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1 Print Lithograph. French peasant girl holding a bundle of wheat. Printing on the picture reads "Etudes Choisies, Lithographiees aux deux crayons par Lafosse, No 80- L"Ete, d'apres Brochart. Entered according to Act of Congress in the year 1853 by M. Knoedler in the Clerk's Office of the United States for the Southern District of New York." Color: ML
2 Map National Geographic Magazine map of Europe with a cloth back.
3 Libretto German opera text for Donizetti's Die Regimentstochter. Leipzig: Philipp Reclamjun. Donated Dec. 9, 1965. (Libretto) image
4 Libretto German opera text for Beethoven's Fidelio. C. C. Reinhold & Sons. (Libretto) image
5 Libretto Mozart. (Libretto) image
6 Libretto German text for Verdi's Violetta (La Traviata). Frankfurt am Mainz: G. Horstmann's Press. Donated Dec. 9, 1965. (Libretto) image
7 Picture Six cards, each with a color picture of a different costume; all six pasted side by side on a piece of tagboard.
8 Stamp, postage Twenty-eight postage stamps pasted on a piece of tagboard.
9 Book Nature study. Chinese book with string binding. Color: BK,WH,RD (Book) image
10 Book Nature study.Chinese book, bound with string. Color: BK,WH,RD (Book) image
11 Handbill Advertisement for an ointment good for many ailments.
12 Letter Letter from the secretary of the board of trustees of a high school for girls to a trustee notifying him of a board meeting.
13 Map National Geographic Magazine map of Africa with a cloth back.
14 Map National Geographic map of North America with cloth back.
15 1965.15 Book "Vedic Hymns and Prayers". 3rd edition, - 2500, 1963. Published by all Inida Arya, (Hindu), Dharma Sewa Shangha, P. O. Birla Lines, Subzimandi, Delhi. Printed by Lakshmi Das at the B. H. U. Press, Varanasi-5. Price 37nP. Paperbound, 32 pp. Color: BK,WH 1965.15 (Book) image
16 1965.16 Booklet "What Is Supreme Being?" Seventh edition, 2,500, 1963. Published by All India Arya (Hindu) Dharama Sewa Sangha, P. O. Birla Lines, Subzimarndi, Delhi. Printed by Lakshmi Das. at the Banaras Hindu University Press, Varanasi-5. Price 13 NP. paperbound, 8 pp. Color: BK,WH 1965.16 (Booklet) image
17 1967.24.10 Booklet ''Viet Cong'', booklet.Issued by Viet Cong during Vietnam War; entitled, "GAP GO"; worn; no translation. Illustrated orange paper cover, #206"; 28 pages. Color: BK,WH 1967.24.10 (Booklet) image
18 1967.24.9 Booklet ''Viet Cong'', booklet. Issued by Viet Cong during Vietnam War; entitled, "CUU NUOC", "NINH THUAN 27 JAN. 1967", worn, no translation.32 pages. Color: BK,WH 1967.24.9 (Booklet) image
19 1968.10.14JK Magazine Three magazines. a. ''Drum'', April, 1968, one shilling. b. New Monitor, June, 1968. Price 1s-6d. c. Spear (Nigeria's National Magazine) April 1968, one shilling. Color: BK,WH
20 1968.10.485 Painting Tempera painting signed "Dick" on black construction paper. . Horizontal picture. Native, shore bird, ungulate.
21 1968.10.486 Painting Signed "Dick" on black construction paper. Native with 2 spears. Vertical picture.
22 1968.10.487 Painting Signed "Dick" on black construction paper. Native with 2 spears, another native carrying ungulate upside down on his head. Vertical picture.
23 1968.10.488 Painting Signed in yellow "Dick" on black construction paper. Native with tall-leaping campfire. Vertical picture.
24 1968.10.95 Kit, string-making With 14 sheets of pressed palm leaves
25 1968.9.2.3 Painting Watercolor painting of outdoor scene. Seated woman with child on lap; kneeling man weaving outside thatched roof hut. Signed "India of Atitlan, Guatamala, C. A.".
26 1971.17.1 Painting Tempera, landscape. Moon rising over hills, water (river or lake), trees, shrubbery, etc. Delicate detail. Inscribed with artists's mark lower left corner. Back of piece reads: "M.R. Suda Artist Punjab Ludhiana Hostel Frere Road Crossing Fort- Bombay- 1 India Received with many ____ twenty rupees only being the cost of a painting, supplies" Signed by donor 30/7/64.
