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Catalog # Name Description
1 1968.10.0020 Basket Two parts. a. Basket, b. Lid. Numbered bottom of basket and lid.
2 1968.10.0021 Basket Textile weave basket. It has a black, red, and yellow patterning.
3 1968.10.0030 Basket Made in Yonibana area. Numbered bottom of basket and lid. a. Basket, b. Lid.
4 1968.10.0031 Basket Made in Yonibana area.
5 1968.10.0112 Rattle Woven basket type with handle.
6 1968.10.0198 Basket Plain round basket, natural color, no handles or lid.
7 1968.10.0495 Basket Raffia, yellow and red strands intermingled. Color: YL,RD
8 1990.21.145 Basket Minature replica of an Ethiopian "messob". Hour-glass shape. Rim of lid tapers up to top. A tassel is attached to the center of the top. A coin is placed inside the top for good luck; creates a rattle when moved. a. Table b. Lid. 1990.21.145 (Basket) image
9 2010.4.0025 Basket, gathering medium sized oval basket, woven in wide diamonds with a secure middle base, light weight, made from millet stalks for the bulk, woven strips for base of basket and dark brown grass stalks which are woven around the sides of the basket Color: BRN, TN