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Catalog # Name Description
1 Travertine None
2 Travertine Incrustation.
3 Syenite, hornblende Drift.
4 Schist Metamorphic.
5 Sandstone Faults.
6 Limestone Erosive work of underground water in a shaly limestone.
7 Quartz, tiger eye None
8 Tripoli Opal.
9 1970.74.0230M Thunder egg None
10 1970.74.0601M Quartz, tiger eye Massive.
11 1970.74.0620M Wonderstone None
12 1970.74.0854M Travertine Calcite travertine. Fl. And strong phosphorescence. Color: YL,WH
13 1970.74.0992M Tufa None
14 1970.74.1262M Quartz, tiger eye Color: BL
15 1970.74.1265M Quartz, tiger eye One polished. Color: RD
16 1970.74.1276M Quartz, tiger eye Color: BR
17 1970.74.1295M Quartz, tiger eye Color: BR,BL
18 1970.74.1370M Dendrites In dolomite.
19 1974.0042 Tonalite None
20 1974.37.0014 Wurtzilite None
21 1974.37.0088 Sandstone Vertical Cambrian sandstone.
22 1991.38.0010 Taconite Aluminum ore. Color: PK
23 1991.38.1.0003 Taconite Oil. Marked a., b. c. d. Color: PK
24 1991.38.1.0008 Taconite Ore bearing. Color: GY
25 1991.38.1.0009 Taconite Alabaster Color: WH
26 2006.15.0091 Quartz var. Agate (Silicate Group) Quartz-Agate Medium in size half of agate "thunderball eggs" host rock is green, bands of chalcedony (blues) along out rim of center in the centers semi-translucent color, star or pentagon type formation shape, 3 "eyes" or complete swirls branch-like inclisions at one of feet, one polished face, vitreous luster, 7 on hardness scale Color: Blue, Green
27 2006.15.0139 Quartz var. Agate Medium in size half of a "Thunderball Egg" type of agate, one polished face, host rock with chalcedony underneath (pink and orange) chalcedony (pearl white, blues, and yellow in middle) bands present in blue Color: Pink, Yellow
28 2006.15.0140 Quartz var. Agate Medium in size half of "Thunderball Egg" type of agate in host rock (orange, brown) with bands of chalcedony (white and translucent) with clusters of polished crystal formations (yellow,pink) one polished face, dull to vitreous luster, 7 on hardness scale Color: Orange, White
29 2006.15.0141 Quartz var. Agate Medium in size "Duothunderball Egg" type of agate, two separate thunderballs fuzed together, one polished face, bands of chalcedony (brown, blue, white, translucent) other half of host rock, crystals beneath the dark black-ish colored area, some smoothed over crystal formations along edges and up top near blue, dull to vitreous luster, 7 on hardness scale Color: Black, Blue
30 2006.15.0144 Calcite Large in size "Cone in Cone" calcite specimen, covered by a film of some sort, 3 -3.5 on hardness scale, sub metallic luster, could be black naturally or have something over it Color: Black