of shells attached to a small linked chain bracelt. Color: SL,WH,YL,OR,GR UNIM2011.7.0036 (Bracelet) image