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Catalog # Name Description
1 Calcite Dogtooths spar on carboniferous limestone. Catalog says that this was deaccessioned in 6/93.
2 Calcite Modified rhombic crystals.
3 Calcite [Cephenomenal boulderet.(original catalog description)] Calcite crystals with vitreous encrustation on dark massive limestone/dolomite. Color: ML
4 Calcite Catalog says "Two cards present. One says: Drusy surface of carboniferous limestone, Mahaska Co., Iowa. The other says: dogtooth spar on iridescent surface of limestone."
5 Calcite Geode.
6 Malachite Catalog says that specimen has no. "751" in addition to "395-3". Color: GR, GY, BR, WH Malachite image
7 1970.74.0738M Calcite Crystals on limestone.
8 1970.74.0974M Calcite Geode.
9 1990.53.0273 Jamesonite Gray needles on pyrite crystals
10 1995.36.0001 Calcite Single 6" scalenohedron. Color: GD
11 1995.36.0002 Calcite Two large 6" scalenohedral crystals joined at base. Color: GD
12 1995.36.0003 Calcite Rhombohedral crystals to 1 1/2" scattered on matrix with small sphalerites & a few marcasites. Color: CL