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Catalog # Name Description
1 Romanechite Botryoidal, broken balls show banding. Color: BK
2 Magnetite Crystals.
3 Magnetite Fine grained.
4 Magnetite Massive. Color: BK
5 Magnetite Needles on brecciated pinkish matrix. Color: GY
6 Magnetite Massive. Color: BK
7 Magnetite Massive. Color: BR
8 Magnetite Coarsely granular.
9 Magnetite Massive. Color: BK
10 Magnetite Granular.
11 Pyrolusite Massive, showing fibrous sprays. Color: GY
12 Romanechite Dull, black, massive. Color: BK
13 Pyrolusite None
14 Rutile A single striated crystal, cluster of crystals showing some twinning. Color: BK
15 Zincite Typical conglomerate of zincite, franklinite and willemite grains and blebs. Color: RD
16 Ilmenite Massive. Color: BK
17 Rutile None
18 Vanadinite In roscolite, canary yellow uranium.
19 1970.74.0840M Romanechite Calcite fluoresces green and orange. Color: BK
20 1970.74.0883M Romanechite Earthy mass. Color: BK
21 1970.74.0916M Romanechite Brown-coated concretion. Color: BK
22 1970.74.0919M Romanechite Brown-coated, stalactitic. Color: BK
23 1970.74.0920M Pyrolusite None
24 1970.74.0994M Romanechite Botryoidal. Color: BK
25 1970.74.1043M Magnetite Mostly massive with chalcopyrite crystals to 1/4" in calcite. Color: BK
26 1970.74.1246M Ilmenite Small crystal pieces. Color: BK
27 1970.74.1250M Pyrolusite Massive. Color: BK
28 1970.74.1352M Ilmenite Massive, with magnetite. Color: BK
29 1970.74.1434M Magnetite One-quarter" crystal in chlorite schist. Color: BK
30 1970.74.1593M Magnetite Grains disseminated in matrix. Color: BK
31 1990.53.0025 Spinel Group of 10 3/8" crystals on dolomite(?). Color: BK
32 1990.53.0197 Rutile In quartz. Rutilated.
33 1990.53.0257 Romanechite Cluster of rounded forms. Color: BK
34 1990.53.0258 Pyrolusite Coating of 1/4' long fibers on matrix (fuzzy). Color: BK
35 1990.53.0287 Plattnerite Large black crystals, dolomite crystals, then a sprinkling of chalcopyrite crystals
36 1990.53.0288 Plattnerite On limonite.
37 1990.53.0330 Uraninite Irregular, some iridescence. Color: BK
38 1990.53.0370 Manganite Vug of crystals in slag. Color: BK
39 1995.36.0048 Tenorite Banded specimen; tenorite & chrysocolla. Color: BK