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1 Booklet The Preacher's Assistant. Volume one, No. II, November, 1889. Advertisment for Miller Organ's on the back. (Booklet) image
2 1966.6.0001 Letter, reproduction 1780; from Jefferson to Monroe. Reproduction. Requesting Monroe's service for a secret mission. Color: Bk,CR 1966.6.0001 (Letter, reproduction) image
3 1966.6.0003 Outline Outline of Jefferson's bill for proportioning crimes and punishments. Reproduction. Color: TN,BK 1966.6.0003 (Outline) image
4 1970. Clipping, magazine From McCall's Magazine, March 1901. Color: BK,WH 1970. (Clipping, magazine) image
5 1970.50.0001 Article, newspaper Describes find of fossil wood near Jefferson in Greene County. Color: BK,WH 1970.50.0001 (Article, newspaper) image
6 1970.70.1 Newspaper ''The Christian Herald.'' No. 5; Feb. 3, 1852. Color: BK,WH
7 1970.70.3 Newspaper ''The Christian Herald.'' Vol. 15, No 19, May 11, 1892. Pages 289-302. Color: BK,TN
8 1970.70.4 Newspaper ''The Christian Herald'', Vol. 15, No 37, Sept. 14, 1935. pages 577-592. Color: BK,TN
9 1972.38.19.1 Poster "Re-elect Jack Miller your United States Senator" with picture of Miller.
10 1972.38.19.3 Poster, political For Congressman H. R. Gross. "America Needs His Sense of Values".
11 1972.53.0001 Handbill Leaflet, describing each of five replica coins from the ancient world. Color: BK,WH 1972.53.0001 (Handbill) image
12 1972.73 Poster Democratic poster of their symbolic donkey. The background is white "Democrat. . ." and "Where * It's * At!" are lettered in red above and below the donkey respectively. The donkey is blue "Mod" art. The donkey is smiling with big white teeth. His hoofs are light blue with blue stars. He looks as if he's prancing. A red and white striped blanket with a blue bottom border and a blue star lies across the donkey's back. Color: RD,WH,BL
13 1973.46.11.0004 Handbill Directions for the use of Lidseen Fibre Needles. Color: BK,WH 1973.46.11.0004 (Handbill) image
14 1974.6.0001 Prayer None 1974.6.0001 (Prayer) image
15 1975.16.0009 Postcard Chinese junk. Pictured at Lahaina, Maui (Hawaii). 1975.16.0009 (Postcard) image
16 1975.16.1.0001 Postcard Luther College. Color: ML 1975.16.1.0001 (Postcard) image
17 1975.16.2.0002 Postcard Saber tooth cat. Color: ML 1975.16.2.0002 (Postcard) image
18 1975.16.2.0003 Postcard Bongo. Color: ML 1975.16.2.0003 (Postcard) image
19 1975.16.2.0004 Postcard American bison. Color: ML
20 1975.31.29.0001 Print, photographic Cut from National Geographic; in paper bag. 1975.31.29.0001 (Print, photographic) image
21 1975.31.29.0002 Print, photographic Cut from National Geographic; in paper bag. 1975.31.29.0002 (Print, photographic) image
22 1975.31.29.0003 Print, photographic Cut from National Geographic; in paper bag. 1975.31.29.0003 (Print, photographic) image
23 1975.31.29.0004 Print, photographic Cut from National Geographic; in paper bag. 1975.31.29.0004 (Print, photographic) image
24 1975.31.29.0005 Print, photographic Cut from National Geographic; in paper bag. 1975.31.29.0005 (Print, photographic) image
25 1975.31.29.0006 Print, photographic Cut from National Geographic; in paper bag. 1975.31.29.0006 (Print, photographic) image
26 1975.31.29.0007 Print, photographic Cut from National Geographic; in paper bag. 1975.31.29.0007 (Print, photographic) image
27 1976.73.0003 Announcement ISNS. Summer Term announcement. Six week session June 20th to July 29th, 1898. Color: BK,WH 1976.73.0003 (Announcement) image
28 1976.77.1 Poster, political "Re-elect Congressman Grassley". Has picture of Grassley with words in red letters on blue background. Color: RD,BL
29 1980.20.34 Poster, political "BAKER. Tough. Honest. Right for the 80s." Blue type underlined in red. Color photo of Republican Howard Baker
30 1980.20.37 Handbill Two headings are "Man of Leadership & Vision" and "Man of Ideas". Seven photographs of McGovern throughout. Back page lists Democratic headquarters offices in Iowa. Color: TN,BL,BK
31 1980.20.66 Handbill "The Carter Administration and Labor".
