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Catalog # Name Description
1 Millerite Sprays of crystals in large calcite crystals.
2 Marcasite Marcasite & calcite crystals in small vug.
3 Marcasite Nodule.
4 Marcasite Nodule.
5 Nickeline Massive. Color: PK-OR
6 Nickeline Massive. Color: YL
7 Marcasite Nodular aggregates starting to deompose.
8 Marcasite Cockscomb crystals.
9 Joseite Joesite, bismuth, sulfur, tellurium, selineum.
10 Millerite Small 1" diameter vug with millerite hair tufts. Color: GD
11 Molybdenite Metallic gray masses in matrix.
12 Molybdenite Shiny, silfver-gray on a matrix containing quartz, pyrite, etc.
13 Nickeline Massive. Color: PK-OR
14 Marcasite Small crystals, metallic gold, in quartz.
15 Marcasite Small crystals some blackened with quartz.
16 Marcasite One - a nodule of marcasite; one - small crystals in quartz seam (starting to disintegrate)
17 Marcasite Glass tube - small pieces & dust; TN - decomposing; M - small crystal aggregate
18 Marcasite Massive with crystal faces; possible chalcopyrite also
19 Marcasite Cockscomb crystal group, partially changed; sprayed 3/5/75
20 Marcasite Brassy crystal aggregate; some quartz.
21 Marcasite Crystals on sandstone matrix.
22 Marcasite Cubic crystals covered with drusy quartz, therefore possibly pyrite
23 Marcasite Massive galena & sphalerite with marcasite rosettes in calcite
24 Lollingite Var. leucopyrite.
25 Molybdenite Finely dissembled in quartzite.
26 Nickeline Massive. Color: PK
27 1970.74.0613M Marcasite Massive & crumbling!!; >10 specimens.
28 1970.74.0665M Molybdenite Ore sample; quartz with small traces of pyrite & molybdenite
29 1970.74.0671M Marcasite Tarnished red-gold crystals in calcite.
30 1970.74.1007M Molybdenite Ore material, small amounts of massive moly with quartz
31 1970.74.1047M Molybdenite Molybdenite & pyrite scattered through blue calcite
32 1970.74.1231M Marcasite Brassy nodule.
33 1970.74.1288M Marcasite Nodule - decomposing.
34 1970.74.1367M Marcasite Massive on matrix.
35 1974.0016 Millerite Millerite may be filliform marcasite or pyrite. Color: GD
36 1987.3.0046 Marcasite None
37 1990.53.0249 Millerite None
38 1990.53.0253 Millerite Hairs on calcite. Color: GD
39 1990.53.0326 Millerite Color: GD
40 1990.53.0351 Marcasite large galena crystal with marcasite crystals to 14" on two sides
41 1995.36.0010 Marcasite Crystals to 1/4" scattered on dolomite crystals. Color: GD,WH,GY Marcasite image
42 1995.36.0028 Marcasite Color: GD
43 2006.15.0098 Galena Small rock, lead sulfide, heavy somewhat abbrassive texture, metallic or submetallic luster, 2.5-3 on hardness scale, steel gray or metallic powder blue color, greatest ore of lead Color: Gray