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Catalog # Name Description
1 1969.10.1 Ashtray SCI seal is central design. Color: CL,RD,WH 1969.10.1 (Ashtray) image
2 1979.21.6 Holder, match Brass sheet metal formed to contail matchbook; "Iowa State Teachers college". Logo on front; base stamped "Robinson Co., Attleboro". Color: GD 1979.21.6 (Holder, match) image
3 1998.14.1 Knife, paper Blade of knife is 2 1/2" in length while the handle says "Iowa State Teachers College" and shows a limited view of campus. Lang Hall is in the enter while to the left are the Administration Building and Seerley Hall. To the right of Lang is the Science Building. Above the bildings is a 1" space where the letter opener could be hung on a wall. Color: BR
4 2004.6.5 Knife, Paper "Iowa State Teachers College." Picture of campus buildings engraved on handle. Marked "Bronze." Color: BR
5 2010.10.6 Photograph, Print 20 Souvenir views of Cedar Falls, Iowa, and the Iowa State Teachers College, photos inside white foldable box with blue type, able to be sent through the mail Color: WH, BK, BL
6 2013.3.3 Key chain Flat, rectangular shape. UNI seal and "University of Northern Iowa" stamped into the metal. Seal is in the center with lettering above and below. Hole punched at the top.
7 2016-19-1 paperweight A glass paperweight for fifty year anniversy for the Panther Scholarship Club.  2016-19-1 (paperweight) image
8 2017-12-2 Pin Welcome UNI pin with the image of the Campanile on the front. The pin is attached to the cardboard display card. Given as part of the welcome package for the 40th anniversary celebration of the woman’s and gender society program 2017-12-2 (Pin) image
9 2017-28-4 Sticker UNI STAT window cling with campanile logo at the top. 2017-28-4 (Sticker) image
10 2017-28-5 Sticker "Rise up Panther Nation #UNIFIGHT" STAT 2016-2017 window cling. 2017-28-5 (Sticker) image
11 2018-12-108 Magnet None
12 2018-12-118 Coaster None
13 2018-12-133 Pin None
14 2018-12-24 Pin None
15 2018-12-26 Pin None
16 2018-12-29 Patch None
17 2018-12-30 Pin None
18 2018-12-32 Pin None
19 2018-12-55 Coaster None
20 2018-12-56 Keychain None
21 2018-16-16 Card Holder None
22 2018-16-7 Pin None
23 2018-16-8 Pin None
24 2020-10-1 Paperweight Metal paperweight with etching of UNI Campanile from the 1930s. 2020-10-1 (Paperweight) image
25 2020-11-1 Letter Opener UNI metal letter opener with a 1876 UNI crest stamped into it.  2020-11-1 (Letter Opener) image
26 2020-21-12 Utensil Rubber and metal wine stopper given away as gifts by the UNI Alumni Assocation. This version has the crest of the University of Northern Iowa engraved on the top. 
27 2020-21-13 Utensil Rubber and metal wine stopper given away as gifts by the UNI Alumni Assocation. This version has the panther logo engraved on the top. 
28 2020-7-5 Card Holder Silver and purple UNI business card holder.  2020-7-5 (Card Holder) image
29 2020-7-6 Clip Purple UNI magnetic clip. 2020-7-6 (Clip) image
30 2021-2-1 Pin N.U. HIGH PRICE LAB SCHOOL pin. White to orange gradient on background, black panther in middle of pin. Gold edge and back with gold clasp. 
31 2021-2-3 Medal Rose gold IHSSA ALL STATE FESTIVAL metal with three differen faces merged into the center. Green ribbon is folded nicely above object and is connected by chain. 
32 2021-2-5 Pin Gold circle pin with comedy and drama theatre masks facing forward with brances in background behind masks. Pin clasp included. 
33 2021-2-6 Pin American Mathematics Competitions gold circle pin. AHSME Honor Roll is on pin in middle section, outside portion is blue. Pin clasp included. 
34 2021-2-7 Pin American Mathematics Competitions gold pin. AHSME Honor Roll of Distinction is on middle section of pin with AMC above in capital letters. Shield shaped gold pin with red outline. Pin clasp included. 
35 2021-2-8 Pin Gold triangle shaped pin with black colored face with gold details such as nose, mouth, eyes, eyebrows. Pinned to white piece of thick paper "From Commerical Award Pin Co. P.O. Box 156 Saunemin, Il 61769" 
36 2021-33-3 Clapper Purple plastic holdable hand clapper. Object is for Gallagher Bluedorn Performing Arts Center at University of Northern Iowa. 
37 2022-15-4 Pin Gold University of Northern Iowa Pin 50 2022-15-4 (Pin) image
38 2022-15-5 Pin Gold University of Northern Iowa Pin 50 (small) 2022-15-5 (Pin) image
39 2022-15-9 Coaster University of Northern Iowa 125 years Leather Coaster 2022-15-9 (Coaster) image
40 2022-8-10 Wristband Purple silicone wristband with the UNI Panther logo and "UNI" embossed in the band. 2022-8-10  (Wristband) image
41 2023-11-1 Sticker 1", round, gradient purple sticker with yellow and white text, reads "THANK YOU FOR BEING PART OF Our Tomorrow -THE CAMPAIGN FOR UNI   UNI/University of Northern Iowa". Sticker is attached to a 3.3 cm x 3.5 cm piece of white sticker paper.
42 2023-15-22 UNI College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Luggage Tag Back of luggage tag is black with a clear plastic sleeve. Border is yellow thread. Front has a purple background with white text. Front also has yellow stitching around the loop where the tag is attached to the bag. "COLLEGE OF SOCIAL &" on first line. Second line says "BEHAVIORAL SCIENCES", and third line says "UNIVERSITY OF NORTHERN IOWA". 2023-15-22 (UNI College of Social and Behavioral Sciences Luggage Tag) image
43 2023-15-26 Keyboard Decal Yellow keyboard decal sticker with the UNI logo and mascot. Decal is located on a purple and white card with a keyboard showing how to use the decal. Decal on the card is 1 cm long 2023-15-26 (Keyboard Decal) image
44 2023-15-31 UNI Make A Difference Luggage Tag White luggage tag with clear plastic sleeve on the back. Front says "Make" in dark purple lettering with a thin light purple outline. "a" is the same dark and light purple color combination, but in a different font and in italics. Second line says "Difference" in light purple with a thin dark purple outline. On third line of text is "UNI" in dark purple. Slash [ / ] is yellow. "University of Northern Iowa" is dark purple, text bolded. "College of Social & Behavioral Sciences" is dark purple and directly below the "University of Northern Iowa". 2023-15-31 (UNI Make A Difference Luggage Tag) image