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Catalog # Name Description
1 Barite Calcite vein-stuff in carboniferous shale.
2 Barite Pinkish blades on dark calcite matrix with clear calcites.
3 Barite Barite/sandstone rose.
4 Barite Misidentified as dolomitic material.
5 Barite Misidentified as dolomitic material.
6 Barite Massive, pink.
7 Celestite Blue, fibrous.
8 Celestite Clear blue-gray chunks.
9 Celestite Pale gray. Possibly not celestite.
10 Barite One specimen - tan calcite crystals.
11 Barite Massive, white.
12 Barite White, lamellar.
13 Barite Crystalline massive.
14 Barite White interlocked crystals.
15 Barite White, lamellar, massive.
16 Barite Massive, white (heavy spar).
17 Barite White barite crystals with malachite.
18 Barite Clear, gray tabular crystals.e matrix with clear calcites.
19 Celestite Pale blue-gray crystalline chunk.
20 Celestite Blue gray fibrous chunks.
21 Barite Concretionary barite, silicon.Cluster of white nodules.
22 Anhydrite Gray, massive.
23 Barite White, solid intertwined crystals.
24 Barite Red brown crystals.
25 Barite Massive, white.
26 Celestite Pale blue-gray crystal section.
27 Barite Massive, gray.
28 Barite Not really barite specimens. 2 + 1.
29 1970.74.0194M Anhydrite Small, clear crystals on string; also includes fragments.
30 1970.74.0211M Barite Nodules.
31 1970.74.0285M Barite Flat hexagonal crystals.
32 1970.74.0349M Barite "Desert roses". Color: BG 1970.74.0349M (Barite) image
33 1970.74.0467M Barite "Desert roses".
34 1970.74.0507M Barite "Clay balls".
35 1970.74.0524M Celestite Orange crystalline in matrix.
36 1970.74.0566M Celestite Blue crystals in small vug in gray limestone.
37 1970.74.0699M Barite None
38 1970.74.0741M Barite Breccia; Barite veins (white); Malachite in barite and tiny vugs.
39 1970.74.0819M Barite Piece of vug barite crystals on calcite crystals; minor pyrite.
40 1970.74.0861M Celestite Pale blue-gray massive.
41 1970.74.0928M Barite "Desert rose".
42 1970.74.0933M Celestite White, massive, celestite filling center of geode section, fl. rose.
43 1970.74.0985M Barite "Barite walnuts".
44 1970.74.0986M Barite "Desert roses".
45 1970.74.1060M Celestite Blue, crystalline mass.
46 1970.74.1142M Anhydrite Gray, massive. Pair of tabular crystals on matrix.
47 1970.74.1211M Barite Broken pieces.
48 1987.3.0025 Barite None
49 1990.53.0023 Barite White, bladed crystals to 3/8".
50 1990.53.0024 Barite Blue, crystals, singles & groups (typical from this location).