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Catalog # Name Description
1 1968.10.0066 Mask, Ritual Antelope-human figure with reddish brown face with black highlights. There are two horn-like figures coming out either side of the chin, with dyed black stripes. The cheeks have a single horizontal etch. At the hairline, there is a band with a black circular adornment laying in the center of the forehead. The top of the head has very detailed, braid-like etchings. In the center of the top of the head is a triangular arch with a teardrop shaped detail at the top, with two black striped horns on either side. It is made out of a very heavy red wood. 1968.10.0066 (Mask, Ritual) image
2 1990.21.0016 Doll Two parts. a. Female carrying doll baby on her back. Body of brown felt is decorated with bead work of green, white and orange. Clothing is made of black, orange and brown felt. An orange felt drape and bead shawl hold the baby onto her back. b. Doll baby being carried in sling around mother doll's back. Body of brown felt, black bead work for hair, white bead work earrings. 1990.21.0016 (Doll) image