Asmat Box 13

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Catalog # Name Description
1 2000.2.33 Shield Roughly rectangular in shape. Figure carved into top edge. Design carved into shield and pigmented red, black, white. Handle carved into back. Designs painted in red, black at back. Color: BR,RD,BK,WH
2 2000.2.76 Carving, ancestor Rectangular shaped, Four interconnected human figures, joined by elbows and knees or feet, and by hornbill/pelican figures. Carved designs on bodies and cheeks (scarification?) and on birds pigmented red. Entire piece remnant white. Hair and chins of figures remnant black. Color: BR,WH,RD,BK
3 2000.2.77 Carving, ancestor Three interconnected human figures. All are seated with joined elbvows and knees,hands raised to face level. Two bottom figures sit face to face, thrid attached above them, joined to pelican/hornbill figure. Remnant white, especially in crevices. Black, red pigment in carved details (scarification on bodies/ cheeks). Shape of carving is roughly rectangular with a rounded top edge. Color: BR,RD,BK,WH