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Catalog # Name Description
1 Skull Partial skull of camel.
2 Bone Mastodon.
3 Bone Mastodon.
4 Tooth None
5 00.5.17 Bison, American Cervical vertebrae.
6 1974.37.52 Fossil Outer end of a mastodon tusk.
7 1989.43.432 Mastodon Tusk, piece.
8 1994.33.0012 Fossil Bone.
9 2006.9.7 Mastodon a long slab of tusk; the piece is slightly concave along the width. The convex side of the tusk is striated lengthwise and relatively smooth. The concave side is very rough, with three distinct rough notches that jut from the slab. The coloration on the concave side is very uneven. Color: DK BR
10 2021-23-35 Tooth  A young mammoth tooth. The tooth is different shades of brown depending on which bone surface one is looking at. There appears to be some sort of hardened white putty between some cracks to possibly stop excess mineral shedding. The tooth has been covered in a shellac like substance to make it shine.