27 1971.17.2 Painting In oil, ricefield scene. Somewhat three-dimensional. One native in foreground facing another in mid-picture; hoses and hills in background. Signed by artist in lower right hand corner, "H. S. SUNE, 21-2-4."
28 1972.21.67 Decal Decals for a 6-inch plate, a saucer, and a well. a. and b. and c. Color: WH,BL 1972.21.67 (Decal) image
29 1972.24.2 Poster "Pilgrimage to Mecca".
30 1972.37.17 Chart Chart depicting an alphabet.
31 1972.37.18 Chart Poster depicting different modes of transportation.
32 1972.37.21 Picture Circular image with Krishna (blue) in center, fluting, with a courtesan on each side. With designs. Color: RD, YL, BL, GR 1972.37.21 (Picture) image
33 1972.40 Chart In folder. Has a picture of an elephant and a picture of two men on the reverse side. Two other pictures are included. The pictures are surrounded by a gold and blue border. The writing inside tells the legend of Gonbo Dorji, the hunter, meeting the great Yogi poet, Milarepa.
34 1972.46.11.1 Napkin Yellow moon crescent and a green pine tree and pink cherry blossoms. Color: WH,YL,GR 1972.46.11.1 (Napkin) image
35 1972.46.11.2 Napkin Yellow moon crescent and a green pine tree and pink cherry blossoms. Color: WH,YL,GR 1972.46.11.2 (Napkin) image
36 1972.61.8.7 Ticket, lottery Cut-out designs and a pointed scalloped bottom. Color: YL,RD
37 1973.27 Map Reproduction. Joliet's map of New France in the years 1673 and 1674. The map was issued in commemoration of the tricentennial of the Joliet-Marquette expedition 1673-1973. Published by the State Historical Society of Iowa, Centennial Building Iowa City, Iowa. From Vol. 59 of "Jesuit Relations", the map is yellow and blue with black print. All of the lettering on the map is in French. A translation of the map is included. Joliet was writing to Governor Frontenac. a. Map. b. Translation of map. Color: YL,BL,BK
38 1973.39 Screen On folding paper screen (4 parts). Legendary picture in full color on front of each panel with descriptive legend on back.
39 1973.45.1 Screen Folding paper screen (4 parts). Legendary pictures in full color on front of each panel with descriptive legend on back.
40 1973.45.2 Screen Folding paper screen (4 parts). Legendary pictures in full color on front of each panel with descriptive legend on back.
41 1974.23.21 Philactery Written in Hebrew.
42 1974.35.2.1 Postcard Scenic. Hillside view; green ribbon attached. 1974.35.2.1 (Postcard) image
43 1974.35.2.2 Postcard Scenic. Mountain view, red ribbon attached. 1974.35.2.2 (Postcard) image
44 1974.35.2.3 Postcard Scenic. Lake view, yellow ribbon attached. 1974.35.2.3 (Postcard) image
45 1974.35.2.4 Postcard Scenic. Birch grove, purple ribbon attached. 1974.35.2.4 (Postcard) image
46 1974.35.6 Program 1972 Winter Olympics. Magazine in Japanese, date Feb. 29 1972. Sticker with Mrs. Helen Groothuis 616 West 13th Street Cedar Falls, Iowa 50613 on front bottom left corner.
47 1974.70.2 Paper fragment An actual fragment of a Chinese rice burning paper (a temple offering) showing three figures. Done in an orange-red color on an iridescent yellow backgound. Rice burning paper itself is fastened with one staple to a white piece of paper. To the left of the rice burning paper on the remainder of the white paper is a short type-written summary of the rice paper. Color: OR-RD,YL 1974.70.2 (Paper fragment) image
48 1974.71.1 Screen Oriental folding screen in four parts. From India and Tibet. Legendary picture in full color on front of each panel with descriptive legend printed on back.
49 1974.71.2 Calendar 1973. 13 pages. First page is bright red with Chinese characters in black ink. The word "Greetings" in old English gothic script (in white) appear below that. At top of first page appears a small boy, playing a flute while riding a cow. The following 12 pages are the 12 months of the year, each page with its own picture and calendar. Color: RD,BK 1974.71.2 (Calendar) image
50 1976.78.2.3 Calendar Addressed on envelope to "Miss Sauer". Printed in Hong Kong, 1976. Note on back cover - "With love and prayers, Blanche Griebenow". Enclosed in a matched size brown envelope. 1976.78.2.3 (Calendar) image