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Catalog # Name Description
1 00.39.36 Extinguisher, fire Subglobular glass jar, yellow glass with raised diamond- shaped pattern. Band around neck of jar spells "Diamond" in black letters on red background. Hard-to-read label says something like: "...How to use...Grenade so contents will be scattered into flames." Raised letters "NHS" embossed on 2 opposite raised diamonds. Wire loop for hanging around neck of bottle. Color: YL,RD,BK 00.39.36 (Extinguisher, fire) image
2 1970.68 Machine, key-making Original college key machine; used for cutting keys for campus buildings. Number on bottom. ISTC. Received from carpenter shop from Harold Owen, foreman, 10/27/70.
3 1976.87.1 Screwdriver Antique; with a ratchet. Inscribed in copper top of handle, "Goodell Bros., Greenfield, Mass. Patented July 22, 1890 November 17, 1891." Official stamp of "ISNS", also on head of handle. Color: BR,GY
4 1986.2.11 Bulb, light Screw mount. Tip broken. Color: CL
5 1986.2.12 Bulb, light Screw mount with aluminum foil inside glass. Color: CL
6 1986.2.5 Clock Electric clock donated by the UNI Electric Shop. It is assumed this came from a piece of equipment on campus but true history is unknown.
7 1986.2.6 Microphone With attached cord. Color: GR
8 1986.2.7 Key, telegraph Two coils mounted on wood; 4 connectors.
9 1986.2.8 Heater Screws into a light socket. Coiled wire over ceramic cone. Color: WH,BK
10 1990.4.1 Clock Watchman's clock; in leather case with strap. Color: BK,BR,GD,SL
11 1990.4.2 Key On chain in cast iron box.
12 2004.27.1 Plane, chisel Three pieces; A. rectangular wooden block with smooth tapered handle for pushing plane at one end, irregularly shaped opening, 3 1/2'' x 1'' on top center; holds blade and wooden blade base. Interior of opening stained black from metal blade. Between handle and opening for blade, on top "1/ ISNS", branded into wood. B. Metal blade. Chisel shaped on bottom edge. Top edge reads "GERMANY" on one side and "HENRY BOKER" on the reverse. Emblem of arrow and cross above wording. Black has been re-sharpened. C. Wooden brace piece for metal blade. Inserts into blade opening on main plane block. 1 1/2'' thick. Shaped like two-prong fork at bottom end. Reverse side stained black from metal blade. Color: TN
13 2022-10-1 Trophy Pitcher Siver Forenic Association of Iowa Trophy Pitcher with engraving saying "Forensic Ass'n of Iowa Colleges Won By Simpson College - 1932 Mens First Honors John Fletcher College Tied Iowa Teachers College 1935."
14 2022-5-3 Mortar and Pestle A. Heavy white ceramic mortar. There is a pouring spout on one side of the object edge. B. Heavy white ceramic pestle. The letter B has been stamped onto the thinner side of the pestle. Grinding side is smooth but not as glassy as the opposite, thinner side.