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Catalog # Name Description
1 Phlogopite Thick plate. Color: BR, CL Phlogopite image
2 Phlogopite Stack of 6-sided sheets. Color: BK
3 Sepiolite Massive. Color: WH
4 Serpentine group Color: BK
5 Serpentine group Massive, translucent. Color: GR
6 Prehnite None
7 1970.47.4.0028 Serpentine group None
8 1970.74.0012M Prehnite None
9 1970.74.0199M Serpentine group Group. Greasy luster; small amount of magnetite and chrsotile at one end. Color: GR
10 1970.74.0316M Pyrophyllite Radiating crystal aggregate. Color: WH Pyrophyllite image
11 1970.74.0344M Prehnite None
12 1970.74.0360M Muscovite Color: GR, WH
13 1970.74.0367M Pyrophyllite Radiating aggregate. Color: BR
14 1970.74.0496M Serpentine group Group. Massive. Color: GR
15 1970.74.0523M Serpentine group Group. Massive. Color: TN
16 1970.74.0573M Muscovite Thin sheets. Color: GY
17 1970.74.0575M Muscovite Thin sheets. Color: SL
18 1970.74.0763M Muscovite Thin sheets, small black tourmaline inclusion. Color: CL
19 1970.74.0880M Muscovite Clusters of muscovite crystals; red ratile on a couple of specimens. Color: GR SL
20 1970.74.1003M Muscovite Dense laminae. Color: CL
21 1970.74.1032M Muscovite Thick laminae. Color: YL
22 1970.74.1155M Muscovite Thick laminae. Color: WH
23 1970.74.1188M Muscovite Thick laminae. Color: CL
24 1970.74.1366M Serpentine group Greasy luster. Color: AQ
25 1970.74.1424M Prehnite None
26 1970.74.1430M Muscovite Thin sheets, possible crystal faces. Color: WH
27 1970.74.1455M Muscovite Thin transparent sheet 6" x 4" Color: gd
28 1970.74.1467M Prehnite None
29 1970.74.1490M Serpentine group Group. Massive; pearly luster. Color: GR
30 1970.74.1534M Prehnite None
31 1970.74.1555M Prehnite Prehnite and calcite in vug.
32 1970.74.1678M Prehnite None
33 1974.37.0005 Phlogopite Layers of muscovite still attached to & in pegmatite material. Color: WH
34 1990.53.0051 Muscovite Small laminae mass. Known as fushite, a chromium bearing variety. Color: GR
35 1990.53.0052 Muscovite Variety known as fushite with the addition of chromium. Color: GR
36 1990.53.0231 Serpentine group Group. Schist with 1/2" x 1/4" crystals scattered throughout. Color: GR
37 1990.53.0246 Prehnite None
38 1990.53.0255 Phlogopite Twinned book. Color: GR
39 1990.53.0260 Prehnite None
40 1990.55.0141 Serpentine group Color: GR
41 1995.36.0024 Muscovite Mass of laminae. Color: SL,YL
42 1995.36.0052 Phlogopite Typical specimen of thin transparent plates. Color: BK
43 1995.36.0053 Pyrophyllite Compact mass showing radiating crystals. Color: WH
44 1995.36.0062 Muscovite Var. fushite - chromium bearing, massive, fine grained. Color: GR