32 1980.20.67 Poster "VOTE CARTER MONDALE".
33 1980.20.75 Poster "HELLO MY NAME IS JUMMY CARTER."
34 1980.20.76 Poster "JIMMY CARTER FOR PRESIDENT".
35 1980.20.77 Poster "LEADERS FOR A CHANGE".
36 1980.20.78 Poster "IOWA WANTS MCGOVERN". Color: BL,WH
37 1980.20.79 Poster Ford/Dole
38 1980.45.0125 Pamphlet Iowa Democratic Party solicitation for voter registration; white paper, blue printed inscription, "1976 PEOPLE vs. PROFITEERS", star pattern design, inside printed "Register, educate, Vote; REV IT UP THIS YEAR"; supporting Congressman Ed Mezvinsky and Carter/Mondale; additional information on reverse. Color: WH,BL 1980.45.0125 (Pamphlet) image
39 1980.45.0166 Pamphlet Democratic Party Presidential Campaign; gray paper cover, photograph of Jimmy Carter and Walter Mondale, captioned, "Vote Democratic--VOTE FOR JIMMY CARTER/WALTER MONDALE, Leaders, for a change."; information concerning elderly. Color: GY 1980.45.0166 (Pamphlet) image
40 1980.45.0168 Pamphlet Democratic Party Presidential campaign; white paper, black print; cover entitled, "VOTE FOR JIMMY CARTER DEMOCRAT FOR PRESIDENT.", photograph of Jimmy Carter; discusses various issues of campaign. Color: BK,WH 1980.45.0168 (Pamphlet) image
41 1980.45.0170 Pamphlet Democratic Party Presidential campaign; green and white paper cover entitled, "JIMMY CARTER & WALTER MONDALE, LEADERS, FOR A CHANGE.", "VOTE DEMOCRATIC NOVEMBER 2ND"; describes both candidates' background, and discusses various campaign issues; contains several photographs. Color: GR,WH 1980.45.0170 (Pamphlet) image
42 1980.45.0173 Pamphlet Democratic Party Presidential Campaign; green paper cover entitled "JIMMY CARTER, WHY THIS DEMOCRAT SHOULD BE OUR NEXT PRESIDENT.", photograph of Jimmy Carter; discusses issues, several photographs. Color: GR,BK,WH 1980.45.0173 (Pamphlet) image
43 1980.45.129 Handbill Democratic pary candidate 78th District State Representative; white paper, black printed inscription, "TOM CLANCY-Candidate 78th District, Democrat"; describes candidate's position on various issues, as well as his personal information. Color: WH,BK
44 1980.45.142 Booklet Democratic Party Presidential Primary; beige colored paper, dark brown print; cover entitled, "SENATOR HENRY M. JACKSON, A RECORD OF PUBLIC SERVICE"; concerns Jackson's position on issues; no photographs. Color: TN,BR
45 1980.45.161 Handbill Newspaper format, Independent Party Presidential Campaign; headline, "THE WALLACE STAND", eagle head logo, "The issues of the Campaign as seen by George C. Wallace", drawing of Mr. and Mrs. Wallace on cover; four (4) pages, concerns various political issues, numerous illustrations and photographs; (missing four (4) page center section).
46 1980.45.163 Booklet Independent Party Presidential Campaign; white paper, black print; single page entitled, "Stop The Liberal Grab", photograph of Alabama Governor George C. Wallace; addressed to the Iowa Democratic Party. Color: WH,BK
47 1980.56.1 Ballot, sample Yellow paper, black print; lists all political candidates for office on national, state, and local levels; discusses voter requirements and procedures; lists all Cedar Falls voting precincts; smaple ballot is similar to ballot that appeared in voting booth; distributed by Isabvelle Frerichs Black Hawk County Commissioner of Elections, Waterloo, Iowa 50703 Color: BK,YL
48 1984.6.204 Postcard "Les Alpes Francaises". #812. Mountains and ice. Color: BK,WH 1984.6.204 (Postcard) image
49 1992.4.0017 Receipt State of Iowa tax receipt. Color: BK,WH 1992.4.0017 (Receipt) image
50 1992.4.0018 Receipt For taxes. Color: BK,WH 1992.4.0018 (Receipt) image